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 As the Demon Star started to rotate again, its light once again became brighter. Now, the blood-red light seemed to be corporeal, and it couldn't just be described with the word 'terrifying.' After the light hit the ground, countless leaves were disintegrated.

An extremely evil aura spread out, and the entire world seemed to be covered under its shadow. Living creatures ran in terror as if the end of the world had begun.


Soon, the first chain shattered.

Zhao Fu's body quickly started re-forming again, and now, the process was almost complete. However, his heart hadn't started beating yet, making him seem like a corpse. Only once his heart started beating would he be completely reformed. When that happened, the Chaos Imperial Star would fully descend.


Another metallic snapping sound rang out as a second chain broke.

The Demon Star continued to slowly rotate with immense power, and no matter how much the Sect Masters tried, they were unable to stop it at all.

Within Vatican City, a white-haired, kind-looking elderly man looked at the Chaos Imperial Star that was breaking free and said, "Looks like even China is unable to suppress the Chaos Imperial Star. We cannot allow the Chaos Imperial Star to descend, or a massive catastrophe will descend. All Vatican members, activate the Sacred Formation!"

Within a large mosque, a white-robed elder looked into the sky and heavily sighed as he said, "We cannot stand by and watch; the Chaos Imperial Star's descent won't be good for anyone. All Muslim members heed my command! Activate the Quran Formation!"

Within the Buddhist holy land, an elderly monk holding a staff looked at the Demon Star and said sorrowfully, "Amitabha. All Buddhist disciples heed my command. Activate the Buddha Light Formation."

Within a Hindu mandir, a skinny, elderly man in yellow robes sat-crossed legged on the ground as his unfathomable eyes looked into the sky, and he said, "All Hindu disciples heed my command. Activate the Saha Gate Formation."

At that moment, countless religions all over the world simultaneously decided to act. Even though the Chaos Imperial Star had descended because of someone in China, if it descended, it would bring catastrophe on the whole world.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Large chains burst forth from places all over the world and tore through the clouds as they shot towards the Demon Star.


Facing the thousands of approaching chains, the Twelve Metal Colossi gave off a boundless killing and conquering aura, causing the air to freeze and forming a large barrier.

"Roarrrr!" the nine golden dragons roared, and the Imperial Ruler's Seal also gave a brilliant light. The nine golden dragons became dozens of times bigger, and they defended the Imperial Chaos Star.

The Twelve Metal Colossi and the Imperial Ruler's Seal were indeed two of the strongest treasures of China, and with the massive amount of Fate gathered from the Imperial Star's descent, they also received the support of the heavens and the earth. The incredibly powerful aura that they gave off caused the thousands of approaching chains to pause.

The countless leaders were incredibly shocked, and they understood what they were doing - they were defying the heavens and trying to change fate; they were defying the will of the heavens and trying to change Great Qin's Legatee's fate.

Now that Great Qin's Nation Armament and Clan Armament had received the support from the Fate of the heavens and the earth, forming a gigantic barrier, none of their thousands of chains were able to get close to the Chaos Imperial Star, making them all feel bewildered.


Yet another chain broke, and the Demon Star gave off a massive aura as it began to rotate faster. At the same time, its corporeal blood-red light became brighter and eviler.

The Chaos Imperial Star's suffocating and terrifying aura made the entire world fall silent, and everyone realized that they wouldn't to stop it from descending.


Suddenly, an explosion sounded out as a shocking aura that gave off an immense pressure appeared. The image of a golden sword appeared in the sky, giving off a holy and regal aura. The sky was dyed gold, and this was the most legendary sword of the west... Excalibur!


Another explosion rang out as an aura that seemed to pierce through the sky appeared, and the image of a black spear slowly formed in the sky. It gave off an aura that made all creatures fearful and want to submit. This was the Roman Empire's Nation Armament... the Spear of Destiny.


Following this, another explosion sounded out as a boundless aura slowly descended, and the image of a golden crown appeared in the sky, giving off a brilliant light. It looked like a brilliant sun, and this was Egypt's Nation Armament... the Solar Crown.


Another massive explosion rang out as a boundless aura shook the heavens, and the image of a sword slowly appeared in the sky, giving off an incredibly sharp aura. This was the Persian Empire's Nation Armament, Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar.


Yet another explosion sounded out as a terrifying aura rippled out, causing a chill to spread in countless people's hearts. A pure-white male sculpture appeared in the sky, giving off an incredibly powerful might. This was Ancient Macedonia's Nation Armament, Alexander the Great's Statue.

The five Nation Armaments simultaneously appeared in the sky, and all of them were powerful nations with a massive amount of Fate.

The five Nation Armaments allied with China's other four Nation Armaments. Now, nine Nation Armaments, which contained a massive amount of Fate, gave off an air of suppression.

The nine Nation Armaments easily dispelled the barrier created by the Twelve Metal Colossi and the Imperial Ruler's Seal, and the nine Nation Armaments started to suppress the Twelve Metal Colossi and the Imperial Ruler's Seal.

The Twelve Metal Colossi and the Imperial Ruler's Seal continuously resisted, but they were unable to stand up to the nine Nation Armaments and gradually suppressed.

Without the Twelve Metal Colossi and the Imperial Ruler's Seal's defense, the Chaos Imperial Star was bound by thousands of chains, and even the three general Stars were bound by dozens of chains. In the end, the Twelve Metal Colossi and the Imperial Ruler's Seal were fully suppressed by the nine Nation Armaments.

At that moment, everyone in the world let out a sigh of relief - they had finally locked down the Chaos Imperial Star, and Great Qin didn't continue retaliating. Everything had settled, and the Chaos Imperial Star and the three General Stars had all been bound.