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 Clang, clang, clang...

After the first chain broke, it was followed by a second and a third, and soon, the sound of chains breaking could be continuously heard.

The Demon Star in the sky once again began to rotate with immense force, and chains continued to break one after the other, causing the sky to seem distorted.

Because the chains around the Chaos Imperial Star continuously broke, its blood-red light became bright again, and a powerful, evil aura spread throughout the world.

Clang, clang, clang...

Now, less than 30 chains remained. All of China's Schools and Sects became terrified - after all, they had taken a great risk to seal the Chaos Imperial Star.

The descent of the Chaos Imperial Star and General Stars brought with them a great amount of Fate, and regardless of whether they succeeded in sealing the stars or not, they had consumed a lot of their lifeforce as the price.

What's more, it was possible that they would suffer a Fate backlash and Great Qin's revenge because they had tried to seal his Imperial Star.

Many Schools and Sects had been unwilling to participate because they didn't wish to offend Great Qin. After all, Great Qin was now destined to become one of the most powerful entities, and if they offended such a powerful person, it was likely that they would be destroyed.

However, the fusion of the Myrtle Imperial Star and the Chaos Demon Star was simply too powerful, and this had never happened before. This was, undeniably, the most powerful inauspicious star.

It caused countless natural disasters, cut down living creatures' Fates, and sent people into chaos. Those who were well versed in mystic arts and skills didn't have their minds affected, but they were instead injured by the star.

If the Chaos Imperial Star truly descended, whether it was in the Heaven Awaken World or the real world, there would be a massive catastrophe. In fact, it was possible that the Heaven Awaken World and the real world would fuse ahead of time.

Because of these reasons, the Schools and Sects had acted, deciding to suppress the Chaos Imperial Star together. However, they forgot that Great Qin had the Seven Murders Star, the Voracious Wolf Star, and the Army Destroyer Star.

Now that the Chaos Imperial Star had received the help of the three General Stars and escaped from its bindings, it gave off an even more terrifying power.

Clang, clang, clang...

The chains continued to break, and the Sect Masters coughed up mouthfuls of blood. The ground started to shake, and the sun and moon stopped shining as an aura of despair emanated out.

In the underground region, within the blood-red pillar of light, Zhao Fu's body quickly re-formed. Now, he had a complete skeleton. Most of his flesh had re-grown, and many places had skin already.

Zhao Fu's body was about 90% re-formed, and the blood-red Demon Star was about to break free from all of the chains. The dense blood-red light dyed the entire world red, causing all creatures to feel terror.


A massive explosion sounded out as an awesome might descended, and the images of nine massive copper cauldrons appeared in the sky, giving off an air of suppression. This was Great Xia's Nation Armament... the Nine Province Cauldrons.


Another massive explosion sounded out, giving off enough power to shake the world as the image of a luxurious-looking ancient tower appeared. It was surrounded by countless starry lights and gave off a boundlessly mysterious aura. This was Great Shang's Nation Armament, the Star Plucking Tower.


Another explosion rang out as a shocking wave of energy burst forth, and the image of a stone stele appeared in the sky, bringing with it the sense of gods descending. All creatures trembled when it appeared. This was Great Zhou's Nation Armament, the Investiture of the Gods.


Yet another explosion sounded out as a terrifying energy swept out, and the image of a crimson-red sword slowly appeared in the sky, dyeing the sky crimson-red. It gave off a mighty sword aura, and this was Great Han's Nation Armament, the White Emperor Sword.

The four Nation Armaments' images appeared in the four directions around the Chaos Imperial Star. China's other four Great Dynasties had to resort to using their Nation Armaments in order to suppress the Demon Star.

Right now, only the four other Great Dynasties had the strength to do this. All of the other Dynasties' Legatees were too weak right now.

After the four Nation Armaments appeared, they shook the heavens and the earth, causing the weather to change and lightning to descend. Countless other abnormal signs appeared, and the suppressing power given off by the four Nation Armaments seemed to cause space itself to freeze.

Under the suppression of the four Nation Armaments, the Chaos Imperial Star once again stopped rotating, and seeing this opportunity, the Schools and Sects once again activated their formations.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thick chains once again shot up from the ground and brought with them immense force as they wrapped around the Chaos Imperial Star.


The Chaos Imperial Star's light died down again, allowing the world to start returning to normal. As the Chaos Imperial Star was suppressed again, the boundless pain once again slammed into Zhao Fu, causing him to howl.

Bai Qi, Wei Liao, and Wang Jian started to look incredibly serious, and their bodies were covered in sweat as they tried to break free from that suppressing power. If it was just a single Nation Armament, they would be able to deal with it, but against four Nation Armaments, there was nothing that they could do.


At that moment, a black pillar of light rushed into the sky, bringing with it enough force to shake the heavens and the earth. Great Qin's Nation Armament and Clan Armament both shot into the sky.

The image of the Twelve Metal Colossi, giving off an exterminating aura, appeared between the Nine Province Cauldrons and the Star Plucking Tower, while the Imperial Ruler's Seal, surrounded by nine massive golden dragons, appeared between the Investiture of the Gods and the White Emperor Sword.

The four Nation Armaments and the Clan Armament gave off a massive amount of power in the sky, seeming to tear the sky apart. Even godly spirits would most likely tremble in fear, and those below felt a massive pressure, making them cough up a mouthful of blood. Apart from the sounds of battle above, the entire world seemed to quite down.

Almost the entire world's gazes were drawn here, and everyone felt the power that seemed to be able to destroy the world.

After a while, Great Qin's Nation Armament and Clan Armament started to gain the upper hand. The Twelve Metal Colossi was mainly for killing and conquering, and it had great battle strength. Together with the Clan Armament, it was able to gradually suppress the other four Nation Armaments.

Following this, the four Nation Armaments were suppressed by Great Qin, and the gigantic Demon Star once again started to slowly change, greatly startling everyone in China.