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 Flickering like flames, giving off an illusory and demonic blood-red light; Demon Stars, the most dangerous and ruthless stars!!

Since ancient times, the Chaos Star, a type of Demon Star, was the most inauspicious star. Every time it descended, it signified the death of an Emperor or the removal of an important Minister, resulting in chaos in the world. It signified disaster for the common people and countless deaths.

Chaos was a synonym for disaster, and it usually included droughts, famines, wars, plagues, demons, etc.

In countless people's hearts, the Chaos Demon Star was the worst Demon Star, and no one expected Great Qin's Myrtle Imperial Star to fall into the demonic path and become a Chaos Imperial Star. Just what had Great Qin's Legatee done?

The Myrtle Imperial Star was the most dignified and honorable star, and it represented supreme authority. It was also the symbol of a True Son of Heaven. Chaos Demon Stars were the most inauspicious stars, and they represented great disaster, chaos, and death.

How terrifying would it be for these two stars to be combined? This caused countless people to feel incredibly shocked and terrified.

The massive blood-red star not only gave off an aura of disaster, conquering, and bloodlust, but it also lost its dignified aura. This signified that the Myrtle Imperial Star and the Chaos Demon Star had completely fused.

At that moment, that demonic blood-red light became 100 times brighter, shining on all the lands as a formless energy descended. At that moment, the entire world suddenly fell into chaos.

Volcanoes erupted, and earthquakes erupted all over the world. At other places, floodwaters devoured everything in front of them. All over the world, all sorts of disasters exploded.

It wasn't just the Legatees who felt their Fate Dragons going out of control; even ordinary people were affected. Some suddenly became sick, while others suddenly became incredibly bloodthirsty.

Those who understood Fate would see traces of blood-red aura around these people. Everyone had his own Fate, but everyone was now being affected by the Chaos Imperial Star.

This wasn't only in the Heaven Awaken World but also in the real world.

In the Ying family's residence, Zhao Fu's body automatically left his bed and floated in mid-air as a blood-red aura streamed out of his body, giving off an extremely terrifying and evil aura.

Qiu Fengzi, wearing his Taoist robe, detected this and looked quite shocked as he coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood, his complexion ashening.

At the Westfall Restaurant, He Xianru looked up at the blood-coloured star, a trace of fear in her eyes. The Myrtle Imperial Star and Chaos Demon Star had fused to form the Chaos Imperial Star. Not only did this affect everyone, but it was also incredibly damaging to espers and ability users like her. This was because the Chaos Star represented all disasters, and those who used special techniques and understood Fate were especially susceptible to this light. That was why many of their eyes had been injured and bled.

Even though He Xianru was protected by Great Qin's Fate, she was still deeply worried and unsettled by this.

In another region, Zhang Heng was riding on his donkey as he stared at the demonic star, feeling incredibly worried. The Myrtle Imperial Star had never fused with the Chaos Demon Star before, and this would bring disaster to the world. Just what had Great Qin's Legatee done? How could his Fate have changed so quickly?

Su Yan stood on the top of a building and sighed as he looked at the blood-red star. With Zhao Fu's current Fate, he could no longer change anything. If he wasn't careful, he would be completely destroyed.

Great Xia's Si Ji, Great Shang's Di Wutian, Great Zhou's Ji Shenming, Great Han's Liu Ye, Tina Pendragon, the Egyptian Legatee, the Roman Empire Legatee, and many others stared at the demonic blood-red star, feeling a bitterness within their hearts. They found that they had once again underestimated Great Qin's Legatee.

"Arghhhhh!!" In the underground region, within the blood-red pillar of light, Zhao Fu's body had been reduced to an almost spirit-like state. He once again wretchedly screamed before his body started to reform. His bones grew and solidified before his flesh grew.


A massive explosion sounded out as a terrifying wave of power exploded from the demonic star, causing the sky to twist and turn. The blood-red light was now incredibly piercing, and it started to look like a smiling demon.


Another explosion sounded out as all of the Legatees suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood and staggered backward. Countless people felt the strength leave their legs as a massive force weighed down on their bodies, and many people suddenly found out that the Chaos Imperial Star had only just started truly descending!

The Chaos Imperial Star's blood-red light became brighter and brighter, and the horrifying effects became worse and worse. Volcanoes furiously erupted, earthquakes seemed to shake the world, and the oceans tossed and turned violently.

Some people instantly died, while others' eyes became blood-shot and lost all reason.

"We can't allow the Demon Star to descend!" Seeing the chaos caused by the Chaos Imperial Star, the Xuanyuan family's elders were incredibly shocked. This was just the effect of the descent of the Chaos Imperial Star. If it fully descended, just what would happen?

Countless families' elders hurried over and entered the Heaven Awaken World together. In the real world, magic and techniques were no longer as effective, but things were different in the Heaven Awaken World. They had obtained different legacies from their ancestors, and the skills and techniques they could use became more powerful.

After these elders went to the Heaven Awaken World, they stood within a massive formation. Four people stood at the center as the foundation, while the other elders stood around them.

The four people at the center were people from the Xuanyuan family, the Nuwa family, the Shennong family, and the Fuxi family. They respectively took out a golden sword, a rainbow-colored stone, a small dark-green cauldron, and a black eight trigrams plate.

The other elders all started to perform hand signs as the formation on the ground gave off a massive amount of power and started to activate. The golden sword, rainbow-colored rock, small dark-green cauldron, and black eight trigram plate gave off different colored lights and brought with them holy auras as they rose from the four elders' hands.

The four elders' expressions became serious, and they also started to perform hand signs as they chanted, "The Demon Star descends, harming the world; the primogenitor's descendants seal and sever it!"

After chanting this, the four elders completed their hand signs and stretched out a hand towards the person on the opposite side as the formation below them gave off a bright light. The items in the air all gave off piercing lights as they stated to tremble.


A shocking explosion sounded out as four massive chains exploded out from the ground, bringing with them an unstoppable aura as they stretched into the sky.

Moments later, countless people were shocked to find that the massive blood-colored Demon Star had been bound by four chains.