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 Outside the underground region, Bai Qi and the other Generals nervously waited, but they suddenly heard pained screams from Zhao Fu. They immediately wanted to go in but were stopped by Slaughtering Ghost and Sky Demon, who said, "Owner said no one can go in!"

When they heard that this was a command from Zhao Fu, Bai Qi and the others could only stop and anxiously pace about.

"Arrghhhhhhhh!!" Zhao Fu threw his head back and screamed again, continuously writhing in pain. His skin seemed to be peeling, his flesh and internal organs started to melt under the might of the tongue of fire, and his bones started to crack. By now, Zhao Fu's voice had started to go hoarse, and he slowly weakened as his blood splattered on the altar.

A gray-red light covered the altar, and an extremely evil black aura rippled out, chilling the hearts of the people waiting at the entrance.

On the surface, after God Kerr had died, the abnormal signs disappeared, and the weather returned to normal, allowing many people to sigh in relief.

However, at the Great Qin Town, the Nation Armament and the Imperial Ruler's Seal both started to tremble, seeming incredibly unsettled. At the same time, traces of black and blood-red auras rose up from the ground in the Great Qin Town, bringing with them an aura of destruction.

He Xianru, who had been training Huo Qing, suddenly felt something, and her expression turned to one of shock as she looked down and saw traces of black and blood-red aura rising out of her.

He Xianru immediately rushed outside and looked up into the sky. There was a gigantic violet star in the sky that slowly descended, and as it came closer and closer, it seemed as if a massive disaster was about to descend. A feeling of pressure, oppressiveness, and danger started to grow.

School of Taoism, Confucians, School of Yin Yang, Mohists, School of Medicine, School of Agriculture, Legalists, Logicians...

Anyone from the Hundred Schools of Thought who understood anything about Fate could detect these changes, and their pupils constricted as they looked at the violet star.

In other parts of the world, diviners and witches also detected these terrifying ripples.

The Legatees of the various nations were going about their business - some were engaged in discussions, others were leading their troops in battle, and others were taking care of administrative matters.

Suddenly, their movements all stopped because they could feel their Fate Dragons becoming incredibly restless. Only then did they notice the violet star in the sky, and they all frowned.

The various regions' City Lords all felt something and went outside, feeling deeply unsettled when they saw the violet star as well.

The super monsters in the depths of each of the regions all stayed within their dens in fear, looking towards the violet star.

Within the Forest of Horrors, the three City Lords stood in the air and looked at the violet star in shock. Under the immensely destructive aura it gave off, their bodies trembled, and they felt as if they were grains of sand in front of a massive tsunami.

The three City Lords looked at each other before immediately returning to their respective main cities, not daring to stay an extra moment longer.

All of the creatures within the Forest of Horrors reacted as if an earthquake was approaching, and they quickly started to escape.

As time passed, some of the ordinary people out in the wilderness felt their chests tightening up, and they also looked at the violet star.

In the real world, a massive violet star also descended during the day. Many people saw the Myrtle Imperial Star last time. At that time, they only looked at it curiously before looking away.

However, the destructive aura that the violet star gave off in the Heaven Awaken World also appeared in the real world. As this pressure fell on people's bodies, they found it more and more difficult to breathe, making them feel uncomfortable.

The elders of various families all went outside and looked up at the violet star seriously.

Countless elders from the Ancient Clans frowned as they looked up at the star, remaining completely silent.

At that moment, a cute, pink-faced girl went over to an elderly man's side and looked up at the violet star as she asked curiously, "Grandpa, this Myrtle Imperial Star is so strange! I feel scared when I look at it."

The elderly man looked down seriously and patted the little girl's head as he said in a low voice, "This is no longer a Myrtle Imperial Star. That violet star has already lost its feeling of dignity."

"Oh!" the little girl replied before asking, "Then what sort of star is it?"

Just as the elderly man was about to reply, he suddenly found that the sky had gradually darkened, and the oppressive feeling was becoming stronger and stronger. The elderly man's expression changed, and he patted the little girl's head as he said, "Hurry and go back in!"

The little girl pouted, looking quite unwilling as she walked back to the house.

Soon, the sky became completely dark in both the Heaven Awaken World and the real world. The moon and the stars didn't shine. Only that gigantic violet star gave off a bright violet light. In response, the world became quiet.

"Arghhhhhhhhh!!" Within the underground region, Zhao Fu's pupils dilated as he once again screamed, and his spirit seemed to be forcibly twisted and shattered.


A massive explosion rang through the entire underground region as a blood-red pillar of light burst forth from Zhao Fu's body, piercing upwards through the ground and shooting into that violet star.


Another massive explosion sounded out as the blood-red pillar of light connected with the violet star. From a distance, it looked as if this blood-red pillar was connecting the heavens and the earth. Clouds began to gather, and the wind howled as the violet star rippled outwards with a violet wave of light.


The sky seemed to explode as countless blood-red arcs of lightning suddenly landed on the ground, blasting many craters into the ground.

The ground started to shake as the wind howled. Even from far away, people could hear the howling wind and the explosions that seemed to signal the end of the world.

The dark sky, lightning, trembling ground, and immense wind caused countless people to scream in fear, and it was as if the apocalypse had arrived.

In the sky, that massive violet star started to change.

At that moment, Si Ji, Zhang Heng, Di Wutian, Liu Ye, Ji Shenming, Tina Pendragon, Li Baiqing, Oda Kamiya... countless people's pupils constricted, and their bodies trembled as they looked at that violet star. They found that the violet light that it gave off started to disappear, turning into a demonic blood-red light.

Soon, the star itself started to become a blood-red color, gradually increasing more and more.

Finally, a demonic-looking blood-red star that gave off boundless evilness and killing intent appeared.

Countless Legatees stood still as they stared at the blood-red star, a trace of blood leaking out of their lips as their bodies once again suffered a Fate backlash.

Those who understood Fate had their eyes injured by the demonic blood-red light, and two streams of blood flowed out of their eyes as their bodies trembled and they cried out, "The Emperor falls into the demonic path; the world falls into chaos and destruction!"