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A muffled sound rang out as God Kerr's large body fell to the ground. Zhao Fu's legs lost their strength, and he also fell forwards.

At that moment, a figure appeared by Zhao Fu's side and hugged him, a trace of worry appearing on the figure's cold face. "Owner!"

Zhao Fu coughed up another mouthful of blood. Because of God Kerr's death, the pitchfork had disappeared. Zhao Fu looked over at God Kerr and found that it was giving off a large amount of blood-red aura and would soon disappear.

"Hurry... and... refine... it..." Zhao Fu weakly said to Slaughtering Ghost.

Slaughtering Ghost nodded, and it puffed out its cheeks as it looked at Sky Demon and said, "You take care of owner. I'll go and refine God Kerr."

Hearing this, Sky Demon softly replied and immediately smiled. Before, when Sky Demon had seen Zhao Fu falling, it had wanted to rush over to show Zhao Fu how loyal it was. Perhaps Zhao Fu would be grateful and give it the King Remnant Soul that it wanted so much.

However, Slaughtering Ghost had been faster than it, and Sky Demon could only hatefully glare at Slaughtering Ghost, feeling that it was trying to compete with it.

However, hearing Slaughtering Ghost's words, Sky Demon happily ran over and hugged Zhao Fu with an incredibly worried and sad expression. Its eyes were filled with emotion as it looked at Zhao Fu and said, "Owner, you have to survive; otherwise, I'll be devastated."

Zhao Fu was speechless and feebly told it to bring him to the altar. Seeing that Zhao Fu didn't seem very moved, it assumed that it was because Slaughtering Ghost had already done this, making it less effective. It never considered the fact that its acting had been too poor and too different from how it normally acted.

However, hearing Zhao Fu's words, Sky Demon smiled and obeyed. It was quite curious as to what would happen when a godly spirit was refined.

Slaughtering Ghost brought God Kerr's corpse to the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, and Sky Demon knelt down next to the altar, laying Zhao Fu's head on her lap.

At that moment, Slaughtering Ghost activated the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, causing a massive explosion to sound out. 1,000 energy stones instantly disintegrated as a massive amount of energy raised God Kerr's body into the air.

The Heaven and Earth Refining Formation gave off a faint light and started to activate, shooting a massive pillar of light onto God Kerr's body and causing it to slowly disintegrate.

Within the Demon Realm, God Kerr's main body was pacing around angrily. It was a massive disgrace for a god to be killed by a human.

However, that was a Legacy Land, and there was the protection of a Heaven Domain Boundary. With its current power, it was unable to descend with most of its strength. It had never thought that a lowly human would have an Early Stage Royal Bloodline, a Nation Armament, and a Clan Armament. If it could obtain these three things, it would be of great help to it, and it was a pity that this opportunity had slipped by.

Suddenly, God Kerr felt an immense pain in its soul, and its body fell to the ground as it piercingly howled.


On the surface, dark clouds suddenly amassed, and blood-red lightning smashed downwards. Each lightning strike was powerful enough to split open a small mountain, and a massive hurricane formed, ripping boulders and trees out of the ground. The blood-red lightning and hurricane continued to wreak havoc as God Kerr screamed, creating an incredibly terrifying scene.

Back at the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, God Kerr's body slowly disintegrated and turned into dust, leaving only a blood-red flame that was as big as a thumb. The blood-red flame floated in mid-air and flickered.

After this tongue of blood-red fire appeared, it gave off a formless pressure, containing some sort of source energy. The power it contained was immense, and even though the small tongue of flame continuously flickered, the space around it twisted and turned.

Within the Demon Realm, God Kerr stopped screaming, and blood flowed out of its lips, feeling that something had been cut off from its soul. Immediately, its face twisted in anger as it screamed, "Human!! I'll definitely kill you!!!"

The three people by the altar could all feel that the tongue of flame was incredibly powerful, and Zhao Fu waved his hand, causing it to float into his hand.

The Sky Demon looked at the tongue of flame and felt an instinctive fear, and Zhao Fu started to look at its information.

[Divinity]: A godly spirit's source energy that contains a massive amount of power.

When he saw the tongue of flame's information, Zhao Fu was quite shocked - this was actually the source energy of a godly spirit. Its effects would definitely be heaven-defying because godly spirits transcended the laws of the world and had incredibly destructive power. Source energy was the source of this strength. After looking at this information, Zhao Fu coughed up another mouthful of blood.

Zhao Fu could feel his lifeforce quickly seeping out, and his King's Power was unable to heal him. Zhao Fu felt his consciousness becoming hazy - was he dying?

Zhao Fu didn't want to die, and even though this wasn't a true death, he would lose many of his things: some of his professions, stats, and cultivation. He also wouldn't be able to enter the Heaven Awaken World for ten days.

In the end, Zhao Fu looked at the tongue of flame and decided to fuse with the Divinity because it would be able to heal his current injuries.

"Slaughtering Ghost, Sky Demon, guard the entrance and don't let anyone in," Zhao Fu said weakly. Slaughtering Ghost and Sky Demon both nodded seriously before taking their swords and walking to the entrance.

Zhao Fu lay on the altar and weakly pressed the tongue of flame against his chest.

"Arghhhhhhhhh!!!!" An incredibly pained scream sounded out. Zhao Fu felt his body and soul tremble as the flesh in front of his chest disintegrated to the point that his internal organs were revealed. The tongue of small flame slowly fused into Zhao Fu, making him feel like he had been dropped into a sea of flames and his entire body was burning.

This massive scream caused Slaughtering Ghost and Sky Demon to pause, and Slaughtering Ghost looked quite worried and wanted to return to Zhao Fu's side.

However, Sky Demon stopped it and said, "Don't go! Have you forgotten owner's command?"

In actuality, Sky Demon was also quite worried - despite being with Zhao Fu for so long, this was the first time that it had heard him scream like this before.

Slaughtering Ghost could only worriedly look over before choosing to follow Zhao Fu's command. After all, none of them would be able to help Zhao Fu right now.


Zhao Fu felt as if all of the flesh on his body had melted, and even his spirit started burning. He struggled in pain, and the pain made it difficult to even breathe.