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 Zhao Fu covered his torn arm and immediately retreated!

By now, God Kerr's body had grown to three meters tall, and its muscles became even more solid. The blood-red aura that it emanated filled the three meters around it, looking like a massive flame.

God Kerr stood in the air and looked at Zhao Fu savagely as he retreated. Suddenly, it felt that the arm it was holding felt quite special because it had a trace of black-golden color to it.

Seeing this, God Kerr raised Zhao Fu's arm and bit a large chunk of the flesh, and it was pleasantly surprised, causing it to laugh, "Hahaha, who would have thought that you would be a King in the human realm; this bloodline is an Early Stage Royal Bloodline. If I can eat you, it won't have been a waste to expend so much divine power."

After speaking, God Kerr started to devour Zhao Fu's arm in large mouthfuls.

Seeing this scene, the countless Generals and soldiers furiously roared and charged over. However, Zhao Fu looked over seriously and yelled, "Hurry and leave this place! This is an order!"

Zhao Fu's words caused all of the Generals and soldiers to stop. Even though they were unwilling, since Zhao Fu had given them an order, they could only obey. Deep down, they understood that they were unable to harm God Kerr at all, and rushing over would only create trouble for Zhao Fu.

The Generals could only lead the countless soldiers away, looking worried. God Kerr didn't seem to mind at all, and it finished eating Zhao Fu's arm in a few bites, devouring even the bones, making its face incredibly bloody.

After eating Zhao Fu's arm, God Kerr savagely smiled as it turned its gaze back to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's gaze became incredibly cold, and he looked at God Kerr. It had used some sort of secret technique to cause its battle power to instantly rise by so much.


God Kerr instantly crossed the dozens of meters between them and arrived in front of Zhao Fu. God Kerr stabbed its pitchfork towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu had been circulating his King's Power this entire time to stop his arm's bleeding, and he quickly dodged to the side.

God Kerr's attack missed, but God Kerr stretched out a hand, causing countless blood red auras to gather around it, turning into a gigantic blood-red hand that grabbed towards Zhao Fu.

"Sky Demon Slash!" Zhao Fu roared as he gripped the Sky Demon Sword, slashing at the massive hand. A sharp black arc of light flashed before splitting the hand in half.

God Kerr coldly harrumphed before holding its pitchfork with one hand and saying, "Godly Light."

Suddenly, God Kerr's pitchfork started to give out a large amount of blood-red light, which gathered on the three points of the pitchfork. God Kerr then pointed the pitchfork towards Zhau Fu, who was trying to escape, and stabbed the air.

Three rays of light that were as thick as fingers shot towards Zhao Fu.

This startled Zhao Fu, and he twisted his body in an attempt to dodge. However, those three rays of light were incredibly fast, and they flashed through the air before disappearing. They tore parts of Zhao Fu's clothes and left a hole in Zhao Fu's waist, and blood immediately started to flow out.

Zhao Fu looked at God Kerr, his expression becoming savage. However, he calmed himself down and tried to think rationally. Zhao Fu had already self-detonated the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation, so it was unable to be used. He still had the Yin General Ghost-Suppressing Formation and the Four Corners Sealing Formation, which now had two large cracks on it. As for the super isolation barrier, it wasn't very helpful right now. Suddenly, Zhao Fu thought of something and immediately flew downwards.

God Kerr turned into a ray of light and chased after him, and seeing God Kerr right behind him, Zhao Fu activated the Four Corners Sealing Formation again.

The Four Corners Sealing Formation gave off faint lights that became images of the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Turtle. They appeared around God Kerr, forming a weak-looking formation.

This successfully made God Kerr's body pause, and just as God Kerr was about to tear through the formation again, Zhao Fu activated the Yin General Ghost-Suppressing Formation, causing the images of 12 armored Yin Generals to rise up from the statues and attack God Kerr.

Facing these Yin Generals' attacks and being bound by the formation, God Kerr explosively roared, making its aura surge yet again. It waved its pitchfork with all its might, sending out a 20 or so meter long blood-red crescent.

This blood-red crescent was extremely terrifying, and it instantly destroyed the Yin Generals and the four divine beasts around it. The Four Corners Sealing Formation's stone steles and the Yin General Ghost-Suppressing Formation's 12 statues shattered.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu vigorously threw the Sky Demon Sword, which turned into a black ray of light as it flew towards God Kerr.

God Kerr had just used a massive attack, so it was slightly weakened. However, dealing with the Sky Demon Sword wasn't too difficult for it. It raised its pitchfork and knocked the Sky Demon Sword up into the air.

"Sword Spirit Manifestation!" Zhao Fu cried out, and the Sky Demon Sword gave off waves of black light as a tall, beautiful demoness with a pair of wings appeared.

After the Sky Demon appeared, it grabbed the Sky Demon Sword and lightly cried as the sword radiated a sharp sword aura and descended, slashing down towards God Kerr.

God Kerr disdainfully harrumphed before raising its pitchfork to block this strike.

"Hahh!" Another delicate cry sounded out as a long-haired figure wearing red armor appeared - it was Slaughtering Ghost.

The sword that Slaughtering Ghost held gave off a large amount of blood-red light, and it gave off an eerie ghostly power, slashing towards God Kerr from the side. This caused God Kerr to feel quite alarmed, and it stretched out a hand, condensing a ten meter tall and four-meter wide shield to block Slaughtering Ghost.


However, at that moment, a silver ray of light pierced through God Kerr's body from behind - Zhao Fu had suddenly arrived behind it.

God Kerr cried out, and it stretched out its hand, which was covered with a boundless blood-red aura, and waved as a massive blood-red hand sent the three of them flying away.

At that moment, Zhao Fu threw a crystal eye - this was the Crystalrealm Eye of Destruction.

After being thrown, the eye hovered in the air as if it was alive and stared at God Kerr. God Kerr felt a chill run down its back as a massive wave of danger assaulted it.

In the next moment, the Crystalrealm Eye of Destruction shot out a ray of crystalline light, turning everything around it into crystals. Whether it was the ceiling, the ground, the air, the dust in the air, space, or time, it was all crystallized.

God Kerr was incredibly shocked and formed a massive shield image in front of itself, but the shield was quickly crystallized as well. Seeing this, God Kerr tried to dodge to the side, but it was too late - its body had also turned into a crystal statue.

In just a few seconds, the surrounding 10,000-meter radius area had been crystallized, turning this place into a crystal world.

Zhao Fu also looked shocked because the Crystalrealm Eye of Destruction's effects greatly exceeded anything that he had expected - no less than expected from something that was called a dangerous item.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Suddenly, the crystal statue of God Kerr started to crack, and Zhao Fu quickly rushed over while gripping a dagger.

This was the Death Dagger, and as Zhao Fu gripped it, his lifespan quickly decreased. By the time God Kerr extricated himself from the crystal, he was covered in blood.

At that moment, Zhao Fu stabbed the Death Dagger into God Kerr's chest, and God Kerr howled as the Death Dagger gave off a gray deathly aura and seeped into God Kerr's chest, destroying God Kerr's vitality.

Zhao Fu didn't hesitate to take out another Evil-Crushing Spear, sending all of his strength into it and causing it to shine with a resplendent silver light before stabbing forwards with it as well.


The Evil-Crushing Spear pierced through God Kerr's chest, but at that moment, God Kerr cried out and used the last of its strength to thrust out with the pitchfork.

Immediately, blood flew everywhere, and a surprised look appeared on Zhao Fu's face. Blood flowed out of his lips as his chest was pierced by the pitchfork.