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A massive power that caused the heavens and earth to tremble exploded out, and on the surface, the dark clouds scattered as blood-red light descended from the sky, covering the surrounding 10,000-kilometer radius area.

These rays of blood-red light gave off an incredibly dark, evil, supreme, and unstoppable aura. All living creatures nearby lay on the ground and trembled - this monstrous power was 'divine might!'

From the distance, this area looked like a blood-red world, and that terrifying blood-red light had dyed everything red. The surroundings became deathly silent as not a single creature dared to make any noise.

The Forest of Horrors' City Lords stood in the air and looked into the distance as they muttered in shock to themselves, "Demon God descent!"

Back at the underground region, God Kerr gave off another wave of shocking power, and the surrounding space gave off ear-piercing distorting sounds. Unable to bear its might, the space started to collapse.

Everything around God Kerr started to disintegrate, and the area where it stood seemed to become a black hole. Even Zhao Fu was knocked back ten or so meters by God Kerr's aura alone.

God Kerr walked out from the black hole and gave off a blood-red aura as its eyes cruelly stared at Zhao Fu.

God Kerr gripped its pitchfork, which had become even bigger, and turned into a ray of light as it charged towards Zhao Fu and stabbed out vigorously with its pitchfork.

Zhao Fu used his sword to block, and the Slaughtering Ghost Sword blocked in between the prongs of the pitchfork. However, the pitchfork contained terrifying strength, causing Zhao Fu to slide back ten or so meters before he dug his feet into the ground and blocked God Kerr's attack.

At that moment, God Kerr spun its pitchfork, sending the Slaughtering Ghost Sword flying from Zhao Fu's hands.

God Kerr savagely laughed and grabbed this opportunity, pulling back the pitchfork with a single hand before stabbing out at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu immediately dodged to the side, causing the pitchfork to miss, but God Kerr suddenly grabbed the pitchfork with its other hand and twisted its powerful body, spinning around and slamming the pitchfork at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu felt a chill within his heart, and he crossed his arms in front of his body as the nine golden dragons also went to protect him.

In response, God Kerr savagely laughed as he yelled, "Godly Demonic Thrust!"

The pitchfork exploded with violet light and became a massive pitchfork image, slamming against Zhao Fu's body.


A muffled explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu's body was once again blasted backward. God Kerr leapt up and chased after Zhao Fu, stabbing its pitchfork towards Zhao Fu's chest.

However, at that moment, a spear completely made of talisman papers appeared in Zhao Fu's hand, and Zhao Fu gripped the Evil-Crushing Spear and sent his strength into it, causing it to shine with waves of silver light and arcs of lightning to appear around it.

As God Kerr stabbed out, Zhao Fu had already thrown the Evil-Crushing Spear, causing it to turn into silver light as it slammed into God Kerr.

At such close range, it was impossible for God Kerr to dodge, and God Kerr was hit in the shoulder. God Kerr wanted to grab the Evil-Crushing Spear, but its body was sent sliding back 100 meters by the silver light before stopping.

The Evil-Crushing Spear turned into motes of light and disappeared, leaving a small hole on God Kerr's shoulder from which violet blood slowly flowed out.

Feeling the pain from the wound on his shoulder, God Kerr's expression became savage, and God Kerr gripped its pitchfork as it once again rushed at Zhao Fu.

By now, Zhao Fu had landed on the ground, and seeing God Kerr charge at him again, he drew the Sky Demon Sword from his waist. He stabbed it in into the ground, causing demonic qi to flood out from the sword and enter the ground, dyeing the ground black. In the next moment, the darkness expanded out, covering the surrounding 1,000-meter radius area.

By now, God Kerr was only ten meters away from Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu raised his hand, on which a black inscription appeared.

Swish, swish, swish...

Countless black spikes that were as thick as arms stabbed out from the ground, frightening God Kerr. It used its pitchfork to sweep out, slashing apart many of the black spikes. However, there were simply too many black spikes, and because they came from all sorts of different directions, God Kerr could only beat its wings and fly into the air.

However, the black spikes were abnormally fast, and God Kerr was forced to use its pitchfork to continuously defend. A few of the black spikes stabbed into God Kerr, resulting in many wounds all over its body.

God Kerr became furious again. God Kerr flew in the air as it looked at Zhao Fu's Sky Demon Sword with its blood red eyes and said angrily, "You, a Sky Demon, dare to harm me!?"

The Sky Demon within the sword looked slightly afraid. Even though she was a Sky Demon, a high-grade being who wasn't afraid of other demonic existences, this was different - the enemy was a Demon God, so how could the Sky Demon not be fearful?

This fear caused the Sky Demon Sword to tremble, and seeing this, Zhao Fu sent a massive amount of the Imperial Ruler's Seal's Fate into it, calming it down.

In the air, God Kerr furiously raised its pitchfork and yelled, "Godly Hell Fireball!"

Three black tongues of flame appeared above God Kerr's head, quickly forming into three massive fireballs that were dozens of meters wide, and a terrifying heat spread out.

God Kerr pointed its pitchfork at Zhao Fu, and the three massive fireballs quickly flew towards him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three fireballs landed on the ground and created massive explosions. The fiery light was simply blinding, and the ground trembled as a large amount of dirt and bones was sent into the air.


At that moment, a massive ray of silver light, bringing with it Evil-Crushing Power, shot at God Kerr from behind.

God Kerr looked incredibly shocked, and it turned and stabbed out with its pitchfork, blocking the silver light. Behind it, Zhao Fu was actually completely fine and stood within the ruins.

Luckily, Zhao Fu had prepared a Flight Stone, and he had been able to avoid that attack by taking to the air. When he looked at the 100 meter wide craters on the ground, he felt incredibly dismayed and shocked.

God Kerr furiously charged at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu tore through the God Domain with a single strike and flew outside of the God Domain, and God Kerr chased him out.

At that moment, four rays of light rushed upwards, and the four divine beasts once again appeared, creating the formation and binding God Kerr.

Even though the Four Corners Sealing Formation had been damaged, it was still useable, though its sealing power was weaker than before.

Looking at the formation around it, God Kerr laughed as it said, "Lowly human, you're still trying to use this to bind Us?"

After speaking, God Ker stretched out its hands and tore at the formation, causing it to crumble.

In response, Zhao Fu coldly laughed and pointed at the golden crow, which shined brilliantly, as it as it flew at God Kerr.


The golden crow suddenly exploded, creating a massive explosion and illuminating the entire underground region. The explosion turned into a massive shockwave, rippling outwards.

"Godly Demon Blood!"

Suddenly, a terrifying figure appeared next to Zhao Fu, shocking Zhao Fu.


That terrifying figure grabbed Zhao Fu's arm and wrenched upwards, tearing Zhao Fu's arm off and causing blood to fly everywhere.