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A massive explosion rang out as a ten-meter tall blood-red flame appeared around God Kerr's body.

Back at the surface, the originally clear sky was suddenly covered by dark clouds that gave off an ominous pressure, and lightning bolts the width of buckets crashed down onto the ground, giving off a terrifying aura of destruction.

It wasn't just the Forest of Horrors' three City Lords who felt an extremely evil aura appear. The Six-Eyed Flood Dragon in the depths of the Forest of Horrors and all the other creatures, even those in the surrounding regions, felt it too.

In the underground region, God Kerr's thin body suddenly doubled in size, becoming two meters tall and athletic, giving off an extremely terrifying aura.

"Fire arrows!" Zhao Fu's pupils contracted as he roared.

Swish, swish, swish...

The countless Archers vigorously fired arrows, and the tens of thousands of arrows gave off an incredibly sharp aura as they went towards God Kerr.

Just as the arrows were about to hit God Kerr, everything seemed to freeze. The countless arrows paused two meters away from God Kerr before soundlessly turning into wisps of black smoke and disappearing.


God Kerr's body blurred as long cracks appeared on the four stone steles, and God Kerr appeared before Zhao Fu in the next second.

Zhao Fu was shocked and felt all of the hairs on his body stand on end.

God Kerr evilly smile as it said, "Lowly human, you've underestimated gods too much!"

After speaking, God Kerr raised a hand and punched toward Zhao Fu with immense force. Zhao Fu quickly drew his sword and blocked with it.


A muffled explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu was sent flying back 100 meters and crashed against a large beast bone, causing it to shatter. Zhao Fu coughed up a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

"Your Majesty!" Bai Qi and the others cried out and quickly controlled the three massive beasts to attack God Kerr.

Facing the three beasts that had made it suffer quite a bit, God Kerr grabbed at the air as the pitchfork on the ground returned to his hand. Moreover, the violet light around the pitchfork had become even more powerful.

At that moment, the three beasts were only ten meters away from God Kerr, and a cold look appeared on God Kerr's face as it swept out with the pitchfork, causing the air to explode and a ten or so meter long blood-red crescent moon flew out, bringing with it a berserk wind.

The three beasts were unable to dodge this terrifying attack, and they could only clash with it head-on. The aura that the blood-red crescent moon carried was extremely monstrous, and the crescent moon sent the three beasts flying. When they crashed to the ground, many cracks appeared on their bodies. As a result, blood started to leak out of the lips of many of the soldiers.

Zhao Fu wiped away the blood from his mouth and once again stood up. He had indeed underestimated God Kerr - who would have thought that a clone would be able to use some of the main body's power.

Zhao Fu drew the Slaughtering Ghost Sword - because God Kerr was a demonic god, the Sky Demon Sword would be greatly suppressed. Zhao Fu slowly closed his eyes and deeply breathed out. When he opened his eyes again, they seemed to shine with light, and his body disappeared.

Just as God Kerr wanted to get rid of Bai Qi and the others, it felt a massive wave of energy attack from its side, and it spun as it blocked with its pitchfork.

However, at that moment, Zhao Fu reappeared above God Kerr, and his sword gave off an unstoppable power as it slashed down at God Kerr.


A massive shockwave rippled out, causing the ground 100 meters around them to collapse.

Feeling this immense energy, God Kerr's eyes narrowed as it stared at Zhao Fu and said in a low voice, "Nation Armament!"

In response, Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, and he gripped the Slaughtering Ghost Sword tighter and pressed down with greater force.

God Kerr became furious and yelled, "Lowly human, you think that an immature Nation Armament like this will allow you to win against Us? Godly Demon Devour!"

Suddenly, a massive face appeared behind God Kerr - the face was extremely ugly, and it had a massive mouth. Right after appearing, it opened its mouth and gave off a devouring energy as it rushed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised and quickly retreated, but that ugly face was extremely fast quickly closed in on Zhao Fu. Because it was already quite close, it opened its mouth and bit towards Zhao Fu.

As such, Zhao Fu could only counterattack - he sent his energy into the Slaughtering Ghost Sword, causing it to shine with an eerie blood-red light as countless ghostly howls sounded out.

Just as the ugly face came close, Zhao Fu vigorously slashed downwards with the Slaughtering Ghost Sword, causing a blood-red light to trail behind it as it split the ugly face in two.

Suddenly, a figure appeared behind Zhao Fu. God Kerr savagely laughed as it gripped its pitchfork with both hands and slapped at Zhao Fu with immense strength, causing an explosion to ring out.


Zhao Fu was once again blasted 100 meters away, and he crashed to the ground. Blood flowed out of his many injuries, dying his back red, and he lay on the ground and coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood. He felt as if he had lost all feeling in his back.

Bai Qi and the others were completely infuriated, and they raised their General Armaments, giving off three different auras. The three injured beasts and the golden crow once again rushed towards God Kerr.

Seeing the four beasts rush towards it, God Kerr uncaringly harrumphed and gripped its violet pitchfork before stabbing it down into the ground.

A massive wave of energy exploded out from God Kerr, causing the ground to crumble as it cast the God Domain again and a gigantic blood-red dome expanded outward. This time, it covered 1,000 meters, and the ground that it covered completely collapsed.

At the same time, the God Domain blocked the four beasts outside, and it was incredibly tough - no matter how the four beasts attacked, they were unable to break through. This God Domain was dozens of times tougher than the previous one.

God Kerr laughed and looked at Zhao Fu on the ground, "Lowly human, if you give your Nation Armament to Us, We won't kill you today and will give you many rewards. We can even choose you to be the Son of God."

Zhao Fu slowly climbed up from the ground and icily glared at God Kerr. "A weak trash godly spirit like you wants my Nation Armament?"

When it heard Zhao Fu's words, God Kerr flew into a fit of fury. Its body disappeared and reached Zhao Fu in an instant, and it stabbed its pitchfork towards Zhao Fu.

However, at that moment, an incredibly powerful aura exploded out from within Zhao Fu's body, causing his body to shine with a golden light and nine small golden dragons to appear around him.

God Kerr was greatly dismayed and cried out, "Clan Armament!"


Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out with his sword, which was now covered with an intense golden light. A massive sword's hum filled the heavens and the earth, and it contained an immense amount of force.

God Kerr reacted too slowly, and it could only use all of its divine power to block. However, it was still sent flying hundreds of meters away. An incredibly deep gash appeared on its chest as it coughed up many mouthfuls of blood.

Zhao Fu grasped this opportunity and once again attacked. His body disappeared and reappeared next to God Kerr, and he raised his sword high into the air before slashing down with all of his strength.

However, God Kerr raised its head with a savage smile on its bloody face.

"Godly Second Descent."