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 This was God Kerr's God Domain, and it was incredibly powerful to be able to defend against tens of thousands of arrows.

These attacks caused God Kerr to look over at those normal soldiers, and it waved its hand, causing the hundreds of fireballs to fall like meteors.

The Shieldbearers raised their large shields and circulated their cultivation power as they met those blood-red fireballs head on.

Bang, bang, bang...

The fireballs immediately exploded, unleashing a destructive power. The fireballs that fell to the ground blasted open three meter wide craters, and the Shieldbearers gritted their teeth as they received God Kerr's first attack with great difficulty.

Swish, swish, swish...

While God Kerr was attacking, Bai Qi and the others grasped this opportunity to once again give the order to attack, and countless arrows once again shot towards God Kerr.

This time, the 1,000 ballistae on Zhao Fu's side also attacked, causing countless arrows and bolts to glint with a cold light as they once again smashed against the blood-red dome.

The arrows and bolts were once again smashed and repelled, but they were starting to see the effects of their attack.


This time, with the ballistae firing their powerful bolts that had nine Evil-Crushing Talismans each, a large crack appeared on God Kerr's God Domain.

After all, this was only a clone of God Kerr, and it had less than 1/1000 of the main body's power. It was impossible for it to completely defend against all of the soldiers' attacks - after all, enough ants would be able to kill an elephant, and enough people would be able to kill a godly spirit.

The crack in the God Domain caused God Kerr to look quite shocked, and it immediately became enraged as it raised a hand and roared, "Godly Hell Fireball!"

Black tongues of flame appeared above God Kerr's hand, and they quickly became a massive 30-meter wide fireball. This fireball looked like a little sun, and it gave off an incredibly scorching energy and destructive aura.

Suddenly, a massive silver light that gave off an immense Evil-Crushing power smashed onto the crack on the God Domain.


The crack on the God Domain became greater, and more cracks appeared as the Evil-Crushing Spear broke through the God Domain and shot towards God Kerr. However, after breaking through the God Domain, the Evil-Crushing Spear's light became much dimmer.

Zhao Fu watched as God Kerr prepared this terrifying attack, and he was forced to attack in the end. Otherwise, if that black fireball had been launched, a countless number of his soldiers would have been killed, so he had used all of his strength to throw an Evil-Crushing Spear. The Evil-Crushing Spears he had bought during the Ghost Festival were for this purpose.

Facing the Evil-Crushing Spear, God Kerr didn't seem too shocked, and it instead stared at the Evil-Crushing Spear coldly as it stretched out a finger.


The Evil-Crushing Spear, which was formed from countless talismans, collided with God Kerr's finger, causing the Evil-Crushing Spear to disintegrate into countless motes of light. However, God Kerr was forced back in the air, and the casting of Godly Hell Fireball was forcefully cut off, causing the fireball to disappear.

This caused God Kerr's expression to become savage as it roared, "Lowly humans, all of you must die! Godly Hell's Doors!"


God Kerr stretched out its claws and tore towards the ceiling, causing a massive black hole to appear. The black hole continuously gave off black qi, and it looked as if it connected to hell.

However, not a single demon came out - with the super isolation barrier that used the Six Wood Absolute Barrier as its foundation, it completely suppressed the black hole in the air. The six white sticks gave off a brilliant white light, and the black iron tubes around them continuously trembled.

Godly Hell's Door was a spatial summoning skill, but Zhao Fu had set up a super isolation barrier that cut off all external space.

"Arghhh! Damned humans!" God Kerr cursed as its body gave off traces of blood-red aura. The might radiating from its body became stronger as its hands tore towards the sides, trying to escape from this isolation barrier.

"Soldier Aura Formation!" three people suddenly yelled as black, blood-red, and green auras streamed up from the countless soldiers, gathering towards Bai Qi, Wei Liao, and Wang Jian. At the same time, three pillars of light rushed upwards!

"Skreeeee!!" A piercing bird's cry sounded out as a blood-red eagle that gave off boundless killing intent soared into the air.

"Roarrrr!!" A mighty roar sounded out, causing the ground to quake as a black tiger that gave off a conquering air also appeared.

"Awooooo!!" A long howl rang out as a mysterious-looking green wolf savagely leapt out.

After appearing, the three massive beasts all cried out as the blood-red eagle spread its wings and the black tiger and green wolf started to charge towards God Kerr in the sky.

Very soon, these three massive beasts reached God Kerr, but they were blocked by its God Domain.

"Seven Murders!"

"Army Destroyer!"

"Voracious Wolf!"

Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and Wei Liao raised their General Armaments and roared as the three beasts' auras exploded outward, causing arcs of lighting to appear around them. The three massive beasts gathered their strength and charged towards God Kerr's God Domain.


A massive explosion sounded out as the cracked God Domain was completely shattered by the three massive beasts, and the instant that the domain was destroyed, the three massive beasts continued onwards and attacked God Kerr.

This once again cut off God Kerr's casting, and seeing the three massive beasts approaching, a chilling coldness appeared in God Kerr's black eyes as it roared, "Godly Divine Armament!"

Suddenly, the entire underground region shook as if there was some sort of source energy gathering, and a deep violet colored pitchfork appeared in God Kerr's hand.

This pitchfork gave off an incredibly terrifying aura, and the space around it seemed to be unable to bear the might of this weapon and started to collapse. At the same time, this weapon gave off a formless might that suppressed all weapons, including Zhao Fu's Sky Demon Sword and Slaughtering Ghost Sword.

Both of Zhao Fu's swords were Epic grade weapons, and only Divine Armaments could suppress them. This pitchfork clearly wasn't a true Divine Armament but a projection. However, even so, it was able to suppress Epic grade weapons.

God Kerr gripped its pitchfork and looked towards the three massive beasts before slashing out. The air was completely torn as a massive black crescent was slashed out, knocking the three massive beasts back.

Zhao Fu, looking at the battle in the air, stood his ground and gave the order to activate the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation.


White light filled the underground region, and the temperature rose as the light became brighter and brighter. Soon, a scorching aura filled this place.

"Skreeee!!" A brilliant cry sounded out as a golden crow with wings that were two meters wide and covered with golden flames rose up from the ground.