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 Out of these two people, one was the coarse voice, and the other was Azure Willow City's City Lord. Because this was Azure Willow City's territory, when Azure Willow City's City Lord called out the astronomical price of 85 million silver coins, the coarse voice gave up.

"Is there anyone else who would like to make a bid?" the elderly man once again asked as he looked around.

Everyone's gaze once again fell on that private room.

"86 million silver coins!" a calm voice said from the private room, shocking everyone - this grand figure was simply throwing away too much money.

Zhao Fu had ample money to spend. Even though his businesses in the various regions were earning less than they had at the beginning, each region still brought in 4,000 gold coins per day, and with 31 regions, that was over 120,000 gold coins per day.

One gold coin was worth 100 silver coins, which meant that he earned 12 million silver coins per day. With the money he had saved, Zhao Fu had enough money to buy the Nation Armament Piece.

When Azure Willow City's City Lord heard Zhao Fu's bid, he was quite shocked and decided to go all out. "90 million silver coins!"

When he called out this bid, everyone looked incredibly shocked - 90 million silver coins were worth $90 billion in the real world, and everyone couldn't help but sigh in amazement. This amount of money would be able to bury them alive.

"91 million silver coins!" However, that calm voice once again sounded out emotionlessly.

Hearing this voice, Azure Willow City's City Lord could only sigh and give up. 90 million silver coins were already all that he had, and it seemed that it would be impossible for him to obtain the Nation Armament Piece.

In the end, this Nation Armament Piece was also obtained by Zhao Fu.

After the end of the super auction, countless people flooded out of the auction hall with excited expressions while Zhao Fu went to the back, paid the money, and obtained everything that he had won in the auction.

The person who received him was the elderly MC. He first apologized for what he had initially said to Zhao Fu before giving Zhao Fu a violet-gold badge. With this badge, he would receive Sovereign-level treatment within this auction hall.

Zhao Fu accepted the badge and felt that he couldn't stay here for long, so he immediately returned to the Great Qin Town.

It was indeed quite dangerous - the long-haired gloomy City Lord had wanted to join with the other City Lords to kill Zhao Fu. After all, he had obtained most of the good items and most likely had an even greater fortune on him that was enough to make even the City Lords feel covetous.

However, most of the City Lords had refused - it wasn't that they didn't want everything on Zhao Fu but because they had many other considerations.

First, they had already confirmed that Zhao Fu was a player and that the aura he had given off was from a Clan Armament. That Clan Armament was simply too powerful, and they weren't 100% certain that they could kill Zhao Fu. Moreover, even if they killed him, he wouldn't die a true death, and they would have to fear his revenge in the future.

With that Clan Armament's power, any of them would lose against him, and overall, although this offer was quite tempting, all of them could only refuse. Seeing that no one was willing to join him, that long-haired gloomy City Lord wasn't stupid enough to try to kill Zhao Fu by himself.

After returning to the Great Qin Town, Zhao Fu prepared a special house for the Two-Legged Wyvern egg and ordered some people to find secret techniques that could speed up the incubation of dragon eggs.

Zhao Fu stood in front of the dragon egg; cut his arm, causing his blood to drip onto the shell; and muttered an incantation. After this, the blood quickly entered the shell.

This was a simple blood pact that was used to subdue most wild beasts and make them recognize the owner of the blood as their master.

Afterward, Zhao Fu went to his room and placed the Dream Incense into a wooden box to prevent any of its smell from leaking out before putting it into his King's Ring.

Zhao Fu then sat on a chair, took out the Nation Armament Piece, and looked at it closely.

Desolate Blood Mask - Piece: The Nation Armament of the Desolate Blood Ancient Kingdom. After the Desolate Blood Ancient Kingdom fell, its Nation Armament also shattered.

"Desolate Blood Ancient Kingdom?" After looking at the description of the piece, Zhao Fu ordered some people to collect information on the Desolate Blood Ancient Kingdom to see if they could find the other pieces.

If Zhao Fu could find all of the pieces and restore the Nation Armament, he would have another Nation Armament. Anyone would feel excited when thinking about this. Zhao Fu knew that although this would be very difficult, there was still a trace of hope.

Afterward, Zhao Fu went to the City Heart and looked at the violet light that the City Heart gave off, as well as the Twelve Metal Colossi and jade Ruler's Seal, which were floating beside the City Heart. He tried to place the piece there to see if there was any effect, and the result only led to disappointment.

The piece also floated around the City Heart, but none of the Fate that the City Heart gave off could enter the piece. This meant that Zhao Fu couldn't use the piece. Zhao Fu didn't put the piece away, and he instead let it stay next to the City Heart to see if it could be nurtured by Great Qin's Fate. Perhaps there would be some changes over time.

After taking care of these things, Zhao Fu returned to his room and suddenly thought of something. He took out an exquisite treasure box that gave off a violet light.

He didn't know what sort of equipment that the Mysterious Treasure Box would give him, but because it was guaranteed to be Legendary grade, Zhao Fu felt a bit excited.

Zhao Fu put the treasure box on the table and slowly opened the lid. A violet light shot out - the depth of the color signified the quality of the equipment. A deeper color usually signified better sub-grades, while lighter colors signified worse sub-grades. Within the treasure box, it was chaotic, making it impossible to see anything.

The violet light alternated between deep violet and light violet, and Zhao Fu could even see that the violet light contained a tinge of orange sometimes. This caused Zhao Fu to feel incredibly hopeful, but the light became a deep violet color before settling.

An item shot out from the treasure box and floated in front of Zhao Fu.

This item surprised Zhao Fu - it was a fishing rod. The fishing rod was two meters long and seemed to be made out of a tree branch that was as thick as a finger. This fishing rod looked quite ordinary, and the tree branch looked just like a normal tree branch.

There was a thin string bound to the fishing rod, most likely the fishing line, and it seemed to be made out of flax. At the end of the fishing line, there was a small hook that gave off a faint silver light.

What was going on? He had been given a fishing rod! Zhao Fu stared dumbly at the fishing rod in front of him, completely flabbergasted. From the depth of the light, this was most likely an Exquisite Legendary grade piece of equipment, but this fishing rod was completely useless to him - he didn't have time to go fishing!