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 The Azure Bird was a three-legged divine bird. It had the head of a phoenix and a light body. Its color was also incredibly beautiful. It was said to be a lucky and auspicious creature, and the legends said that it was the emissary of the Queen Mother of the West. It was impossible to meet one in the mortal realm and could only be found on Penglai Immortal Mountain. However, there was no path to Penglai, and all correspondence was through the Azure Bird.

Even though there wasn't much detailed information about the Azure Bird in Chinese myths, it was evident that its bloodline grade was definitely not low as it was a type of divine bird bloodline. What's more, it contained an auspicious aura, and the person who fused with this bloodline was bound to have good luck in the future.

"18 million silver coins!"

The appearance of the Azure Bird Bloodline made the City Lords excited, and one of them immediately made a bid.

"20 million silver coins!" Another City Lord immediately outbid the first City Lord and increased the price by two million silver coins.

However, this price was unable to stop the passion of the various City Lords. Very soon, the Azure Bird Blood Crystal's price rose to 30 million silver coins, and none of them showed any signs of giving in.

"50 million silver coins!" It was that coarse voice again, and the owner of that voice suddenly increased the price by 20 million silver coins.

This price caused some of them to start hesitating, but the item's price continued to quickly rise.

"54 million silver coins!" An elderly voice sounded out - this was the voice of Azure Willow City's City Lord.

"55 million silver coins!" A woman's voice sounded out.

"60 million silver coins!" One of the City Lords who hadn't made a bid yet suddenly raised the price by another five million silver coins.

This terrifying figure finally made some of the City Lords give up. Now, there were only five City Lords continuing to make bids.

The people below excitedly watched on and forgot about what had just happened with Zhao Fu, completely immersed in this intense bidding war.

"65 million silver coins!" This price caused another two City Lords to drop out, and only three remained. There was the coarse-voiced City Lord, the Azure Willow City's City Lord, and the one who had bid for the first time today.

"66 million silver coins!"

"67 million silver coins!"

"68 million silver coins!"

Finally, the Azure Bird Blood Crystal's price reached 72 million silver coins - this price was from the City Lord who had only just started participating. In the face of this terrifying sum, the other two City Lords had to give in as well.

"72 million silver coins, going once! Is there anyone else who would like to make a bid?" the elderly man asked.

Everyone's gaze turned to the private room. Zhao Fu was thinking about whether or not to make a bid. He wasn't hesitating because of the price but because of his bloodline - he had two options, which were to either maintain a pure Royal Bloodline or fuse other high-grade bloodlines.

Each of them had its own benefits - a pure Royal Bloodline meant pure King's Power. Fusing with high-grade bloodlines would increase his stats, skills, and other aspects, and it seemed to be quite beneficial. However, his Royal Bloodline would no longer be as pure.

Zhao Fu thought for a while, and in the end, he decided to maintain the purity of his bloodline. This was because even if Zhao Fu chose the second option, he would find a top-tier bloodline, and the Azure Bird's bloodline simply wasn't good enough for him.

Everyone nervously gazed at the private room, but no voice came from it, disappointing everyone. In the end, the Azure Bird Blood Crystal was sold to that mysterious City Lord.

The final item was then slowly brought up by a beautiful attendant.

The item seemed to be a piece from a mask, and it was black and made of wood. It was about half the size of a palm, and there was some sort of diagram on it. However, because it was just a piece, it was impossible to tell what the full diagram was. At the same time, the piece gave off an extremely ancient aura.

Feeling this aura, Zhao Fu was shocked.

On the stage, the elderly man started to introduce this item, saying, "Everyone, please look closely at this item because this is something that many may never see in their lifetime. This is a Nation Armament Piece! Nation Armaments represent the Fate of a nation, and I'm sure that everyone can imagine how terrifying that is. It's incredibly powerful and something that cannot be resisted.

"Even though it's only a piece, if you can find three other pieces, it's possible to restore it, turning it into a priceless treasure. The reserve price is 20 million silver coins!"

So this was a Nation Armament Piece - no wonder Zhao Fu had felt so shocked upon feeling its aura. Because Zhao Fu had his own Nation Armament, the aura had felt incredibly familiar.

The appearance of the Nation Armament Piece shocked the countless people within the auction hall, including the City Lords. None of them had expected such a thing to appear.

The auction hall was once again sent into a frenzy.

"My heavens, this is an absolutely priceless treasure! It's not something that can be bought with money!"

"Hahaha, who would have thought I'd be able to see a Nation Armament today? Today's such a lucky day!"

"I want it so badly, but I don't have any money. Even if I sold my body, I wouldn't be able to buy it. I wonder which grand figure will be able to buy it."

Even though the elderly man had crafted his words quite well and made it sound like this piece had immense potential, Zhao Fu didn't believe him.

First, collecting the other three pieces would be incredibly difficult, and it would require immense luck. It was possible that it wouldn't be achievable within one's entire lifetime. Moreover, so what if one obtained all of the pieces? If one didn't have the ability to fuse them and restore the Nation Armament, it would be useless.

This was because Nation Armaments represented the Fate of a nation, and once a Nation Armament was destroyed, it signalled the destruction of a nation. Since the nation had been destroyed, how could a Nation Armament be restored? However, these sorts of things were simply too rare, so Zhao Fu greatly wanted to obtain it.

"30 million silver coins!" Just as the elderly man finished introducing it, someone from a Sovereign room made a bid, raising the price by ten million silver coins. It was evident how much he wanted it.

However, to the many City Lords, 30 million silver coins was nothing. As such, the price quickly rose until it reached 50 million silver coins.

"70 million silver coins!" It was that coarse voice again. It seemed that this City Lord had brought quite a lot of money, but it was a pity that he hadn't been able to make a single winning bid. Since this was the last item and something that he wanted, he didn't hold back, increasing the price by 20 million silver coins.

Such a high price caused many City Lords to hesitate, and when the next City Lord raised the price to 75 million silver coins, many of them sighed and decided to give up.

Now, there were five people competing, and by the time the price reached 80 million silver coins, only two remained.