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 After this voice sounded out, everyone else felt scared on his behalf - wasn't he afraid of the wrath of a City Lord? He was simply seeking death!

The other City Lords smiled and decided to watch on as spectators.

Suddenly, a massive aura exploded out from the Sovereign room that the gloomy sounding person was in, and everyone's expression changed, feeling as if there was a massive rock weighing down on them.

From how everyone saw it, as someone in a private room, Zhao Fu definitely wasn't as powerful as a City Lord. They all believed that a confrontation between them would be like dashing an egg against a rock.

The other City Lords didn't care at all because they could detect that the three people within that room all had Stage 1 cultivations. For such a person to dare to offend them, the high and mighty City Lords, that person was simply seeking death.

The City Lords all felt somewhat displeased, but they didn't want to step in either. They wanted that arrogant brat to acknowledge his mistake. They also wanted to show him how brutal and cruel the world was. If one didn't have the strength, one should act low-profile, or one would die without even knowing how one had died.

The massive aura weighing down on the private room was many times heavier than the aura outside, and Wang Ergou and Tuoba Qing did their best to resist the aura. Wang Ergou, who had weaker cultivation, felt his legs start to tremble as beads of sweat appeared on his body.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu frowned and waved his hand, sending a black semicircle out and unleashing his King's Domain. With his King's Domain, Zhao Fu wasn't afraid of that City Lord's aura.

"50 million silver coins!" The gloomy voice once again sounded out from a Sovereign room.

"51 million silver coins!" Just as the gloomy voice spoke, the voice from within the private room immediately outbid him, shocking the crowd and the City Lords.

"As someone with merely Stage 1 cultivation, isn't he afraid?" the City Lords wondered. If that City Lord attacked him, no one would be able to stop him.

The MC felt quite awkward when he saw this. The City Lord was definitely in the wrong, using his aura to suppress others, but their auction hall didn't have the power to retrain the City Lord.

The elderly man could only look towards the private room and try to persuade the person inside. "Respected guest, it's best that you give up on this dragon egg. That City Lord isn't someone you can offend."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite displeased, but he knew that the elderly man was saying this for his benefit. However, Zhao Fu was determined to obtain this dragon egg, so he didn't back down.

When the person from the private room didn't say anything in response, everyone thought that he had given up. After all, anyone would have to take a step back when facing a City Lord.

"Hmph! An ant dares to act arrogantly in front of me? Normally, I'd crush you in an instant, but since we're in front of so many people, I thought that I'd show you some mercy. Now that I'm angry, you'd better get the hell out here and kowtow to me three times, or I won't let you off today," the gloomy voice said condescendingly.

This was only natural - in these regions, City Lords were the most powerful existences, and nothing could shake their position.

However, the other City Lords frowned when they heard those arrogant and domineering words - they felt that there was no need to bicker with a minor figure like this, as it would only lower their positions.

The countless people on the first, second, third, and fourth levels looked at the private room and waited for that person to get out and kowtow. Even though it was humiliating, it was better than dying.

Within the private room, Wang Ergou and Tuoba Qing looked incredibly furious as they cried out, "Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu looked at them and signaled that he would take care of things as he calmly said, "Are there no other bids? If there are no other bids, I'll be taking the Two-Legged Wyvern egg."

As soon as he spoke, everyone gasped.


A massive explosion sounded out, and it was like that of a table or chair being destroyed as a terrifying might exploded out from the Sovereign room that the gloomy sounding person was in.

Everyone understood that the City Lord was going to kill this person and that the person in the private room was dead without a doubt. The other City Lords all frowned, but they had no intention of getting involved. After all, this was a world where the powerful reigned and the weak could only live on their knees.


At that moment, an overflowing aura exploded out from the private room, completely suppressing the City Lord's aura. The atmosphere in the auction hall froze, and this horrifying aura caused even the weather to change.

"Do you believe that I won't kill you?" A voice filled with killing intent sounded out from that private room, and it was icy to the point that the temperature in the auction hall seemed to drop.

The people on the first, second, and third levels collapsed to the ground, unable to bear this power. The people in the 12 Sovereign rooms were greatly dismayed, as this might surpassed their own.

Within one of the Sovereign rooms, a gloomy-looking, long-haired young man looked extremely serious - he was the one with the gloomy voice.

The scene was getting out of control, and the atmosphere became incredibly tense as if an almighty battle was about to erupt.

At that moment, an elderly man wearing green clothes walked out from a Sovereign room and smiled as he said, "This one is the City Lord of Azure Willow; please give this elderly one some face and maintain the peace here."

The gloomy-looking young man no longer said anything because he knew that he would definitely lose, and Zhao Fu also retracted his aura.

Everyone present let out a sigh of relief and looked at that private room in fear, thinking to themselves that there really was a grand figure in it. This was simply too terrifying - he was even more powerful than a City Lord!

Everyone in the Sovereign rooms started to look quite worried as well because they would suffer greatly if any one of them faced him.

Zhao Fu sat back down within the private room with a cold expression on his face. For some people, if others took one step back, they would take ten steps forwards; if others acted humbly, they would think that those people were easy to bully. Zhao Fu had used a bit of the Imperial Ruler's Seal's power to unleash a powerful aura. He hadn't truly used it, so the Fate he had consumed was extremely small.

In the end, no one dared to bid on the dragon egg, so it was purchased by Zhao Fu.

After what had just happened, the atmosphere within the auction changed, and no one dared to look down on that private room.

Next, a beautiful attendant brought up a round crystal that was as big as a pearl on a tray. It seemed to be made out of blood and was green coloured.

The elderly MC returned to normal - under that terrifying aura, he had been forced to kneel on the ground. He felt incredibly ashamed that he had tried to persuade such a grand figure not to fight against a City Lord, and he felt relieved that the person hadn't held it against him.

"This is an Azure Bird Blood Crystal, a treasure from an Ancient Historical Remnant. After using it, one will obtain a trace of the Azure Bird Bloodline. The Azure Bird is a divine bird, and this item is incredibly rare and precious. The reserve price is 14 million silver coins."