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 35 million silver coins equaled the price of an Exquisite Legendary grade weapon, and the coarse voice no longer continued to bid and instead laughed. The coarse voice said with an air of appreciation, "Not bad, boy!"

The other City Lords didn't bother bidding either, so Zhao Fu bought the Mysterious Treasure Box for 35 million silver coins.

This shocked everyone - none of them had thought that the item would be obtained by an unknown figure in a private room. It seemed that this fellow had a powerful background.

The next item was soon brought out. It was a stick of incense that was the width of normal incense sticks but only half as tall, and because of this, it looked like it would only burn for three minutes. It also had five different colors. After being brought out, it gave off a dream-like aroma.

Some of the people in the hall with weak willpower felt like falling asleep upon smelling that fragrance. Seeing this, the elderly man waved his hand and set up a barrier, separating the incense from the people on the first level.

At the same time, the elderly man introduced this item, saying, "Dream Incense, a type of incense created using Stage 5 Fantasy Grass. Anyone who breathes it in will fall into a deep sleep. The effects are slightly weaker against humans, but they are extremely powerful against wild beasts. They are even effective on Lord grade beasts. The incense can be burned for three minutes, and the reserve price is eight million silver coins."

It seemed that the Dream Incense's effects would be quite useful in certain times, but it could only burn for three minutes, which made many people lose interest.

However, there were still a few people who were interested in it, and soon, the price reached 13 million silver coins.

Of course, these people were all from Sovereign rooms - no one else had such wealth, and the others could only watch as these big figures battled it out.

"15 million silver coins!" Suddenly, a calm voice once again sounded out from that private room, making everyone quite surprised that he still had money.

The City Lords were also quite surprised, and they had never expected that the person in the private room would have such wealth. What's more, they were completely unfamiliar with this person, which meant that this person had only recently appeared and was attracted here by this auction.

After hearing the elderly man introduce the Dream Incense, Zhao Fu realized that it would be very important for one of his plans, so he decided to buy it.

"Would anyone else like to make a bid?" the elderly man asked as the hall fell silent.

None of the people in the Sovereign room wanted to pay more than 15 million silver coins, and no one else had the ability to do so. No one made a bid. As such, Zhao Fu was able to purchase the Dream Incense.

The next item was brought up carefully by a few big men. It was an oval-shaped egg that was half a meter long and had a gray shell. It gave off a very powerful aura, and Zhao Fu was familiar with this aura as Zhao Fu had seen something similar at the previous auction. This was a dragon egg, and it was giving off a dragon's might!

The elderly man started to introduce it, saying, "I'm sure everyone can guess what sort of egg this is. That's right! It is a dragon egg - a Two-Legged Wyvern. Dragons are one of the most powerful races in the world, and I'm sure that I don't need to explain just how powerful they are.

"Even though this dragon egg is only a Two-Legged Wyvern egg, it is still a dragon. What's more, when this egg was found, it had already been incubated for a year. Normally, the more powerful the dragon, the longer the egg will have to be incubated. Normal drakes require one year of incubation, while Two-Legged Wyverns require two to three years.

"However, since this egg has already been incubated for one year, if you are able to buy it and use a mysterious technique, you'll be able to hatch this egg within one year. The reserve price is ten million silver coins!"

Two-Legged Wyverns were a type of flying dragon, and because they could reach Stage 5 in strength, they were stronger than normal drakes.

After the elderly man's introduction, the auction hall burst into excitement, and countless people cried out in excitement. Dragons held a special position in Chinese people's hearts, and even though it was a western dragon, they were still very excited.

"12 million silver coins!" Someone from a Sovereign room quickly made a bid. Everyone wanted this dragon egg, and the competition was particularly intense.

"15 million silver coins!"

"17 million silver coins!"

"20 million silver coins!"

The price of this Two-Legged Wyvern rapidly increased, and soon, it reached 25 million silver coins. There were still eight City Lords making bids.

"30 million silver coins!" The coarse voice sounded out, raising the price by five million silver coins. This was the person who had spoken to Zhao Fu earlier.

Such a high price caused three out of the eight people to hesitate.

"32 million silver coins!" The gloomy voice from a Sovereign room sounded out.

"33 million silver coins!" A woman's voice from a Sovereign room sounded out.

After a few more bids, the dragon egg reached 40 million silver coins. This terrifying price caused many other City Lords to give up, leaving only three in the running.

"41 million silver coins!" The gloomy voice sounded out.

"42 million silver coins!" The coarse voice sounded out.

"43 million silver coins!" The woman's voice sounded out.

Now that there were only three City Lords bidding, the price rose slower, and everyone watched on with excited and nervous expressions.

"Please give Coldwind City some face, everyone," the gloomy voice said from a Sovereign room as he raised the price to 45 million silver coins.

After saying such words and raising the price by two million silver coins, the other two people hesitated. After hatching this egg, it would still require a long time to nurture it until it became mature and obtained Stage 5 strength. By that time, their own cultivation would have reached Stage 5 already, and they would be able to catch their own. A price of 45 million silver coins was already quite steep.

"46 million silver coins!" As the other two City Lords hesitated, that calm voice from that private room once again sounded out, causing everyone to freeze and look over.

"Heavens, just how much money does that fellow have?"

Countless people were incredibly shocked because Zhao Fu had already spent 50 million silver coins.

When Zhao Fu dared to make a bid after what he had just said, the owner of the gloomy voice made another bid, sounding quite angry. "47 million silver coins!"

"48 million silver coins!" Zhao Fu ignored the anger in the gloomy voice's tone. He had greatly wanted to purchase the dragon egg at the previous auction, but because he didn't have sufficient money or strength, he had to give up. However, now that he had both money and strength, why would he have to give up?