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 After introducing this item, the elderly man stated that its reserve price was 10,000 silver coins. However, it seemed that most people weren't very interested in this item. If it wasn't for the fact that Zhao Fu needed this for the God-Killing Plan, it would have been completely useless to him as well.

After the elderly man stated the reserve price, the auction hell fell silent, and no one seemed to want to make a bid. The elderly man looked quite awkward as he announced the reserve price again, but the auction hall remained silent. After announcing the reserve price a third time, the elderly man prepared to have the item taken off the stage to continue on with the auction.

"10,000 silver coins!" At that moment, a soft voice came from the second level. Seeing that no one was bidding for it, Zhao Fu felt quite relieved and calmly bid the reserve price.

Hearing this bid, a smile appeared on the elderly man's face, and he asked if there was anyone else who wanted to make a bid. Of course, the auction hall fell silent again, and the item was sold to Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu immediately gave Wang Ergou the money and told him to go to the back to collect the item.

The auction hall's rules stated that after winning the bid on an item, the purchaser could immediately pay and take the item. Zhao Fu didn't want anything unexpected to happen because this was something that Zhao Fu had searched for for a long time. If he lost it, it would be a long time before he could carry out the God-Killing Plan.

Wang Ergou immediately took the money, and soon, he returned with the bottle. Wang Ergou looked quite confused, wondering why His Majesty wanted this item.

Zhao Fu took the bottle, removed the wooden stopper, and looked at the colorless, odorless liquid inside. After looking at its description, he let out a breath and put it away.

This matter wasn't out of the ordinary, and it didn't attract much attention. Soon, the fourth item was brought up - three talisman papers.

The three talisman papers were white, and there was black writing on them that formed profound-looking inscriptions. The talisman papers were about five centimeters wide and ten centimeters long.

The elderly man quickly introduced them, saying, "Ten kilometer Teleportation Talismans. Using one will allow the user to teleport anywhere within ten kilometers, and they have some unsealing energy in them that allow them to ignore ordinary isolation barriers. These talismans are quite valuable, and one can never have enough of them. The reserve price is 12,000 silver coins."

Ten kilometer Teleportation Talismans were one of the best life-saving items, and many people wanted this item and started to bid.

"13,000 silver coins!"

"15,000 silver coins!"

"19,000 silver coins!"

Finally, the three Teleportation Talismans were sold for 40,000 silver coins - it was someone else from a private room on the second level.

Zhao Fu already had a 10,000-kilometre Teleportation Talisman, so he wasn't very interested in these ten kilometer Teleportation Talismans. What's more, they could only break through ordinary isolation barriers.

More and more items were brought up, all of which were of good quality and very useful. More and more people from the second level started to bid, making the auction hall more lively.

Soon, they were up to the nineteenth item.

The item was a large green hammer that seemed to be made out of stone. There were pictures of demons engraved on both sides, and it gave off a powerful, strange feeling.

"Green Demon Hammer, an Exquisite Silver weapon. Its stats are on an exquisite level, and it has 'Shattering' attribute attacks. The reserve price is 250,000 silver coins."

After the elderly man introduced this item, bids quickly started being made. In the end, it was sold for 600,000 silver coins to a person on the first floor who was wearing a cloak and looked quite tall and muscular.

This made everyone on the first level feel quite shocked because it was difficult for anyone on the first level to spend that much money. Zhao Fu didn't bid on it because this was only the middle of the auction and many good items were going to come soon.

A few more items were brought up, and now, they were up to the 26th item. By now, all of the items were at least Gold grade, and the 26th item was an arrow.

The arrow was a fiery color, and it seemed to be made out of crystal. It was also quite beautiful, and it gave off a powerful Fire attribute energy.

The elderly man began to introduce it, saying, "Inferno Arrow, a Gold grade arrow. This arrow contains a massive amount of Fire-type energy that can deal an incredible amount of damage. What's more, this arrow has a homing effect - even someone who doesn't know how to use a bow and arrow will be able to hit his enemies with it. What's more, this arrow is reusable and not a single-use item."

"Inferno Arrow?" Zhao Fu felt that this was quite interesting - it could actually home in on enemies and be reused, making it a good item. The reserve price was 400,000 silver coins. Zhao Fu made a bid but was quickly outbid. In the end, the Inferno Arrow was sold to a person in a VIP room on the third level for one million silver coins.

The 30th item was a white fruit that was as big as a lychee. It had a smooth exterior and gave off an intoxicatingly sweet fragrance.

"Stage 4 Fruit of Life that can raise a person's grade. It can raise F grade to B grade and C grade to A grade, but it is only effective on those below S grade."

After the elderly man finished introducing this item, many of the indigenous residents were shocked - evidently, they were shocked by the fruit's effects because such effects were quite rare. However, players weren't as interested because players didn't have grades, so they didn't particularly care.

Because Zhao Fu had the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, he wasn't interested in the Fruit of Life either, but the indigenous residents started an intense bidding war.

The reserve price of the Fruit of Life was 500,000 silver coins, but soon, it reached 1.5 million silver coins.

Suddenly, a kind-looking elderly man walked out from one of the VIP rooms and bowed before saying, "Everyone, I am the family leader of the Deng family in Three River City. I hope that everyone can allow this old man to purchase this fruit; this old man will be extremely grateful. I bid two million silver coins."

It seemed that this elderly man greatly needed the Fruit of Life. Zhao Fu didn't know what sort of family the Deng family was; however, it seemed to be quite powerful, as after the elderly man said this, everyone's expression changed.

What's more, the elderly man's bow was only to the Sovereign rooms above, and his words were primarily directed to those in the VIP rooms. As for everyone else, the elderly man didn't put them in his eyes at all.

Afterward, the Fruit of Life was won by the elderly man for two million silver coins.

The 37th item was brought up by a few big men. It was a creature that looked like a leopard and was as big as a dog. It was completely black, and its eyes were blood-red. The black leopard was just a juvenile, but the aura it gave off was incredibly ferocious. The black leopard threateningly roared from within its cage.

The elderly man introduced it, "A juvenile Stage 3 Lord class Bloodnight Leopard. Needless to say, it has great potential. Its reserve price is one million silver coins."