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 As a result of this battle, both sides suffered heavy losses. Corpses formed mounds outside Whiteleaf City's walls, and blood covered the ground and almost formed streams. The scene looked incredibly gruesome, like a human purgatory.

Because both sides had invested a lot of their military forces into the battle, the consequences were incredibly heavy as well.

Whiteleaf City lost 30,000 soldiers and 400,000 players, while Flowing Water City had lost even more - 50,000 soldiers and 700,000 players.

There were more than one million corpses surrounding Whiteleaf City, and it was evident just how intense and bloody this battle had been. News of this shocked the entire world, especially China and Vietnam.

After countless people analyzed the situation leading up to the battle, some deduced that there was a third party who had set all of this into motion, and the one who had killed Flowing Water City's City Lord's adoptive father was someone else. This third-party's goal was most likely to bait the two main cities into an all-out war. However, it was a pity that both sides had been extremely furious and couldn't calm down in the heat of the moment; if they had thought about it carefully, the truth would've been exposed.

Now, everyone started to wonder who the person behind all of this was. What was the person's motive? Was it another main city? Was it a player faction?

These were all guesses, and the people who didn't know much thought that it was someone from Whiteleaf City who had caused all of this.

Later, historians concluded that every event that shook the Heaven Awaken World had a trace of Great Qin's shadow. However, without enough evidence, they were unable to confirm or deny Great Qin's involvement.

After the battle, Zhao Fu ordered his soldiers to stealthily work throughout the night to collect high-grade corpses and Stage 1 corpses. As for himself, Zhao Fu followed the escaped Flowing Water City's City Lord. The battle between the City Lords had been incredibly intense, and both had received heavy injuries. There were still many soldiers and players left in Whiteleaf City, and because it was their territory, it would be difficult for Zhao Fu to make a move on Whiteleaf City's City Lord.

However, things were different for Flowing Water City's City Lord - he was heavily injured and had less than 30,000 soldiers left. As long as he could kill him, Zhao Fu would be able to easily obtain a system main city. With such a great prize in store for him, Zhao Fu was prepared to use his Nation Armament.

Hồ Ming's chest was extremely bloody, and one of his Great Generals supported him as they quickly escaped. There were 20,000 or so soldiers behind them, and most of them were injured and looked quite wretched. However, they still had to quickly leave in case Whiteleaf City's people decided to chase them down.

Suddenly, Hồ Ming raised his head in shock and looked at a mysterious, black-clothed figure standing on top of a tree. He was giving off an incredibly powerful aura, and the space around him seemed to distort. A slight breeze blew at his cloak, partially revealing his face. What shocked everyone the most was his dark eyes that were filled with killing intent.


A massive explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu directly took out his Nation Armament and instantly arrived above Hu Ming, his swords swinging down with immense force and causing the ground 100 meters around them to crack.

Hồ Ming immediately used his City Lord Seal and wielded his spear, gritting his teeth as he defended against this monstrous strike. However, this attack was simply too powerful, and Hồ Ming was already heavily injured. As such, upon blocking this attack, he coughed up a mouthful of blood. However, because he was gritting his teeth, the blood only slowly tricked out from between his teeth.

"City Lord!" A loud cry rang out as one of his Generals wielded a scimitar and rushed towards Zhao Fu, wanting to save Hồ Ming. Zhao Fu's eyes shined with a cold light, and he casually swung the sword in his hand, causing a massive sword light that seemed like it could devour everything to sweep out. The General was sent flying and crashed through seven or eight trees before stopping 50 meters away, heavily injured.

Just a casual strike like that had heavily injured a Stage 3 General - in front of Zhao Fu's Nation Armament, he was unable to resist at all. With Zhao Fu's current strength, he was already more powerful than a Stage 3 expert.

Zhao Fu's cold eyes turned to the General who wasn't dead yet. In order to prevent him from making any trouble, Zhao Fu decided to kill him, and his body turned into a black blur as he rushed towards him.

Suddenly, a figure appeared before Zhao Fu.

"All of you, hurry and run!" Hồ Ming knew that it was essentially impossible for him to escape. He had already caused the deaths of 50,000 or so soldiers, and because he didn't want the rest of them to be killed too, he yelled for them to run, looking extremely heroic.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and raised his sword, sending his strength into it and causing it to give off an incredibly destructive aura.


As the sword descended, it seemed to cut through space itself, and Hồ Ming did his best to defend. However, he was completely outmatched. He was blasted back by the strike and knocked ten or so trees over before slamming into a three-meter wide tree and coughing up a mouthful of blood.

Hồ Ming leaned powerlessly against the tree and looked extremely weak, his body covered with blood.

"One more strike!" Zhao Fu didn't want anything unexpected to happen, so he immediately rushed at Hồ Ming to kill him and obtain the City Lord Seal.

"City Lord! City Lord!" Just as Zhao Fu was about to attack, the loyal soldiers around him threw aside all thoughts of escaping and rushed over without regard for their lives.

"A bunch of ants! Die!" Zhao Fu said in a low voice, sounding like a demon king as he slashed out.

An incredibly sharp black arc of light slashed out, bringing with it a power that could tear through everything. All trees in the surrounding 100 meters were cut in half, and the place where they had been cut was extremely smooth. The thousands of soldiers were also split in half, causing them to all freeze before falling to the ground.

Zhao Fu's body turned into a black blur as he came before Hồ Ming. By now, he was unable to resist at all, and Zhao Fu stabbed out, wanting to end his life.

However, at that moment, a thin saber blocked Zhao Fu's sword as an extremely beautiful young woman in green appeared before Zhao Fu.

This was evidently one of the Vietnamese side's City Lords.

"Don't meddle in others' affairs, or you'll bring trouble on yourself," Zhao Fu said as he glared at the young woman coldly.

This young woman could feel how powerful Zhao Fu was, and she said seriously, "Sir, it's best not to be too extreme. Hồ Ming is part of my side, and I can't just stand by and watch."

"Then... are you going to save him?" Zhao Fu's words were filled with immense killing intent, causing the air around him to freeze.

Feeling this killing intent, the young woman in green felt quite dismayed and prepared to fight.

Suddenly, another person, who gave off a powerful aura, appeared on the branch of a tree nearby. The person was an elegant-looking young man in white who held a folding fan and smiled as he looked over.

This young man's aura was incredibly powerful, and needless to say, he was another main city's City Lord.