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 "You're not someone from Whiteleaf City; Whiteleaf City doesn't have anyone with a Royal Bloodline. I had never thought that there would be someone who would unlock the King's Profession already and obtain a Royal Bloodline. Outside of your Legacy Land, there would be a heap of experts protecting you.

"However, things are different here - if I capture you, take you back, and use the Bloodline Reversal Technique, my son will have a chance to become a King. In that case, you can die for me!"

The elderly man savagely laughed, and a few more pale-white vines burst out of his stomach and twisted and turned as they moved towards Zhao Fu.

When he heard the elderly man's words, Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and circulated his King's Power to break free from the vines wrapped around his leg. He then slashed out with his sword, sending out a black sword light that cut the approaching vines into pieces.

The elderly man's expression became vicious as he smashed his iron staff towards Zhao Fu. In response, Zhao Fu dodged and spun as he slashed towards the elderly man horizontally.


The elderly man once again drew back his iron staff and blocked Zhao Fu's attack. However, just as Zhao Fu wanted to attack again, the elderly man's wrinkled face started to twist as he sinisterly laughed.

Suddenly, an orb of white light exploded from the top of the iron staff with blinding light. Under this white light, Zhao Fu felt incredibly weak and powerless, and he quickly retreated.

The elderly man laughed as he raised his iron staff and mustered all of his strength, smashing it towards Zhao Fu's head, causing it to bring with it a fierce wind.

Zhao Fu's eyes became cold and filled with killing intent as he yelled, "Old fellow, do you really think you can win?"

Suddenly, Zhao Fu raised his left hand and spread out his palm, which gave off a faint black light. There was a 'Qin' character written in black, and a black barrier spread out from it.

Seeing this, the elderly man felt incredibly shocked. "King's Domain!"

Following this, the elderly man tried to escape from this domain. The white light coming from his staff was cut off by the King's Domain and was no longer effective against Zhao Fu. As the elderly man quickly retreated, Zhao Fu shot forwards towards him, and the Sky Demon Sword gave off a massive amount of sword light as he chopped towards the elderly man.


The elderly man was sent flying back ten meters and crashed onto the ground before coughing up a mouthful of blood. He seemed much weaker - after all, he had already been injured before this fight.

Zhao Fu walked over, and the elderly man climbed to his feet with a savage look on his face. He once again muttered an incantation as he threw his iron staff towards Zhao Fu.

The iron staff spun in the air and brought with it immense force as it flew towards Zhao Fu, seeming as if it could obliterate a mountain.

Zhao Fu leaned to the side and easily dodged the iron staff, but at that moment, the elderly man stretched out a wrinkled hand and grabbed at the air. The iron staff stopped flying away and flew towards Zhao Fu from the back.

Feeling the air rushing at him from behind, Zhao Fu's pupils constricted as he turned and swung his sword, causing sword light to burst forth and sending the iron staff flying away.

At that moment, the elderly man stretched out his arms, which turned into tens of pale-white vines that flew towards Zhao Fu. In just an instant, he would be completely wrapped up by those vines.

Zhao Fu once again turned, and he drew the Slaughtering Ghost Sword as fast as lightning. The Slaughtering Ghost Sword gave off a massive amount of blood-red light and howled as it streaked through the air, slicing the vines into bits.


The Slaughtering Ghost Sword then continued onwards and pierced through the elderly man's chest, and the elderly man stared at Zhao Fu in shock and fell to the ground, dead.

Zhao Fu slowly walked over and used the Corpse Examination Skill to look at the elderly man's corpse. Just as he had expected, it was SSS grade - if he refined it, he would be able to obtain an SSS grade Orb.

The spatial ring that the elderly man was wearing was Gold grade, and it definitely had many good things inside. The iron staff that he used was definitely a Legendary grade item, and Zhao Fu looked at its stats first:

Demonic Crow Staff: Grade: Legendary, Stats: Strength +8, Intelligence +20, Constitution +10, Agility +8, Description: A magic staff forged from many evil items. It contains a powerful Weakening Light.

The Weakening Light was most likely the white light that the elderly man had used before that made Zhao Fu feel incredibly powerless.

There were many good things on the elderly man, but Zhao Fu resisted his desire for them and didn't take any of them because he had a plan in mind.

Afterward, Zhao Fu stopped all operations and withdrew all of his soldiers, ordering them to clean up this battlefield to make it seem like this battle had never happened.

Next, Zhao Fu placed the elderly man's corpse onto the main road outside the city and slashed it a few times, making it seem even more wretched. After all of this was done, Zhao Fu had a pleased smile on his face. Even though he had just killed an elderly man who he had no grievances with, if he was the weaker party, he definitely would've been killed simply for the fact that he was a Chinese player. That elderly man wouldn't have cared either.

Following this, Zhao Fu ordered his people to scatter the 600 player corpses around the elderly man's corpse, making it seem like a massive slaughter. He then sent some of his people to the various cities to yell, "Whiteleaf City's Commander came to our city to slaughter us. I personally saw him kill this poor old man. Whiteleaf City's Commander is killing people to silence them right now! Hurry and run!!"

As soon as this spread, the system factions that heard about it immediately gathered a large number of troops and rushed over, and they were completely shocked when they saw the scene.

Countless players also rushed over, and when they saw the bloody scene, the Vietnamese players were completely angered and hated the Chinese players even more.

Almost everyone believed the things that Zhao Fu's people were yelling, and the news began to spread more and more. Soon, this lie became the truth.


A powerful energy descended as a tanned 30-year-old man descended from the sky. He was Flowing Water City's City Lord, Hồ Ming.

When he looked at the elderly man's corpse on the ground and the injuries all over it, he became incredibly furious and roared, the sound of which could be heard in the surrounding ten-kilometer radius area.

Following this, he walked towards the corpse and thought back to his memories with his adoptive father. He had been an orphan and wandered the streets by himself since he was young. He had been lucky for his adoptive father to take him in and care for him, and his adoptive father treated him like his own son.

These memories stabbed at his heart, and Hồ Ming gently picked up the elderly man's corpse, tears flowing out of his eyes.

One of the soldiers came up and reported, "City Lord, Lord Hồ wanted to go to Whiteleaf City to steal an item, but he was discovered by Whiteleaf City's people, who injured Lord Hồ. Who would have thought that they would've chased him so close to our city.

"The final strike that killed Lord Hồ was dealt by someone from Whiteleaf City, and this was seen by many people. He wanted to silence the witnesses by killing them, but because there were too many witnesses, he could only run."