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 Zhao Fu felt bored just waiting like this, and killing a few of them at a time didn't amount to much either and wouldn't achieve the effects that he wanted. As such, Zhao Fu thought about it and considered creating an ambush on the main road coming out of the city.

There were many people coming in and out of the city through the main road, and they wouldn't have to worry about there not being many people. However, the risks would be much greater. Zhao Fu had only brought 6,000 people, and there were often countless people on the main road. Zhao Fu didn't want to risk his soldiers' lives like that.

In the end, Zhao Fu decided to continue laying in ambush on these small minor roads, but he would use various methods to attract people over to kill them. This would speed things up by a lot.

The first thing to decide on was the bait. Apart from power and beauty, what tempted people the most was money. Zhao Fu gathered 100 particularly agile soldiers and gave them each a sack filled with gold coins. All of them had holes that allowed people to see the gold coins that they contained.

Afterward, they carried out the plan, and the 100 soldiers headed over to one of the minor roads.

A team of ten or so people had just killed two wild boars, and because they were just ordinary people and didn't have enough money to afford spatial rings, the two wild boars were carried by four people.

Because these people had primarily focused on their Strength stat, two people were able to easily carry a 150-kilogram wild boar.

Apart from the meat, the tusks and skin would be worth around six or seven silver coins, and these ten or so people weren't satisfied with just these two wild boars. As such, while they carried these wild boars, they looked around to see what else they could find.

At that moment, they saw a person walking towards them, surprising this group of people. This was because the person was a Chinese player. As soon as this Chinese player saw these ten or so Vietnamese players, he immediately ran away in fear while the sack at his waist clinked loudly. From the holes in the sack, the Vietnamese players could see that it was filled with gold coins.

The ten or so Vietnamese players stared at that sack of gold coins, their expressions becoming one of extreme greed and desperation. They immediately tossed down their wild boars and rushed towards that Chinese player.

"We've hit the jackpot this time!" The ten or so Vietnamese players felt incredibly excited as they rushed at that Chinese player. By now, the enmity between the two sides was such that they simply couldn't tolerate each other.

Even if this single Chinese player didn't have any money, these Vietnamese players wouldn't let him off. The hatred between them was buried in their hearts and continuously grew.

What's more, that Chinese player actually had a sack filled with gold coins on him. If there were 100 gold coins inside, that would be $10 million in the real world. If they could kill him, they would instantly become rich.

The ten or so Vietnamese players madly chased the Chinese player. The Vietnamese players with bows and arrows shot out a few arrows, but the Chinese player easily dodged them. As such, they could only continue chasing.

After chasing for a while, the Vietnamese players started to breathe raggedly and thought that they wouldn't be able to catch the Chinese player. However, that Chinese player suddenly stopped, causing the Vietnamese players to feel delighted, and they mustered up all of their strength to close the distance and kill that Chinese player.

Swish, swish, swish...

Suddenly, arrows tore through the air, shocking the exhausted Vietnamese players. They tried to dodge, but it was far too late - the arrows stabbed into their bodies, causing blood to spurt out everywhere.

The Vietnamese player with the highest cultivation was able to use his saber to slash away some of the arrows, but because there were simply too many of them, he was still hit by a few. However, before he could take another breath, a few spears stabbed out of the grass beside him, piercing through his body. The Vietnamese player froze as blood flowed out of his mouth, and he stared at the people in the grass with a confused expression on his face before realizing that they had been ambushed.

Zhao Fu had split the 6,000 soldiers into teams to work with the baiters. As for Zhao Fu, he felt quite bored, so he wandered off by himself to kill some players.

After walking on a minor road for a while, he came across an elderly man with tanned skin who was wearing traditional Vietnamese clothing. There was some blood on this elderly man's body, and he looked a bit injured.

The aura that the elderly man gave off was quite powerful, and he actually had a Stage 3 cultivation. With this sort of cultivation, his position within a main city definitely wouldn't be low. Zhao Fu slowly drew his sword as he looked at the elderly man.

The elderly man looked at the black-cloaked figure in front of him and said furiously in his hoarse voice, "Is Whiteleaf City determined to kill me? I'm the adoptive father of Flowing Water City's City Lord, and if you kill me, a massive war will erupt between our cities."

The elderly man was actually able to speak Chinese, but even if it was Vietnamese, Zhao Fu would've been able to understand him through the Language Stone Stele.

Even though he couldn't fully understand what the elderly man meant, he could roughly guess what was going on from the first thing that he had said. The elderly man had most likely just been in a fight with people from Whiteleaf City, a Chinese main city, and he had been stopped by Zhao Fu on the way back.

Zhao Fu's strength was around as strong as someone with Stage 3 cultivation, which was why the elderly man thought that he was someone from Whiteleaf City.

Second, the elderly man had revealed that he was the adoptive father of the City Lord of Flowing Water City, which meant that he had a high status in Flowing Water City. His third sentence, about the war erupting, made Zhao Fu determined to kill him because Zhao Fu desperately wanted a battle between two main cities.

Zhao Fu's aura exploded out from his body, causing the air to shake. He unleashed his full strength from the very beginning as his body turned into a black blur and rushed towards the elderly man.

The elderly man was quite shocked and quickly took out a black iron staff.


An explosion sounded out, causing a wild gale to sweep out as Zhao Fu's sword slashed towards the elderly man, and the elderly man blocked with his iron staff.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and lashed out at the elderly man with his foot. The elderly man responded by kicking at Zhao Fu as well.

As the two kicks clashed, a muffled explosion sounded out, and the elderly man was forced back by two steps. He had already been injured, and his body was deteriorating due to his age.

Right now, Zhao Fu didn't have the time to worry about respecting his elders. After he sent the elderly man backward, he immediately spun and kicked out with a roundhouse kick.

The elderly man chanted some sort of incantation as a few pale-white vines shot out from his stomach, blocking Zhao Fu's kick and wrapping around his leg.

In the next second, the pale-white vines grew teeth-like thorns that stabbed into Zhao Fu's leg and started to quickly devour his blood. At that moment, the elderly man reacted in shock, and his expression became savage as he cried out, "Royal bloodline!"