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 By now, both the Vietnam Destroyer Alliance and China Resistance Alliance had set up isolation barriers, and they had a massive number of people standing guard to stop their enemies from crossing into their territory.

However, the isolation barriers were only on the separate sides. the center, the depths of North Nam, was a place where no one dared to venture into.

This was because there was a powerful Lord grade existence that was the king of all beasts in that region in the depths of every region. They were incredibly powerful and could create beast hordes that could destroy everything.

As such, neither of the player factions dared to go near that place, and even the system factions took it quite seriously. The two isolation barriers gave North Nam some temporary peace, but the system factions weren't very happy with this.

Isolation barriers didn't discriminate between different factions, and they prevented the use of all teleportation channels. This created a great inconvenience for the system factions, but facing the factions with 1.5 million players each, they didn't dare to say anything.

They could already see that the alliances were strong enough to defy them. The players were no longer like scattered sand, and they could now resist the system main factions.

Once again, Zhao Fu was the greatest beneficiary of the China Resistance Alliance's operation. Out of the 283 villages they broke through, he obtained 187 of the City Creation Stones.

Both Zhao Fu's status and the Chaotic World Stone Stele were halfway to leveling up, and adding on the 105 City Creation Stones from the Vietnam Destroyer Alliance, Zhao Fu now had 292 City Creation Stones. This greatly exceeded the number of City Creation Stones that Great Qin had obtained this entire time through conquering.

This many City Creation Stones were enough to fill the 500-kilometer radius area around the Great Qin Town, and the number of City Creation Stones exceeded the number of subsidiary villages that the Great Qin Town could have. As such, only the high-grade villages were made into subsidiary villages. With these extra 282 villages, Zhao Fu brought in an extra 1,800 people per day.

At the same time, through the slaughters of both factions, Zhao Fu obtained many high-grade corpses. These corpses were useless to other factions, but they were incredibly useful to Zhao Fu. Now, all 40,000 of Zhao Fu's soldiers were at least A grade, and he had replenished the 3,000 soldiers he had lost from before.

These massive benefits made Zhao Fu want to repeat these battles a few times. However, after thinking about it, he decided that the effects were too disastrous - all of the villages within 1000 kilometers of main cities all relocated into more remote and obscure places. Even if Zhao Fu repeated this a few times, the benefits they would reap would be far smaller.

Now, each side had taken a heavy blow, so Zhao Fu could only allow North Nam to temporarily return to peace once again and allow it to recover before doing anything else.

Zhao Fu didn't forget that the system factions were a large obstruction to Great Qin as well. Once the alliances had enough strength, he wanted to use them to deal with the system factions.

Now, under Zhao Fu's control, North Nam had become relatively stable again. As such, Zhao Fu wanted to go to other regions to stir up some trouble. Apart from North Nam, there were six other regions that bordered the Chinese and Vietnamese sides, and the seven regions formed a line.

All six other regions had branches of the Vietnamese Guard, but compared to North Nam's Vietnamese Guard, these branches were weaker. However, they were still relatively big factions.

However, on the Chinese side, Zhao Fu wasn't able to create factions like in North Nam and control both sides. This was because Northwind had cost him too much, and Great Qin in its current state was unable to repeat this in another six regions. After so long, the Vietnamese Guard was greatly liked and respected by all Vietnamese people because the Vietnamese Guard had done a lot and put in a lot of effort to resist the Chinese side.

Everyone could tell who put in effort or not, and no one would truly follow a faction that only put on airs. Even though he was helping the Vietnamese side, in order to devour the entirety of Vietnam, Zhao Fu still had to temporarily help Vietnam for now.

Right now, Zhao Fu wanted to promote the Vietnamese Guard for two purposes: one was to make the Vietnamese Guard a faction that was passionately loved and respected by the Vietnamese side, and two was to obtain a large number of Stage 1 corpses.

Zhao Fu split his 40,000 soldiers into six teams that entered each of these six regions. Within each of these six regions, alliances started to form, with the largest having 20 or so factions. It was impossible to create two massive alliances like in North Nam again.

This was because there wasn't a super faction to unite them. Zhao Fu had only been able to gather the factions in North Nam because of the massive amount of effort and money he had expended.

Moreover, many players had relocated their villages away and did their own thing, so it was impossible to unite them all.

There were many holes to be exploited, and Zhao Fu led one of the six teams while the other five teams were led by Wang Jian, Wei Liao, and the others.

There were no isolation barriers in the other six regions, so Zhao Fu could use teleportation channels to reach the Vietnamese side. Since many of the players who belonged to factions had moved their villages away, Zhao Fu's target was the many individual players.

Most ordinary players would go out of the city to do various quests or explore to see if they could find any opportunities. Others went out to kill wild beasts to bring back and sell.

Each of the six teams had roughly 6,000 or so soldiers, and Zhao Fu ordered them to lie in ambush outside of the main cities and hunt down these ordinary players.

These players were only ordinary people and didn't have much strength, so they were killed very easily.

Zhao Fu and his soldiers waited outside a main city, and soon, a group of seven or eight people walked out. Without exchanging any words, ten or so arrows flew and killed these players.

After returning to the real world, these players angrily posted this on the internet, criticizing Chinese people for being incredibly ruthless and bloodthirsty. However, because only a few of them had died, they weren't given much attention.

Next, a group of 30 or so Vietnamese players came out. When they saw Zhao Fu's 6,000 soldiers and remembered the antagonistic relationship between the Chinese and Vietnamese sides, they knew exactly what would happen, so they immediately turned and ran.

However, none of them were able to escape, and all of them were killed by the Archers.

After returning to the real world, these 30 or so people also angrily cursed the Chinese side on the internet. This matter was given more attention, but it didn't cause any great disturbances.