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 With Zhao Fu's Assassins' skills and level of cultivation, normal factions couldn't compete with them. As such, Great Qin's Assassins were able to steal the City Creation Stones incredibly quickly, resulting in them obtaining 105 out of the 168 City Creation Stones. Some of the villages gave Achievement Points while others didn't, most likely because of the time since they had been established.

105 villages gave 2,500 Achievement Points. By now, Zhao Fu had already diverted his Achievement Points back to himself, and leveling up to Second-Ranked Baron required 5,000 Achievement Points. Because of the King's Ring's stats, he instantly shot up to Second-Ranked Baron.

He had also obtained 105 War Points, causing his Chaotic World Stone Stele to rise to Level 2. He could now exchange for Silver grade items, while leveling up to a Level 3 Stone Stele required 500 War Points and would allow him to exchange for Gold grade items.

Zhao Fu knew that it wouldn't be too good for him to take so many City Creation Stones for himself, as he was the leader of the operation. As a leader, he had to make sure that everyone benefited - only then would people be willing to follow him. If he took all of the benefits, who would be willing to join with him again?

The other factions definitely weren't happy with how many City Creation Stones Great Qin had obtained, so he announced, "This time, all factions who participated will also receive 100,000 copper coins."

This caused all of the factions to become incredibly delighted - 10,000 copper coins was $1 million in the real world. Even though it wasn't too much, it wasn't little either, and everyone would obtain this amount.

The countless leaders profusely thanked Zhao Fu, and while Northwind had only been one of the top ten factions in the alliance before, it was now acknowledged to be the leader of the entire alliance.

Zhao Fu's money served to win over the various factions' loyalty, allowing Great Qin to control the entire alliance.

During this operation, the Vietnam Destroyer Alliance completely swept away everything in its path on the eastern side of Cowtooth City, shocking the entire Vietnamese side and suppressing them instantly. Those who were acting arrogantly disappeared, and all of the Vietnamese players felt a sense of crisis.

On the other hand, all of the Chinese players felt incredibly excited and continuously praised the Vietnam Destroyer Alliance, causing it to become incredibly famous.

The China Resistance Alliance quickly held its first meeting, and countless factions attended with emotions of fury and hatred, making the hall quite noisy.

Some people wanted to use the same method to take revenge against the Chinese side, while others wanted to engage in peace talks because they believed that the Vietnamese side couldn't defeat the Chinese side. After what had happened the previous night, many of them felt quite afraid.

At that moment, Ly Qinqian stood up and said seriously and heroically, "Everyone, do you really think that the Chinese side will engage in peace talks with us? Now that things have come to this, is it possible for us to live in peace? Now, the Chinese side's foot is already on our heads; are we really just going to accept this?

"Vietnam only suffered so greatly because we weren't united. The Chinese players think we're easy to bully, but if we stand together, we'll no longer have to endure the Chinese players' humiliation. It's time to show those Chinese players the strength of the Vietnamese people and strike a heavy blow against them!"

Ly Qinqian's words made the Vietnamese players' blood boil, and many people couldn't help but exclaim, "We must make the Chinese players pay!"

By now, Ly Qinqian had almost become a goddess to all of the Vietnamese players, whether it was because of her looks or her abilities.

Soon, the meeting concluded. Ly Qinqian let out a breath and collapsed into a chair. Just then, all of that had been an act, and everything she had said was scripted. Despite looking so dignified and confident, she had been nervous to death because she was worried that she would perform poorly and be rebuked by Zhao Fu.

Soon, the China Resistance Alliance made an announcement that said that it had been suffering because it wasn't sufficiently united, and the announcement also said that those who didn't join the alliance would be destroyed by China. Whether they were factions or individuals, they should join the alliance to guarantee their safety instead of just waiting for death.

The Vietnam Destroyer Alliance's rampage had struck fear into every Vietnamese person's hearts, so as soon as the China Resistance Alliance said this, countless people joined out of fear.

In just a day or so, the China Resistance Alliance's numbers swelled to a monstrous 1.5 million people.

Zhao Fu immediately heard about this and felt quite shocked. If they could just obtain a bit more people, Zhao Fu would want to use these people to attack a main city.

The spies from the Vietnam Destroyer Alliance were completely shaken and quickly went to find Zhao Fu to discuss.

Zhao Fu knew that such a big turn of events couldn't be kept hidden, so he discussed with them to use an isolation barrier as a line of defense. This would prevent the Vietnamese players from using teleportation channels to quickly arrive at the Chinese side, and he would also use 500,000 people to create a second line of defense.

This line of defense was primarily at Freelight City, while Zhao Fu left a gap at Saber City because there were many people there who hadn't joined the alliance.

The leaders of the ten or so biggest factions knew that Zhao Fu was diverting most of the trouble to Sabre City, but they had no other option. Right now, the Vietnam Destroyer Alliance only had 500,000, and it wouldn't be able to defeat the China Resistance Alliance's 1.5 million players. It was only fair for those who hadn't joined the alliance to suffer.

None of the leaders of the factions were idiots, and they all approved of the plan This was not only beneficial to the alliance but to them personally as well.

However, they started to feel wary towards Zhao Fu because it became clear that Zhao Fu wasn't as friendly and kind as he was on the surface. From this plan, they could tell how insidious he was.

Finally, the Vietnam Destroyer Alliance started to put this plan into action and set up various things.

It was yet another bloody night as 800,000 people from the China Resistance Alliance swept through the 1,000-kilometer radius area around Saber City, destroying 283 villages, killing over 100,000 people, and dealing a severe blow to all of the player factions in Saber City.

Afterward, Zhao Fu and the leaders of the ten or so largest factions stood up to say words to the same effect as those said by the Vietnamese side - uniting to resist the Vietnamese players and joining the Vietnam Destroyer Alliance would result in protection.

In response, countless people requested to join the Vietnam Destroyer Alliance, hoping to receive protection. The Vietnam Destroyer Alliance's numbers grew explosively, reaching 1.5 million people in a single day, allowing them to stand against the China Resistance Alliance.

This caused yet another uproar in the real world, as it was the first time two opposing factions had gathered so many people before. The regions nearby all started to form alliances, from which the age of alliances began.