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 After killing 300 city guards at Cowtooth City, Zhao Fu headed to Paleoroom City. By now, Cowtooth City's system faction had noticed that the Captain and his soldiers hadn't returned, and the faction went to check on them. They found some traces of blood on the ground and some items that had fallen but no corpses. However, Cowtooth City's city guards felt that something was off.

This matter caught the attention of the higher-ups in Cowtooth City. They had never thought that the Chinese side would start to ambush their city guards, and they were completely outraged by this.

They knew that without the other side's system factions taking part, the Chinese players wouldn't have suddenly become so powerful as to be able to kill 300 city guards.

As such, Cowtooth City became even more hateful towards the Chinese side and told the city guards to be careful so as to prevent such a thing from happening again.

After arriving at Paleoroom City, he continued to use this method and killed 400 city guards before returning to the Chinese side.

"Sir, I saw a group of Vietnamese city guards killing people on our side!" a Chinese indigenous resident reported to the city guards as he ran over and breathed raggedly.

"What?" The city guard felt quite shocked before asking, "Where? How many people do they have?"

The indigenous resident immediately replied, "Sir, they have roughly 100 people and started killing us Chinese people as soon as they saw us. They even cursed and swore at us and the city guards!"

The city guard was infuriated and reported this matter to his superiors, causing many other city guards to feel enraged. There was already enmity between them, and now that they had come to provoke them, no one could endure such a thing.

A Stage 2 General led 500 soldiers and rushed out. However, after reaching the place where the Vietnamese city guards were described to be, they discovered nothing there. The General felt that something was off, but when he turned and looked, the person guiding them had disappeared. The General was given a big shock and he immediately yelled, "Leave!"

However, it was already too late. Streams of ghostly qi rushed up from the ground and covered them, making it seem like they had been sent into an eerie world.

When he saw that the city guards had been caught, Zhao Fu didn't hesitate to give the order to attack.

"Arghhh!!" Suddenly, a roar sounded out as a figure burst out of the area covered by the ghostly qi - it was that Stage 2 General.

The Hundred Ghost Illusionists were only roughly Stage 0-7 to 0-8, so affecting Stage 1 city guards was already their limit. It was impossible for them to trap someone with a Stage 2 cultivation. As such, the Stage 2 General was able to escape in five or six seconds.

When he saw the crowd of people around him, the General angrily cried out, "Who are you people? Why are you trying to kill people from Freelight City?"

Zhao Fu laughed before walking towards the General and saying, "It's useless for you to know because you're going to die with them."

The General looked quite shocked and discovered that the person who was walking towards him and giving off such a monstrous aura was actually a player. He simply couldn't understand how a player could be so powerful already. What's more, this person was giving off a dense killing intent, so it seemed that a fight was unavoidable.

The General could sense that the person in front of him was incredibly powerful, so he didn't dare to be careless. He exploded out with his full strength as he gripped his spear and arrived before Zhao Fu like a bolt of lightning.


The General stabbed forwards, causing the air to explode as his spear pierced towards Zhao Fu's chest.

Seeing the General charge at him, Zhao Fu didn't move, and his expression didn't change. The instant that the General's attack arrived, he drew the sword at his waist and waved it, knocking the General's spear aside before slashing and creating a sharp arc of light.


The General's throat was slashed open, and a large amount of blood gushed out as he powerlessly fell to the ground. In just a single exchange, Zhao Fu had easily dealt with the General.

Whether it was his strength or cultivation, Zhao Fu was much more powerful than before.

Great Qin's soldiers continuously shot arrows into the area covered by the ghostly qi, and seven or eight minutes later, all that was left were corpses filled with arrows.

Zhao Fu ordered his people to clear the battlefield before collecting the corpses and leaving behind a few items from the Vietnamese side. He then went towards Saber City.

Following this, what had happened here was reported to the higher-ups in Freelight City, resulting in them cursing the Vietnamese side and feeling even more hatred.

Zhao Fu continued to use this method at Saber City, killing another 300 city guards. Altogether, they had killed 1,500 city guards today and turned them into Blood God Pills, instantly providing Zhao Fu with another 1,500 Stage 1 soldiers.

At the same time, everything Zhao Fu had done on that day caused all of North Nam to become incredibly tense, making it seem like it could explode at any moment.

The players of both sides continued to attack each other and build teleportation channels connecting to the other side. They laid ambushes outside the main cities and would kill any players or indigenous residents who came out.

This was to take revenge and get rewards, causing the two sides to become increasingly hateful towards each other. Now, even the real world was paying attention to what had happened in North Nam.

If anyone had dared to attack China before, it would have outraged all of the Chinese players, but things were different now. They had simply too many enemies, with Japan, Korea, and the Philippines attacking from the east; India and Thailand attacking from the west; Russia and Mongolia attacking from the south; and Zhao Fu's forces attacking from the north. There were also Vietnamese and Cambodian forces attacking as well.

When the Chaotic World was unlocked, the chaotic border regions became true battlegrounds where peace simply didn't exist anymore.

On the Chinese side in North Nam, a faction called Northwind suddenly rose up. It was said that many of its leaders' cultivations were above Stage 1, and that attracted many players to join. What's more, it had low requirements for entry and treated its members well, so it recruited 40,000 people in a single day.

This surprised many of China's factions and made them feel quite wary - who wouldn't be worried upon seeing such a powerful competitor rise up? However, Northwind announced that it would never attack any Chinese people because its enemy was the Vietnamese side, and it appealed to the Chinese side to join together and destroy the Vietnamese side.

Over on the Vietnamese side, after developing for a while, the Vietnamese Guard now had 30,000 people. It had become a big faction, and because of its just actions and how kindly it treated people, the Vietnamese Guard was warmly received by all Vietnamese people.

The Vietnamese Guard also stood out and appealed to the Vietnamese factions. The Vietnamese Guard said to band together to resist the Chinese side, and it said to no longer allow the Chinese side to bully Vietnamese people. They called for any Vietnamese person who loved his country to resist the Chinese side together.

Because of these two factions, two alliances quickly formed. One was Northwind and ten or so large factions, forming the Vietnam Destroyer Alliance, while the Vietnamese Guard and many other factions formed the China Resistance Alliance.