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 The first thing to do was to make the system main cities on the two sides to start fighting, which required detailed planning. Zhao Fu first needed all of North Nam's information in order to plan this out.

A few days later, Zhao Fu led 1,000 or so Stage 1 soldiers, some elite Assassins, and 300 Hundred Ghost Illusionists to North Nam to carry out his plan.

Because the Vietnamese main cities had banned Chinese players from using their teleportation channels to enter, Zhao Fu and his soldiers were unable to directly reach the Vietnamese main cities. As such, they could only use their own teleportation channels to go nearby and walk the rest of the way.

Normal city guards stayed inside the main cities unless they were sent out, so Zhao Fu took his people to the Vietnamese side's Cowtooth City and lay in ambush. He then sent some of the Vietnamese indigenous residents on his side to the city gates.

"Sir, it's terrible! There are Chinese players killing our indigenous residents outside, and many of Cowtooth City's residents have been killed," one of the indigenous residents with a terrified expression on his face.

Hearing this, the Captain of the city guards replied angrily, "It'd be bad enough if those trash people were making trouble elsewhere, but they dare to come to Cowtooth City to kill our residents? They're simply seeking death! How many of them are there? I'll immediately take people there to destroy them."

The conflict and hatred between the two sides had grown greater and greater. It was already a normal thing for people to even kill each other right outside the main cities, so the Captain and the other city guards easily believed this.

Chinese players would run over to kill Vietnamese players and indigenous residents, and the Vietnamese players would do the same. However, they didn't go all out and still mainly defended their own main cities.

"Roughly 300 or 400 people," the indigenous resident sent by Zhao Fu quickly replied.

When he heard that there weren't that many people, the Captain smiled disdainfully - killing these players would be like killing a bunch of chickens. As such, he brought along 300 soldiers just to be safe. Now, even if there were 1,000 players, they would have nothing to fear.

"Bring us there! Don't let those evildoers escape!" the Captain said to the indigenous residents sent by Zhao Fu after gathering the soldiers.

The indigenous residents continued to act afraid and initially refused, but after the Captain threw them a few silver coins, they pretended to reluctantly agree.

Following this, the indigenous residents led the Captain and the city guards to an empty area that looked like a shallow bowl. It had a flat region in the middle and higher land around it, making it easy to ambush.

The Captain felt that something was off and asked coldly, "Where are the Chinese players?"

The indigenous residents continued to act afraid and pointed ahead as they replied, "Sir, they're right ahead!"

The Captain already felt quite suspicious at this point, and he narrowed his eyes. In the next moment, a saber light flashed as he slashed towards that indigenous resident. Everyone else couldn't understand why their Captain wanted to kill these people.

What no one expected was that just as the saber was about to land and kill that person, that person suddenly raised his hand, and a hidden blade shot out, blocking that saber.

Suddenly, the energy ripples of Stage 1 cultivation emanated from that person!

This person was called Châu Mao, and he was a Vietnamese indigenous resident Zhao Fu had nurtured into one of the core members of the Vietnamese Guard. He was one of the most powerful Vietnamese indigenous residents under Zhao Fu's command.

By now, the Captain knew that he had been tricked, and he yelled, "Kill him immediately and quickly leave; we've been tricked!"

However, as soon as the Captain yelled, a strange smile appeared on Châu Mao's face as ghostly qi started to rise from the ground. The Captain was caught off-guard and immediately cried out, "Retreat!"

The Vietnamese indigenous residents quickly scattered, and in a few moments, the scene around the city guards changed - it was as if they were in a different world, and ghosts started to leap towards them. Under Zhao Fu's care, the 300 Hundred Ghost Illusionists' cultivations had reached around Stage 0-7 to 0-8, but because most of these city guards had cultivations of Stage 1-4 or above and good equipment, the Dark Ghost World's effects weren't as effective against them.

The Captain yelled, "This is an illusion; everyone remain calm. We'll be able to break through soon."

If they had half an hour, it was possible that they really could break through the Dark Ghost World, but Zhao Fu wouldn't give them even five minutes.

The area where they stood was completely covered by ghostly qi, and the Hundred Ghost Illusionists created a gap within the domain to allow soldiers to go in and pull the Vietnamese indigenous residents out.

Zhao Fu had wanted to lure them further ahead to make killing them as easy and safe as possible. However, the Captain had noticed that something was wrong, forcing Zhao Fu to act immediately.

Because the Dark Ghost World was a large-scale illusion that affected both friend and foe alike, anyone within the area would fall into the illusion.

Zhao Fu's soldiers couldn't go in to kill the city guards, or they would also fall into the illusion. As such, Zhao Fu's soldiers brought out ballistae, and the Archers took out their bows. On Zhao Fu's command, ballistae bolts and arrows, which were gathered densely like raindrops, shot into the ghostly qi, immediately resulting in pained screams.

Five or six minutes later, Zhao Fu asked one of the Hundred Ghost Illusionists, "What's the situation like inside?"

The Hundred Ghost Illusionist used one of the special skills of the profession, causing his eyes to become gray like a ghost's eyes - this skill allowed him to see the scene within the illusion.

"Your Majesty, everyone within the illusion has been killed," the soldier reported.

When he heard this, Zhao Fu ordered the Hundred Ghost Illusionists to dispel the Dark Ghost World, and he looked at the corpses on the ground. These people all had terrified expressions on their faces, and their bodies were covered with arrows and bolts.

When he saw these corpses, Zhao Fu smiled because they would provide him with another 300 Stage 1 soldiers.

If it wasn't for the fact that the circumstances were quite special, Zhao Fu wouldn't dare to kill city guards like this. Right now, Great Qin couldn't afford to offend system main cities.

However, Zhao Fu didn't have to fear anything because of how chaotic this border region was. It was impossible to trace this to him and Great Qin. Rather, the wrath of the Vietnamese main cities would be directed at the Chinese main cities.

Zhao Fu even specifically left some items that looked like they were from the Chinese main cities, drawing the Vietnamese main cities' attention to the Chinese main cities. The more bitterly the two sides fought, the more beneficial it was to Zhao Fu.