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 There was no further explanation regarding the increase in grade, but there was a detailed explanation of the General Star. Niu Jinxing's corpse had a Heavenly Spirit General Star, while the other three had Earthly Fiend General Stars.

Three Earthly Spirit Stars could be fused into a Heavenly Spirit Star, so this Innate Talent Blood Crystal could be said to contain two Heavenly Spirit Stars within it. If it was given to someone without a General Star, that person would be able to obtain a Heavenly Spirit Star, but if it was given to someone who already had a Heavenly Spirit Star, it was possible for that person to awaken one of the 13 General Stars.

This was because three Heavenly Spirit Stars could be fused into a Great General Star. Now, Zhao Fu understood why the Innate Talent Blood Crystal could be further fused.

Right now, if this blood crystal was fused with another corpse with a Heavenly Spirit Star and then given to someone without a General Star, he would be able to immediately obtain one of the Great General Stars, one of the 13 General Stars. However, Zhao Fu didn't plan to fuse it further, as Meng Tian most likely had a Heavenly Spirit Star. Giving it to him would save a Heavenly Spirit Star corpse.

At the same time, what shocked Zhao Fu was that three Great General Stars could be fused into a relatively weak Royal Star, and three Royal Stars could be fused into a relatively weak Imperial Star. Finally, three Imperial Stars could be fused into a relatively weak Emperor Star.

When he read this, Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel dismayed - it seemed that even Royal Stars, Imperial Stars, and Emperor Stars could be obtained, albeit weak ones. Although they couldn't compare to the real ones, if an ordinary person instantly obtained one of these stars, it would be incredibly heaven-defying and change that person's fate entirely.

The Heaven and Earth Refining Formation's uses greatly shocked Zhao Fu - as expected from one of the Six Great Heaven-Defying Magic Formations. Zhao Fu couldn't help but wonder that if this was just one of the Six Great Heaven-Defying Magic Formations, what were the other five like?

Zhao Fu didn't know if he would be able to find them in the future, and their effects would definitely be quite monstrous as well.

To be able to obtain the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation was definitely the luckiest thing that had happened to him in his lifetime. When he thought of this, Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel incredibly joyful and excited.

After returning to the surface, Zhao Fu called Meng Tian over.

By now, Meng Tian had taken a look around the Great Qin Town and had heard about Great Qin's current status from the others. Meng Tian was excited that Great Qin was developing so well - to subordinates like them, it was a great comfort.

"Your Majesty!" Meng Tian came to Zhao Fu's side and cupped his hands as he looked at him with a respectful smile.

Zhao Fu smiled, handed the Innate Talent Blood Crystal to Meng Tian, and told him to use it. Meng Tian originally wanted to refuse, as he had just awakened and hadn't performed any meritorious deeds yet; how could he accept something so precious? However, under Zhao Fu's insistence, he eventually gave in and used it.

The blood crystal gave off a brilliant blood-red light and fused into Meng Tian's chest, after which Meng Tian was covered with a red light.

After a while, the blood-red light disappeared, and when Zhao Fu once again looked at Meng Tian's information, he was delighted to find that Meng Tian was now SSS grade.

However, because Meng Tian's General Star was sealed, Zhao Fu was unable to see the changes in that. Only after Meng Tian received a General Armament or after the real world was devoured by the Heaven Awaken World would he find out.

At that moment, a soldier came up to report that they had discovered some matters in North Nam, and Zhao Fu immediately asked him to explain further.

Now that the first stage of the Chaotic World had been unlocked, the situation in the Heaven Awaken World had become even more chaotic. The Chaotic World Stone Steles encouraged warfare, and everyone was caught up in this.

There were essentially no longer any friendships between Lords anymore, and all of them fought among themselves.

The border regions, which had already been very chaotic, became even more tumultuous because of the Chaotic World Stone Steles. Player villages were now easier to find and conquer.

Many players turned their eyes to other players' villages. Because there was enmity between the two sides already, they continuously attacked the villages near the system main cities.

In the beginning, it was the Vietnamese side that initiated. 10,000 or so players stealthily went to the Chinese side and picked their targets, taking down 20 villages during the night. They hung the people they killed at the entrances of the villages and used blood to write offensive messages on the walls.

After these Vietnamese players made such great achievements, they went back to boast in front of the others, causing the Vietnamese side to all cheer and plan to try this a few times.

As for the Chinese side, the Chinese players were angered to the point of death. A large number of players ran over to take revenge, resulting in a chaotic battle between the two sides, which became more and more intense.

In the end, almost all of the people from both sides joined the fray, and at least 10,000 people died every day. Given this horrific casualty rate, if it wasn't for the fact that players continuously spawned, North Nam wouldn't have been left with many people. In fact, this even affected the system main cities.

1,000 Chinese players chased 100 Vietnamese players to the side of a system main city on the Vietnamese side.

100 city guards came out from the main city to prevent private battles within the territory of the main city, stopping the 1,000 Chinese players. The Vietnamese players laughed and provoked the Chinese players, provoking them to continue attacking.

Before, this group of Vietnamese players had killed many people, angering the Chinese players to the point of chasing to a main city. Now, they had been stopped by city guards but still had to face the provocation of the Vietnamese players. In the end, the Chinese players were unable to withstand it and attacked. Border regions were quite chaotic, but they had their advantages - players received a lot of battle experience and received all sorts of rewards for fighting, such as equipment and skills. These players' cultivations weren't weak, and they had 1,000 people.

As such, the 100 city guards also attacked. The Vietnamese city guards looked down on the Chinese players, and most of the players endured for a long time because of the difference in their power. However, now, all of this exploded out.

The battle was incredibly intense. Only 320 Chinese players survived, while all of the city guards and the 100 Vietnamese players died.

This news outraged the Vietnamese main cities, which banned all Chinese players from going in. They also slaughtered all of the Chinese players within them and listed quests to kill Chinese players - there was no limit to this, and anyone who killed Chinese players would be rewarded.

This enraged the Chinese side's main cities, and they gave out similar quests for killing Vietnamese players.

Now that the main cities of the two sides had done this, the fights between players became more intense, and the system factions of the two sides also continuously clashed.

After hearing this, Zhao Fu thought of a way to obtain a large number of Stage 1 corpses as well as how the Vietnamese Guard could become an entity that was worshipped by the Vietnamese players.

When he thought of this, Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh - Great Qin's opportunity had arrived!