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 This place had already become a ruined village. The walls around it had been destroyed, and the Village Hall and some other structures had already disappeared. Many buildings had already fallen into ruin - it seemed that the City Heart had already been relocated.

"Looks like the Xia family was able to run quite quickly!" Zhao Fu thought to himself as he looked at this scene.

The impact from destroying the Great Shun Town had been too great, and because large families had Legacies as well, it was impossible for them to not know what was happening.

When they heard that final mournful cry, the Xia family and Yue family's people had been scared out of their wits, and they figured that it was Great Ming that had destroyed Great Shun. When they thought about how they had betrayed Zhao Fu and the fact that their two families had always been weaker than the other families in the six families, they knew that Zhao Fu would be coming to destroy them next.

As such, they had immediately relocated their villages. They knew that they would have to pay a price, but it wouldn't be as great as losing their villages.

Zhao Fu came too late, but he was pleased to find that there were still roughly 5,000 people and some resources that had been abandoned.

Because they didn't have much time, it was impossible for the Xia family and Yue family to take everyone. If they brought so many people, Zhao Fu would definitely catch up to them, resulting in all of them perishing. As such, they chose to take the precious items and important people.

As for the remaining normal people and items, the Xia family and Yue family allowed those who could run to run, and they destroyed and burned what they could. Even if they had to destroy everything, they weren't willing to let Zhao Fu have it.

However, they had many shops in the system main cities, which they obtained good profits from. They had developed in Green Apricot for a long time, and they weren't willing to throw all of it away.

Moreover, they were currently unable to go to other regions, so they had to hide in some remote location, not daring to even go to the system main cities. Now, the entirety of Green Apricot belonged to Zhao Fu, and going to system main cities would be equivalent to committing suicide.

In the end, upon realizing they couldn't leave all of their resources and people, they decided to make a deal with Zhao Fu.

When Zhao Fu brought the 50,000 soldiers to the Xia family's village, he found that the Xia family's people were waiting there for him.

At that moment, a young man walked out from the crowd and shouted somewhat nervously, "Please don't attack, everyone! The Xia family has left some people here to talk with Young master Zhu."

When he heard this, Zhao Fu felt quite confused, but he still ordered some people to bring the young man to him.

The young man looked at Zhao Fu, who was wearing a black cloak, and smiled before saying, "Young master Zhu, I would first like to apologize to you on the behalf of the Xia family. We don't dare to hope that you will forgive us, but please believe us when we say that we had our own hidden troubles. However, we still feel regretful and remorseful, so we are gifting all of the people and items here to young master Zhu to show our sincerity."

Zhao Fu understood the Xia family's intention - no wonder there were still so many people and items here. If he accepted these things, he would be honor-bound not to attack the Xia family.

He knew that he wouldn't be able to catch up to the escaped Xia family, and obtaining 5,000 people without paying any sort of price was already quite good. The Xia family was given a heavy blow, and it would be reduced to an ordinary faction. The Xia family would no longer be of any threat to him.

Zhao Fu thought for a moment before nodding and replying, "I can accept the Xia family's apology, but this is your last chance!"

The young man let out a sigh of relief; this matter was finally over. As such, he patted his chest as he promised, "Don't worry. Young master Zhu, there won't be a next time!"

Zhao Fu didn't feel anything at all inwardly - by now, he didn't trust anyone. When he had the chance, he would still get rid of the Xia family.

The four families were quite disappointed - they had thought that because they had brought so many soldiers, they would be able to split the Xia family's things among them, but they had obtained nothing.

After taking these 5,000 people and items, Zhao Fu took the soldiers to the Yue family. The same thing happened again, and he once again gained 5,000 people. Just like that, he had gained 10,000 people.

As for the items he had gained, Zhao Fu generously split them between the four families and offhandedly remarked, "The Xia family and Yue family are quite smart; they knew that they had to pay a price for their mistakes!"

Those words caused the four family leaders' faces to become stiff, as they had also betrayed Zhao Fu.

They fell silent. Neither Zhao Fu nor the four family leaders said anything, making the atmosphere quite awkward.

In the end, the Li family's leader sighed and said, "The Li family is willing to give young master Zhu some people to make up for our mistakes. We hope that young master Zhu can accept our apology."

Following this, the other three family leaders could only say the same thing and hand over 1,000 people as the price for betraying Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was currently not in a position to deal with the four families, so getting another 4,000 people for free wasn't bad. He laughed and gave the four family leaders some more of the items and promised them benefits in the main cities in the future.

Right now, apart from the system factions, only the four families could barely defend themselves. The other factions had essentially no strength, and Green Apricot essentially belonged to Zhao Fu now.

Bringing the 3,000 people he had obtained from conquering the Great Shun Town, the 10,000 people from the Xia and Yue families, and the 4,000 people from the four families, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Shun Town with a total of 17,000 people.

Zhao Fu went to the Great Shun Town's Town Hall. Because Great Shun's legacy and Fate had already been devoured by Great Qin, Great Shun's City Creation Stone was now just an ordinary City Creation Stone, and relocating it wouldn't cause a drop in its grade.

Because this place had definitely been exposed, Zhao Fu wanted to move the Great Shun Town away. He didn't leave too many of his soldiers in Green Apricot, as there was basically nothing that could stand in Great Qin's way here now.

Zhao Fu placed his hand on the floating cube and chose to relocate it!

"System announcement! You have obtained 160,000 EXP."

"System announcement!" Your Intermediate Town has leveled up to an Advanced Town."

"System announcement! One of the historical figures sleeping within Great Qin's Legacy has awakened."

Zhao Fu was ecstatic upon hearing these system announcements. He separated the army and the people he had obtained into smaller groups and transported them back to the Great Qin Town before checking on the Great Qin Town's new stats.

Village Name: Great Qin Town (Legendary)

Level: Advanced (190/750,000)

Village Area: 300 square kilometers

Village Territory: 6,180 square kilometers

Residents: 182,950/420,000

Military: 21,640/72,000

Popular Support: 85

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +100%, Territory Crop Growing Time -100%, Population Limit +70%, Residents' stats can randomly +6, Soldiers' stats +7%, Population Attraction +80%, chance of attracting higher grade population +80%.

Subsidiary Village Limit: 282

Subordinate Villages: Logue Village, Jean Village, Dorun Village, Li Family Village, Wolf Village, Ferocious Tiger Village...