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 Zhao Fu stood by the side and calmly watched. The 5,000 players' bodies were completely bound, and their bodies hung in the air, their faces completely red as they kicked wildly with their legs.

Soon, the 5,000 players stopped struggling, and the forest fell silent, causing the atmosphere to become quite eerie.

Bai Qi watched from the side and saw how calm Zhao Fu seemed standing in front of the 5,000 hung players. He couldn't help but feel his heart tremble. He felt that he didn't fully understand Zhao Fu the way that he thought he had.

"Collect the high-grade corpses and hang the other corpses around this mountain. Also, hang Li Mu's corpse at the front - they said that they would do this to Great Qin and even destroy Great Qin's entire line," Zhao Fu said as he lightly laughed.

Bai Qi diligently carried out Zhao Fu's orders. He arranged for the soldiers to hang 50,000 corpses in total from the Great Shun Town around the mountain, making it seem as if the mountain and forest had lost all traces of life. The eeriness made it so that even beasts, birds, and bugs didn't dare to stay in this place because of the great deathly aura.

The hung corpses all had terrifying expressions, especially the 5,000 players who had been hung alive - their tongues were hanging out, and their eyes were rolled back, looking incredibly horrifying. Adding on the creepy atmosphere, this now seemed like a mountain of corpses, and there seemed to also be some faint howls, making it seem like hell was in the human world.

The second day, the sky was a deep blue color without a single cloud, and the sun rose over the mountain.

"Ahhh!!! Ahhhh!!! Ahhhh!!!!" Terrified screams came from within the mountain as ten or so players who had just come out from the main city looked at the mountain and forest filled with corpses. The 50,000 corpses were incredibly shocking to look at, and even the players, who had seen a lot of blood in their lives, couldn't help but scream.

The news about this immediately spread, shocking countless players. Some even went to take a look for themselves, and they found that the corpse hung at the front was actually Li Mu.

Great Shun, which had been the number one faction in Green Apricot, had been slaughtered overnight; how could they not be shocked? Even though the four system factions knew that something big had happened last night, none of them expected it to be such a bloody ordeal.

This news was quickly spread into the real world, completely dumbfounding countless factions. They understood that Great Shun had been annihilated overnight, and what was even more terrifying was that it was Great Qin that had done this!

Before, Great Qin had only demonstrated the might of its Legacy, but no one knew how powerful its military was. Now, they had finally seen it. Great Qin had not only just bared its fangs this time, but it had also opened its mouth and devoured a Dynasty's Legacy.

It was said that Great Qin was in East Green, but Green Apricot was a few regions away from it. Could it be that Great Qin could already cross regions easily? This sent the entire northern side of the Midland Continent into panic.

After the Qin Resistance Alliance heard that Great Shun had been destroyed, the Alliance instantly crumbled. They all knew what Great Qin was trying to convey by destroying Great Shun.

By now, the other three families felt incredible regret. Because they were so worried that Great Qin would act against them, they immediately sent people to the Ying family to apologize and promise that they would no longer make an enemy out of Great Qin.

The Ying family didn't give any response, but the Ying family was completely delirious with joy. For Great Qin to take down another Dynasty Legatee so quickly, it was clear how powerful Great Qin's Legatee was and how bright the future would be.

At the same time, news about the corpses also spread. Many of the people who had supported Great Qin now felt disgusted because they felt that Great Qin was too cruel. After all, they slaughtered 50,000 people and hung 5,000 players alive - these things chilled many people to the bones.

In the real world, tens of people dying would be able to shake a nation, and this was even more so for 50,000 people. Now, many people thought that Great Qin's methods were simply too bloodthirsty and vicious.

Because of how brightly Great Qin shined and how much it had shocked the other countries, many Chinese people felt glory because of Great Qin. However, now that they saw how bloodthirsty it was, they began to feel antagonistic towards it.

Some people started to criticize Great Qin, and some media outlets even reported this story, embellishing it and standing on the side of 'justice.' Some people also jumped on the bandwagon, and the number of people criticizing and cursing Great Qin increased more and more.

However, not a single faction dared to speak out, and the factions remained as still as the surface of a lake. They knew that if they offended Great Qin, their outcome would be the same as Great Shun's.

This matter would later be recorded in the annals of history as 'Great Qin's Legatee brutally slaughters 50,000 people from Great Shun and hangs 5,000 players alive, sparking outrage from across the world.'

Within a room somewhere, Li Mu lay on a bed, a dumb expression on his face and his eyes completely lifeless. Great Shun had been destroyed while in his hands, and his status as the next family leader had been revoked by his family's elders. His status had fallen down an abyss, and he had become the greatest sinner of his family. If it wasn't for the fact that he still had a trace of the Son of Heaven Fate, it was likely that he would have already been killed his family..

"Great Qin!!!" Li Mu shrieked as his facial features distorted. He hated Great Qin beyond imagination, and even though he had lost Great Shun's Legacy, as long as he wasn't dead, he still had a trace of an opportunity.

As long as he had this opportunity, he could still rise again. Now, Li Mu only wanted one thing - to destroy Great Qin and slaughter everyone within Great Qin.

Within the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu didn't know about any of these matters, and even if he did, he would've only laughed it off.

After hanging those players, Zhao Fu and the other four families wanted to destroy the Xia family and Yue family, who had sided with Great Shun. These two families were relatively weaker and only had Advanced Villages. Each of them only had roughly 6,000 indigenous residents and 8,000 players, which made a total of 14,000 people.

To Great Qin, it would be incredibly easy to destroy 14,000 people because Great Qin now had 37,000 soldiers in Green Apricot.

Even though the Xia family and Yue family had a combined total of 28,000 people, it would be easy to destroy the Xia family first before turning to the Yue family.

Now, it was time for the four other families to show their sincerity. Zhao Fu required each of them to send 5,000 soldiers, which made the four families feel quite hard-pressed. After all, 5,000 soldiers made up most of their fighting force.

Of course, the four family leaders wouldn't be willing to give up so many soldiers. However, when they thought of how even Great Shun had been annihilated, how could they win?

Seeing the powerful soldiers that Zhao Fu had brought, they knew that if they didn't agree, they would become the next targets, so they could only bitterly agree.

Each of the families sent 5,000 soldiers, forming an army of 20,000 people. Adding on 30,000 soldiers from Zhao Fu's side, 50,000 soldiers marched towards where the Xia family and Yue family were. However, when they arrived, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised.