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 Li Mu's sword shot out yellow sword light, making it look like a three meter long light sword. He swung it, and the massive sword qi it contained turned into a gust of sword wind, ripping towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly looked at Li Mu and sent his King's Power into the Sky Demon Sword. The Sky Demon Sword gave off a black sword light as Zhao Fu raised it and blocked.


The two swords collided, resulting in a metallic collision sound. Black and dirt-yellow sword light shot out, and as the two powers clashed, a shockwave erupted out, causing the earth to crack.

Li Mu's gaze became savage - he had never thought that a full-powered strike from him would be blocked so easily. He once again roared and circulated the Fate within his body, causing the dirt-yellow light around him to become even brighter. Li Mu gripped his sword and hacked down towards Zhao Fu.

Feeling this power, Zhao Fu felt slightly shocked before he vigorously swung his sword, forcing Li Mu back. He then flew forwards, stabbing his sword towards Li Mu.

In response, Li Mu twisted to the side and also stabbed out with his sword. The sword gave off an extremely sharp aura as it pierced towards Zhao Fu's chest. However, Zhao Fu sidestepped this, and Li Mu grasped this opportunity, his sword giving off a massive sword light as he sent it towards Zhao Fu's head.

Zhao Fu quickly swung up with his sword, bringing with it a sharp arc of light and sending Li Mu's sword upwards. Following this, Zhao Fu's body spun as he lashed out with a kick, sending Li Mu flying ten or so meters away.

"Arghh!" Li Mu coughed up another mouthful of blood, and he savagely glared at Zhao Fu. He stabbed his sword into the ground as he slowly stood up, and a ten-meter long dirt-yellow dragon appeared around him.

Zhao Fu watched as this happened, and he knew that Li Mu was continuously using up his Fate. From nations to individual people, everyone had his own Fate.

For them, the Legatees of Dynasties, they had the ability to condense their Fate. It was possible for them to become Kings and Emperors in the future, and their Fate was much more powerful than normal people's. They also possessed the Fate of their Legacies, but once they consumed all of their Fate, there would be serious side effects, such as a reduced lifespan.

Li Mu was going all out now!

"Arghhh...." Li Mu gripped his sword with both hands as he screamed. A yellow flame and a few arcs of lightning burst forth around his body. A formless might also spread from him, causing the ground 100 meters around him to collapse.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised and leapt backward out of this range. Even now, Li Mu was consuming the Fate that he had, and yellow arcs of lightning continuously flashed around him. The ground continued to crumble as his aura became more and more dangerous.

"You want to settle this in one blow?" Zhao Fu also had this intention. He raised his Sky Demon Sword as a ten or so meter long black dragon came out from Zhao Fu's body. This black dragon was much more corporeal than Li Mu's dirt-yellow dragon.

Since his opponent was sacrificing his Fate, Zhao Fu could only do the same. He coldly harrumphed as a black flame appeared around him, and black arcs of lightning started to flash around him.

Both of them gave off terrifying auras, and they faced off against each other, resulting in a massive gale forming around them. The trees and rocks between them were all lifted high into the air, and even the wooden buildings started to sway. No one dared to take a step closer to them.

"Arghh!!!" Li Mu gave one final shout as an aura that seemed to be able to destroy everything exploded out from him. By now, it was already impossible to see the shape of Li Mu's sword - it was now just a mass of brilliant yellow light. Countless arcs of lightning flickered around him, and the ground beneath his feet continued to crumble.


Li Mu finally swept out with his sword, causing a deafening explosion. The entire world seemed to tremble as a ten or so meter long dragon-shaped sword qi that gave off a brilliant yellow light lit up the entire area around them. The sword wind howled as the dragon-shaped sword qi slashed towards Zhao Fu with world-destroying power. The space where it passed through seemed to twist and turn, and it gouged the ground.

At that moment, Zhao Fu also attacked. He loudly roared as he raised his sword, causing black light to shoot up into the sky. A violet star giving off resplendent light suddenly appeared as if it had been summoned, and it quickly descended.

The violet star's bright light seemed incredibly piercing in the dark night, and a trace of violet aura descended from the star and entered Zhao Fu's sword. Zhao Fu's sword now gave off a black and violet light as well as a majestic and powerful aura.

At that moment, the gigantic dragon-shaped sword qi had reached Zhao Fu's body. In that moment of life and death, Zhao Fu slightly smiled as he slashed out with his sword. A simple-looking arc of light flashed out as the gigantic dragon-shaped sword qi split in half and disappeared.

Li Mu looked quite confused - he had never thought that such a shocking attack would be destroyed by Zhao Fu with such a simple attack.

Suddenly, Li Mu felt a sharp pain in his chest, and he looked down. Without him noticing, a long gash had appeared on his chest, and blood was pouring out from it. Li Mu's legs weakened, and he fell to the ground.

Zhao Fu smiled. He had only been able to deal with Li Mu so easily because he had received the true acknowledgment from his Fate. This was because he was a true Son of Heaven, while Li Mu could only count as a fake Son of Heaven.

Zhao Fu walked over and found that Li Mu was on his dying breath, but he was still alive. His eyes looked towards Zhao Fu with a look of pleading within them.

This caused Zhao Fu to pause because he understood Li Mu's meaning - Li Mu was begging him to spare Great Shun, and this caused Zhao Fu to slightly hesitate. However, Zhao Fu thought about it and realized that if their positions were reversed, would Li Mu spare Great Qin?

When he thought of that, Zhao Fu's gaze became cold, and he raised his sword. Li Mu understood Zhao Fu's answer, and his look of pleading became one of anger and hatred as he stared at Zhao Fu. It was as if he wouldn't let Zhao Fu off even if he became a ghost.


Zhao Fu's sword descended and killed Li Mu. At that moment, those from Great Shun received a notification that their Lord had died, and all of them grieved over the fall of Great Shun.

"Your Majesty!!" someone loudly yelled as a heroic-looking female General wearing red armor and holding a cherry-red spear rushed over. She was most likely one of Great Shun's famed Generals, the 'Red Lady.'

By the time the Red Lady came close, she saw that Li Mu had already died. Her eyes became blood-shot, and she hatefully looked at Zhao Fu, who was standing beside Li Mu's corpse.

"I'll kill you!" the Red Lady yelled as she raised her spear and charged at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly looked at the female General speeding towards him and casually waved his hand. A sharp arc of light appeared as blood spurted out into the air. A head flew high into the air as Red Lady's headless corpse fell powerlessly to the ground.

These historical figures were 100% loyal to their Lords. As such, if Zhao Fu couldn't make them submit, he could only kill them.

Great Qin had been suppressing Great Shun this entire time, and now that Li Mu had died, Great Qin's forces completely overwhelmed Great Shun soldiers. After the battle ended, Zhao Fu's side lost 3,000 soldiers, and 15,000 soldiers were injured.

As for Great Shun, all of the indigenous Generals and soldiers had died. Because the residents were all quite loyal, out of the 30,000 or so residents, only 3,000 were left after the others were killed while resisting.

Zhao Fu ordered Bai Qi to clean up the battlefield while he went to Great Shun's Town Hall and looked at the golden cube hovering in the air.