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 Swish, swish, swish...

Fire arrows streaked through the air and landed within the Great Shun Town like a rain of fire. Soon, many places were set alight.

"Enemy attack! Enemy attacks!" people cried out, making the entire Great Shun Town even more chaotic.

Li Mu was incredibly shocked and yelled, "Stop!!"

Hearing this, Li Mu's soldiers all stopped, and the players all looked at each other, wondering why Li Mu had suddenly ordered his soldiers to stop.

From the battle just then, both sides had received injuries and deaths.

Because the traitor players' cultivations and equipment couldn't compare to Great Shun's soldiers', the players had suffered 1,600 casualties, and there were only 3,400 of them left. On Li Mu's side, 400 people had died because there were too many players and their cultivations weren't that much inferior.

Li Mu looked at the ten or so low-ranking leaders and yelled with a cold expression, "Great Shun has treated you all quite well. I don't care what you've done in the past, but if you can help Great Shun get past this disaster, you can take anything you want from Great Shun!"

The ten or so leaders were tempted - after all, they were motivated only by personal benefits. If Zhao Fu gave them more, they would naturally join Zhao Fu. However, now that Li Mu was offering such good conditions, they couldn't help but be tempted.

Moreover, if they continued to fight and resist, it was likely that they would all be killed by Li Mu's soldiers. If that happened, their gains wouldn't make up for their losses.

"How can we trust that you'll keep your word?" the ten or so leaders looked at each other before one of them yelled in a loud voice.

Hearing this, Li Mu coldly replied, "I swear by the name of Great Shun!"

The ten or so leaders nodded and agreed. Swearing by his Dynasty was different than a normal promise - this concerned the prestige of a nation and Dynasty, and if he broke his word, he would become a laughingstock to the entire world.

Zhao Fu saw that the defenses on the town walls were extremely lacking, as Li Mu had pulled most of the soldiers to deal with the traitor players. Zhao Fu didn't let this opportunity go, and he set his plan into motion.

300 Hundred Ghost Illusionists went to the northern side of the town walls and unleashed Dark Ghost World, causing ghostly qi to rise up from the ground. An eerie aura spread out and instantly covered the town.

300 Ghost Summoners simultaneously pressed their palms against the ground and roared out, causing ghostly qi to rush up from the ground. Savage-looking Devil Ghosts appeared, and they turned into rays of light as they leapt up the town walls easily.

Devil Ghosts were an extremely effective tool when attacking towns. Devil Ghosts were able to easily scale the town walls, and they were difficult to deal with by normal soldiers. After climbing up the town walls, the 300 Devil Ghosts started to fight with Great Shun's soldiers.

Bai Qi, Wei Liao, and Wang Jian attacked with their soldiers from the east, west, and south. They drew their General Armaments and pointed them at the sky as they roared, "Soldier Aura Formation!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three massive explosions sounded out as blood-red, black, and green pillars of light rushed up into the sky, giving off an enormous aura and shaking everything within a couple hundred kilometers.

From a distance, the three pillars of light gave off a shocking aura and seemed to connect the heavens and the earth, giving off radiant light.

The wind and clouds started to quickly move, and the sky in the dark night became lit up with light.

The Seven Murders Star, the Voracious Wolf Star, and the Army Destroyer Star gathered together and gave off a fearsome aura, causing all creatures in a 100-kilometer radius area to run for their lives.

The Green Apricot's four City Lords detected these shockwaves, and they all looked in that direction.

The light above the Great Shun Town made it seem as if it was daytime, and different colored auras rose up out of Great Qin's soldiers as they rushed towards the Great Shun Town.

These auras gathered towards Bai Qi and the others like a fog, forming three massive patches of fog in the air.

"Skreeeeee!!" an ear-piercing cry sounded out as a massive blood-red eagle giving off boundless killing intent tore through its blood-red cocoon and rushed out. It had a pair of massive wings, steel-like claws, and sharp eyes that seemed to be able to pierce through everything.

"Roarrrrr!" a massive roar suddenly sounded out, causing countless leaves to fall. A massive black tiger giving off an air of conquest charged out of its black cocoon. It had a powerful, majestic body and claws that gave off cold glints of light. Its ferocious aura shook everything around it.

"Awoooooo!!!" a howl seemed to tear through the clouds and sky as a green wolf giving off an extremely strange aura tore through its green cocoon and leapt out. It raised its head to the sky and howled. It had a massive body with sharp fangs and gave off an aura that caused people to feel terrified.

Just as Li Mu finished giving out orders for his soldiers to defend the town, he suddenly saw these three beasts. Feeling their aura, a look of shock appeared on his face as he exclaimed, "It really is Great Qin!"

By now, Li Mu was completely convinced that this was Great Qin. The Seven Murders Star, the Voracious Wolf Star, and the Army Destroyer Star had all appeared before, and it was most likely Great Qin that possessed them. When he thought of this, Li Mu felt a wave of bitterness in his heart.

The three beasts appeared to Great Shun's east, south, and west, and they started charging towards the Great Shun Town right after they appeared. Their massive bodies slammed against the town walls, causing the ground to tremble.

Within Great Shun's Town Hall, a gold-colored cube gave off a dirt-yellow energy that attached to the town walls to defend against the three beasts. However, the three beasts were simply too powerful, and the town walls were starting to crack.

The three beasts quickly retreated before once again berserkly smashing against the town walls. If they rammed the town walls one more time, the town walls would most likely fall.

Li Mu knew that he couldn't let this go on, so he made a grave decision. He raised the sword in his hand and roared, "I am... Great Shun's Son of Heaven!"


A shocking explosion sounded out as a dirt-yellow pillar of light rushed into the sky, dyeing the sky a dirt-yellow color.

"Roarrrr!!!" a massive dragon's cry sounded out, shaking everything nearby as a 100-meter long dragon giving off a dirt-yellow light appeared in the air.

As soon as this dragon appeared, its massive aura erupted outwards. The dirt-yellow light it gave off contained an aura of majesty, causing the ghostly qi north of the Great Shun Town to disappear and the Devil Ghosts to become incredibly fearful.

At the same time, the dragon giving off the brilliant dirt-yellow light caused the blood-red eagle, black tiger, and green wolf to stop in their tracks.

This was Li Mu's Fate Dragon, and this dragon's cry surprised the four City Lords in the distance. They understood that something big was happening and wanted to go over, but they were worried that they would be caught in the shockwaves. However, in the next moment, something that shocked them even more happened.

"Roarrrrr!!!!" A terrifying black pillar of light rushed up into the sky, seeming to tear the entire sky. Mountains and stones seemed to tremble as a savage-looking, domineering black dragon appeared.