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 After speaking, Zhao Fu tossed over a few sacks of gold coins, and the ten or so people gleefully grabbed the sacks and looked at the gold coins inside before nodding and agreeing.

These ten or so people were all players with low-ranking leader positions within Great Shun. Players weren't very reliable, and there were no punishments for betraying their faction. Perhaps only after the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world and their lives were in real danger would they truly be loyal.

Li Mu didn't trust players too much either, so players were only low-ranking leaders, while most core members were indigenous residents. He wouldn't give the players too much power.

Three days later.

Now, Great Shun's situation was even bleaker. Its forces hid within the Great Shun Town because the reward for the quest was now two gold coins for killing a member, making everyone even crazier.

Now, only 7,000 players remained within Great Shun.

2,000 of these players were loyal to Great Shun, while 5,000 were people who had been bribed by Zhao Fu. This was because of those ten or so low-ranking leaders Zhao Fu had bribed. They had continuously convinced others to betray Great Shun as well.

However, Li Mu knew nothing about this, and he felt quite relieved that so many players were still willing to follow him.

Zhao Fu saw that it was time to make a move, so he split his soldiers into groups to enter Green Apricot. This required some concealing, or the system main cities would definitely notice so many soldiers entering Green Apricot.

"This is for you." Zhao Fu took out a bottle of medicinal pills and a sack of gold and handed them to Li Gaole.

Li Gaole took the sack with one hand and the bottle with the other, and he looked quite hesitant. He was unsure about killing Li Mu with poison.

He understood that Li Mu was quite powerful in the real world as well, and he had already taken a great risk by revealing Great Shun's position. If he poisoned Li Mu, he would have undoubtedly offended him, and Li Mu definitely wouldn't spare him.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu understood what he was thinking and lightly smiled as he said, "After it's done, I'll reward you with 10,000 gold coins."

This caused all of the hesitation on Li Gaole's face to disappear - that was a whopping $1 billion in the real world. With that amount of money, he could escape overseas, and Li Mu wouldn't be able to do anything to him. As such, Li Gaole grinned and nodded as he agreed.

That night, there were only a few stars in the sky, and the crescent moon only gave off a weak moonlight, making it seem quite dark. There seemed to be some mighty beast that appeared in the forest, and it gave off a powerful aura that caused all of the surrounding bugs to go quiet, making it seem terrifyingly silent.

Zhao Fu led 40,000 soldiers and killed some of Great Shun's patrol soldiers. In order to reach Great Shun, they had to first face the villages around it.

These villages were a few kilometers away from the Great Shun Town, but with them there, Zhao Fu couldn't get around all of them. So, he decided to break through at a specific point.

Zhao Fu had made sufficient preparations and brought 3,000 or so Assassins. It was 10 PM, and most of the villagers had gone to sleep. Just like in the ancient times, there wasn't much to do at night, so most people went to bed not too long after the sun set.

Zhao Fu ordered his 3,000 Assassins to enter some of the villages and tie up the villagers or kill them to stealthily create a gap. Zhao Fu left a portion of his soldiers here to prevent these villages from attacking when he was attacking the Great Shun Town.

They continued onwards stealthily until they finally came close to the Great Shun Town. Zhao Fu wasn't in a rush to attack, and he instead waited for an opportunity.

Within the Great Shun Town, Li Gaole and a few others brought a few dishes to where Li Mu was staying. As the Legatee of a Dynasty, all of the dishes he ate were prepared by specific people who he greatly trusted to prevent him from being poisoned.

Li Gaole had already killed those who were supposed to bring these dishes, or he wouldn't have had an opportunity to use the poison. The indigenous residents were essentially completely loyal to Li Mu, so Li Gaole had to use his own people to bring the food over.

If it was during normal times, someone may have noticed that something was off, but because of the dire situation they were in, everyone's mind was turned to how to resolve this situation, and no one noticed Li Gaole.

Plus, Li Gaole had been Li Mu's subordinate for a long time, and Li Mu fairly trusted him, which resulted in him being able to successfully deliver the food to Li Mu.

At that moment, Li Mu was drinking wine in low spirits. There was a beautiful woman lying in his arms - she was the beautiful boss of the dessert shop. Because she had good looks, she had long since become Li Mu's woman.

Li Gaole and the others brought the food over, but Li Mu didn't even notice. He poured a cup of wine from the wine pot Li Gaole had brought over. Li Mu picked up the wine cup and prepared to drink, making Li Gaole and the others feel quite delighted. None of them had expected the plan to go so smoothly.

However, at that moment, the woman in Li Mu's arms stopped him and said caringly, "Alright, Your Majesty, don't drink so much wine. It's bad for your body."

Li Mu stopped and sighed as he said, "If I knew this would happen... I wouldn't have trusted Su Yan, that bastard. Qin Resistance? That just resulted in Great Qin setting their sights on us. I'm afraid that Great Shun will fall while in my hands. If things get worse over the next few days, we can only relocate Great Shun."

The boss of the desserts shop put her slender arms around Li Mu's neck, looked at him with her beautiful eyes, and lightly replied, "No matter where Your Majesty goes, this lowly one will always be with you. I'm sure that Your Majesty will be able to restore Great Shun and bring it to greater heights than your ancestors."

Li Mu laughed loudly and raised his wine cup, about to drink from it. This caused Li Gaole and the others, who had just been disappointed, to feel excited again.

"Your Majesty, you need to stop drinking. You've already drunk so much today, and this lowly one is already worried about you," the woman once again stopped Li Mu.

This caused Li Gaole and the others' hearts to once again sink.

When he heard the boss of the dessert shop's words, Li Mu lightly laughed and stopped. He suddenly raised his head, looking at Li Gaole and the others as he frowned and asked, "Why is it you bringing the food today?"

Li Gaole felt a bit alarmed but smiled as he replied, "This subordinate had some matters to take care of over here, so I brought the food on my way."

"Really, now?" Li Mu said before a cold light flashed in his eyes and ordered the guards nearby, "Seize them!"

Li Gaole and the others knew that their plan had been exposed, so they turned and tried to escape. They were quickly surrounded by numerous guards and did their best to resist. However, they were all killed in the end.

As soon as Li Gaole returned to the real world, he immediately used his newfound riches to take a plane overseas.

Within the Heaven Awaken World, Li Mu's expression became grim as he felt that something was off. He immediately gathered all of his soldiers and headed towards the region where his player faction was based.

The ten or so leaders had been waiting for news from Li Gaole this entire time, and they quickly found out that Li Gaole had failed and that Li Mu was gathering his soldiers.

The 5,000 players could only raise their weapons and charge towards the town gates, causing the Great Shun Town to fall into chaos. Shouting filled the town, and flames could be seen at various places.

Zhao Fu noticed these changes in the Great Shun Town and realized that the matter had been exposed, so he immediately gave the order to attack.