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Zhao Fu slammed his hand down on the table next to him, a look of anger on his face. Sensing Zhao Fu's anger, the various Generals before him all lowered their heads.

"What do you all think of this?" Zhao Fu breathed out and calmed himself down as he asked.

Bai Qi cupped his hands as he raised his head and said with a cold look, "Your Majesty, since Great Shun has openly said that anyone who cooperates with Great Qin will be slaughtered, this subordinate believes that we should give them what they want and slaughter them, using Great Qin's strength to deal with Great Shun."

Wang Jian immediately cupped his hands and followed, "Your Majesty, this subordinate believes that with Great Qin's current strength, we can destroy Great Shun in battle."

Wei Liao thought for a moment before saying, "Your Majesty, I believe that this plan is feasible. Out of the five factions opposing Great Qin, Great Shun is the closest. Taking down Great Shun will not only give us their resources but also all the other factions within Green Apricot. We'll be able to replace Great Shun as Green Apricot's number one faction, after which we can purge Green Apricot of those two-faced families and completely control Green Apricot."

Most of the others all expressed their opinions as well. Most were in favor of going to war against Great Shun, while some remained silent.

Zhao Fu listened to all of their suggestions and sank into his thoughts. In the end, he decided to attack Great Shun, but this was an incredibly serious matter - after all, it was attacking a Legatee with a Dynasty's legacy, so they had to plan carefully.

"Guo Binglin, give me all of the information on Great Shun that you have!" Zhao Fu said as he concluded the meeting.

Guo Binglin went out and soon returned with a file on all of the information they had on Great Shun.

Zhao Fu looked through these documents carefully, and after a few hours, he took a few of his Generals and a large amount of money to Green Apricot.

Within a secretive room, Zhao Fu looked at a bald middle-aged man and asked, "Are you really able to provide the exact location of Great Shun?"

This middle-aged man had followed Li Mu from the beginning, and he was a core member of Great Shun.

Even though Zhao Fu knew the rough location of Great Shun, which was 20,000 kilometers north of Apricot City, it would still take quite a long time to find Great Shun. The northern side was quite large, and it would be impossible to instantly find Great Shun. If they sent soldiers, they might alert Great Shun because all Legatees of Dynasties were quite powerful and cautious.

The location of the central headquarters was incredibly important, and normal people wouldn't know it. After all, most people would use teleportation channels to move around, making it impossible for them to know the exact location of places.

When he heard Zhao Fu's words, the middle-aged man nodded and had a pleased smile on his face as he said, "I can guarantee that among the players, there's no one who knows the precise location of Great Shun apart from me - that boy, Li Mu, is incredibly secretive. But are you really able to give me 5,000 gold coins for the information?"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed before throwing down a sack of gold coins, "This money is nothing to me as long as you can give me Great Shun's exact location!"

The middle-aged man leapt to his feet excitedly and looked at the glittering gold coins inside the sack, his face beaming.

This bald middle-aged man was called Li Gaole, and he was just an ordinary white-collar worker in the real world. He had worked hard his entire life to just buy a small apartment. He was often criticized by his wife for being poor, and he was also often rebuked by his superiors at work. Now, with these 5,000 gold coins, all of this would change.

5,000 gold coins were equivalent to $500 million in the real world. With that amount of money, he would buy a luxurious villa, divorce that wife of his, and live a good life with a beautiful model.

"Okay, okay, okay! I'll take you there right now!" Li Gaole happily and excitedly said to Zhao Fu.

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face, and he went with the middle-aged man. They arrived outside the Great Shun Town.

The Great Shun Town was hidden behind a large mountain and quite difficult to find. It was three times the size of other ordinary towns, and its town walls were at least ten meters high. It seemed that walls had limits - ordinary towns could only have walls that were five or six meters high, Legatees of nations could have walls that were ten meters high, and Legatees of Dynasties could have walls that were ten or so meters high.

The town walls had well-equipped soldiers patrolling them, and there were soldiers with heavy crossbows. This sort of defense wasn't something that ordinary towns could compete with.

Apart from the Great Shun Town, there were 20 or so villages around it that acted as a defensive barrier. Most of these villagers didn't have many people, only around 300 or less.

After seeing the Great Shun Town, Zhao Fu was satisfied and gave the sack of gold coins to Li Gaole. Li Gaole hugged the sack and had a disgusting smile on his face. Just as he was about to exchange these gold coins for money in the real world, Zhao Fu suddenly said, "Do you want to earn even more gold coins?"

When he heard this, Li Gaole paused, and a greedy light shined from his eyes as he nodded.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and said, "Then wait for me to contact you. Don't worry; there'll be more benefits for you in the future."

Li Gaole nodded before running off with his gold coins.

Zhao Fu started to set his plan into motion. Very soon, news that shocked countless people started to spread - within Green Apricot's four main cities, the Quest Stone Steles displayed quests to kill members of Great Shun, and one gold coin was being offered per kill!

This news shocked countless people, and what's more, it was set so that as soon as one completed the quest, the system would automatically transfer the gold. What shocked people even more was that there was already 80,000 gold coins deposited, meaning that this quest could be completed 80,000 times.

One gold coin was worth $100,000 in the real world, and it was just for killing a person. This wasn't the real world, and killing people here wasn't bound by strict laws. Many people were used to seeing deaths in the Heaven Awaken World now.

$100,000 for killing a person in the Heaven Awaken World was a very high reward, and this tempted countless people.

Everyone also felt quite curious - which faction had so much money that it was able to pull out 80,000 gold coins? Could a player really take out that much money? That was $8 billion in the real world! Could it be that Great Shun had offended a system governmental faction, which was using money to get rid of it? Otherwise, how could such a quest exist?

This news caused the four families that had just decided to betray Zhao Fu to feel incredibly regretful. They understood that Zhao Fu was making a move against Great Shun, but it was a pity that they had miscalculated and underestimated Zhao Fu's determination.

"What do we do now?" The family leaders felt incredibly worried and once again gathered to talk together.

The Dong family's leader was a beautiful young woman who sighed and said, "Ai, we've underestimated Great Ming; they've really acted against Great Shun. Now, even if Great Shun doesn't perish, it'll take a heavy blow. Should we just submit to him?"

Now, Great Shun would definitely be suppressed, so if they submitted to Zhao Fu, they would probably receive quite a lot of benefits. Even though they had just betrayed Zhao Fu, in the face of great benefits, they could only act thick-skinned and go find Zhao Fu.