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 Only after Zhao Fu explained his intentions did the two Catfolk girls realize what was happening, and they accepted the equipment sets. Afterward, Zhao Fu took them to the Assassin Historical Remnants and told them to place their hands on the Profession Change Stone Stele. Just as expected, they were able to become Assassins.

With regards to this Assassin Historical Remnant, Zhao Fu had only passed the second and third layers, unlocking the A grade Assassin Profession and S grade Assassin Profession, but he still hadn't unlocked the entire thing.

Right now, most of Zhao Fu's Assassins had B grade professions, 20 or so had A grade professions, and only two had S grade professions - Little Sha and Tuoba Qing.

They obtained the full legacies from their equipment sets and could transform their equipment sets, while everyone had to put more work in to reach that level.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu realized that he didn't know their names, so he asked, "What are your names?"

The slightly older Catfolk girl replied somewhat nervously, "I'm called Lasi," before pointing at the other scared-looking girl and saying, "She's my little sister, Lam."

Zhao Fu nodded as he looked at them. Right now, they were too weak, so they could only obtain the B grade Assassin profession. As such, he asked his people to take them back, give them training, and give them two S grade Orbs.

As for Zhao Fu, he went to the fourth trial. Just like the other trials, there were a set of large doors. Zhao Fu pushed them open and walked in. It was completely dark ahead as well as utterly silent, making it seem even more terrifying than the previous trials.

Zhao Fu stepped forwards, making him feel as if he had passed through some sort of barrier. His surroundings suddenly changed, and he appeared on a large street. There were many pointed western-style buildings that looked somewhat fantasy-like.

There were many people on the street, both Humans and Outlanders, and he was completely surrounded. Chaotic voices could be heard all around him, and it all felt as if he had actually entered a fantasy city.

Zhao Fu knew that he was inside some sort of illusion, and he looked around curiously.


One day later, Zhao Fu staggered out of the historical remnant looking quite wretched. Within that illusion, all of his equipment, skills, and powers were useless. What's more, he had been hunted down by various factions. The illusion was set in the end-times of an age, and not only was Zhao Fu required to kill people, but he also had to save people. Most importantly, he had to help a new age rise up, but he failed and didn't pass the trial.

This caused Zhao Fu to sigh, and he could only choose to leave the Assassin Historical Remnant and return to the Great Qin Town.


Time passed quickly, and soon, 20 days had passed. The temperature was becoming colder and colder, and tree leaves were becoming yellow - autumn had arrived in the Heaven Awaken World.

Over the 20 days, Great Qin had now opened up 30 regions in total, and they included the regions that were necessary for Great Qin's restoration. Now, only one place remained.

The 31 regions between Seeping River, Valiant Peace, South Leaf, and Open Flask were places that Great Qin had to conquer, but one could only imagine how difficult it would be to conquer such a large area. As such, they had to make sufficient preparations to successfully conquer these cities.

Within these regions, Zhao Fu discovered five Legatees. There were four of the States that were opposed to Great Qin - the State of Wei of the Warring States Period, the Kingdom of Qi from the Sixteen Kingdoms, Later Zhou from the Five Dynasties, and Ten Kingdoms and Great Shun, established by Li Zicheng at the end of the Ming Dynasty.

The fifth was the State of Zheng established by Wang Shichong at the end of the Sui Dynasty.

Wang Shichong, a General, was quite an influential figure in the late Sui Dynasty. He established a high position for himself during the Sui Dynasty by pacifying the rebellion led by General Yang Xuangan and performed other meritorious deeds. After Emperor Yang was killed, he, with Yuan Wendu, Lu Chu, and others, declared Yang Tong, the Prince of Yue and Emperor Yang's grandson, the new Emperor. Wang Shichong took down Li Mi, the rebel leader, and convinced many of the Wagang Army's Generals to join his side.

Later on, Wang Shichong turned Yang Tong into a puppet and declared himself Emperor, with his state being called Zheng. However, it was eventually destroyed by Great Tang's Li Shimin.

If Zhao Fu didn't have his Nation Armament and the system main cities' armies attacked him, he wouldn't be able to resist at all and would lose without a doubt.

These five Legatees hadn't developed yet, so their strength was much inferior to that of the system main cities'. However, once they developed, they would become many times stronger than system main cities, and when that time came, it would be too late for Zhao Fu to deal with them.

Right now, Great Qin was in the northern region of the Midland Continent, Great Han was in the southern region of the Midland Continent, Great Shang was in the western region of the Midland Continent, Great Zhou was in the eastern region of the Midland Continent, and Great Xia was in the center of the Midland Continent.

The five Great Dynasties were scattered across the Midland Continent with the other Dynasties scattered between them.

It seemed as if the system had carefully planned who would be where so as not to have any of the Great Dynasties facing off against each other in the very beginning. Only in later stages would they clash.

As for Great Qin, because of their conquering and purchasing of people, they now had a population of 230,000, with 40,000 soldiers.

Out of these 40,000 soldiers, because most of the soldiers who had been following Zhao Fu from the beginning had all reached Stage 0-8 or Stage 0-9, with the help of Hundred Origin Pills and Blood God Pills, Great Qin now had roughly 1,500 Stage 1 soldiers.

What's more, they were rapidly gaining more and more Stage 1 soldiers - roughly 80 per day. Most of them were the soldiers who had been with Zhao Fu from early on.

Most of the newer soldiers' cultivations were quite low, being only around Stage 0-4 to Stage 0-5. It would take them a long time to reach Stage 1 unless they received a large number of Blood God Pills.

The Chaotic World Stone Stele had also risen to Level 1 because of their conquering, and they could now exchange for Blue grade items. Upgrading from a Level 1 to Level 2 Stone Stele required 100 War Points.

In terms of economy, the Drizzle Merchant Alliance had already entered all 30 regions and was rapidly developing, reselling all sorts of items from different regions. They had also established a farm specifically for livestock, eliminating some of the costs for some of the goods they sold. All of this brought in a massive amount of money for Great Qin.

The Great Qin Town had also started to expand outwards to accommodate even more people. Rising Qin Academy was also being made bigger to teach more children and develop more talents.

A true nation wasn't simply a large faction that controlled a large piece of land - if the nation wanted its foundation to be firm and deep, it had to develop its own culture.

In terms of production, because of the bonus stats, the crops only took up 30% of Great Qin's labor force. Most people were occupied with all sorts of manufacturing and production related tasks, and others took up trade-related professions.