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 Ever since Gunador had gifted those Giant Wolves to Zhao Fu, he no longer had even a trace of trust remaining towards the Orc City. But then again, he had never completely trusted them, which was why he had been on his guard against the Giant Wolves from the beginning. Of course, he had also checked the slaves that he had bought as well.

Zhao Fu didn't immediately enlist those people into the army; rather, he placed them on support jobs and had people secretly monitor them to prevent them from revealing anything about Great Qin.

Zhao Fu knew that Gunador would work with Zhou Ming because apart from equipment, the Orcs also lacked many other ordinary things, such as food, materials, skills, spices, medicine, etc.

The Orc City wasn't a system main city, so it wasn't as well-equipped as the system main cities. As such, they had to purchase or take things from others.

Zhao Fu had considered these things a long time ago, and he knew that there were great benefits to be reaped. However, Zhao Fu didn't trade these things because he didn't lack money or want to truly help the Orcs develop.

Since Zhao Fu didn't want to help the Orcs develop, doubling the price for the people was, of course, for another purpose. This was because he wanted to give as much of the Shattersteel equipment and poisonous pills to the Orcs as possible without arousing their suspicions.

Most of the medicinal pills that Zhao Fu gave them had an undetectable, slow-acting poison, and it would kill many Orcs.

After the Orcs started to use Zhao Fu's equipment and enough time had passed for the poison to take effect, that would be when Zhao Fu would take down the Orc City.

At first, he had wanted to offer ten times extra for Gunador not to cooperate with Zhou Ming, but he felt that Gunador was quite cunning and sly himself. As such, he only offered two times extra because that was already quite a lot. He would find more opportunities to give them more equipment and medicinal pills in the future.

As for the Zhou family, Zhao Fu didn't place them in his eyes at all.

After experiencing so much, Zhao Fu felt that he was becoming more and more cunning. However, he had no choice, as those who were simple-minded wouldn't be able to live in this world for long. If Zhao Fu wanted to survive, he had to continuously become stronger.

What was now at the forefront of Zhao Fu's mind was the Heaven Domain Boundary's first layer being unlocked and the 'Legacy Land' mentioned by the Yin Soldiers during the Ghost Festival. He felt that there was some sort of lurking danger.

After returning to the Great Qin Town, Zhao Fu received a system announcement that Liu Subai had become a Third-Ranked Baron - now, he was another step closer to leveling up to a City. Zhao Fu smiled and thought about who to give Achievement Points to next.

After thinking for a while, he decided to give them to Zhang Dahu. Back when Zhao Fu had taken in Zhang Dahu, he had been a Village Chief and already had some Achievement Points. Now that he had been with Great Qin for so long, he already had 500 Achievement Points, so choosing him would allow Zhao Fu to produce another Third-Ranked Baron as soon as possible.

"Your Majesty, this subordinate has just conquered an ordinary Village and discovered a new type of Outlander. I've brought two of them; would Your Majesty care to take a look?" After Zhao Fu diverted his Achievement Points to Zhang Dahu, Doke walked in with a big smile and paid his respects to Zhao Fu.

"A new type of Outlander?" Zhao Fu felt quite curious. Most of these Outlanders were races from western myths and legends, and they couldn't be found in the real world. Zhao Fu couldn't help but wonder when he would find some of the eastern prehistoric races.

"Bring them over!" Zhao Fu ordered.

Doke obeyed and ordered two soldiers to bring in the two Outlanders. These two Outlanders were both girls around 15 or 16 years old. They had delicate faces, snow-white skin, and looked quite cute. What was different about them from normal people was that they had a pair of cat ears on their heads, and they also had tails.

It seemed that they were Catfolk. The two girls looked quite similar, and they were most likely twins. They were huddled together, and their large eyes nervously looked around, making those who saw them want to protect them.

"Your Majesty, are you satisfied with them? I heard that in your world, your people are especially interested in cat girls, rabbit girls, and fox girls," Doke said as he grinned.

Zhao Fu also smiled. Cat girls, rabbit girls, and fox girls were indeed quite popular in the real world, and they were especially attractive to otakus.

"Not bad!" Zhao Fu replied as he looked at the Catfolk.

When he heard this, Doke felt quite pleased and laughed out loud, causing the two Catfolk girls to tremble. It was this terrifying Kobold who had conquered their village.

Zhao Fu looked at their grades and found that they were both A grade, and he thought about how agile cats were - perhaps they would be quite agile as well.

Suddenly, he thought of something and took them to an empty plot of land. He tossed two daggers to them and said, "If you can hit me, not only will I release both of you, but I'll also release your entire village."

Even though the two Catfolk girls couldn't understand Zhao Fu, through the Lord's translation, they were able to understand his intent. They looked at each other but were so scared that they were unable to make a move.

As such, Zhao Fu could only act as evilly as possible, coldly saying, "If you don't make a move, I'll give the order to kill you and your entire village!"

When they heard Zhao Fu's terrifying words, the two Catfolk girls almost started crying, looking incredibly pitiful.

"What, you want to die?" Zhao Fu said with a severe glare.

This caused the two Catfolk girls to pick up the daggers on the ground. Their bodies quivered, but they didn't dare to attack - after all, if they hit this person, they might die for it. However, if they didn't attack, they would still die. In the end, they could only stare at Zhao Fu.

"Hurry up!" Zhao Fu said as he frowned.

Finally, the two Catfolk girls chose to act. One moved towards the left as the other moved towards the right, and they circled towards Zhao Fu. Just as Zhao Fu expected, they were incredibly fast, and their footsteps were incredibly light, being barely audible.

Very soon, one Catfolk girl appeared to Zhao Fu's right, but just as she was about to attack, Zhao Fu's hand streaked out and clamped onto her throat, lifting her up.

"Big sis!" the other Catfolk girl cried out and rushed towards Zhao Fu. However, just as she came close, Zhao Fu's left hand shot out with a blur and grabbed onto her throat, lifting her up.

Doke had been watching by the side, feeling completely relaxed. This was exactly how he had expected things to play out.

Zhao Fu looked at the two Catfolk girls and felt quite satisfied. However, the two girls thought that Zhao Fu was going to kill them, and tears started to flow out of their eyes.

"You pass!" At that moment, Zhao Fu put down the two girls with a warm smile on his face.

The two Catfolk girls' faces were covered with tears, and they didn't understand what was happening. However, Zhao Fu took out the Battle Equipment Set and War Equipment Set. They seemed to be twin sets, so they were suited to be wielded by twins. This was what Zhao Fu had been thinking of earlier, and after seeing that they had good aptitude, he decided to give these equipment sets to them.