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 First, Zhao Fu wanted to protect them - no matter how strong he was in the Heaven Awaken World, after he returned to the real world, he would just be an ordinary person, and he could be easily killed by others. This was especially so in a world filled with large and powerful families. Normal people and families were unable to compete with them at all, and if they hindered their interests, the powerful families would easily kill them.

This wasn't very fair, but that was reality. After all, the law of the jungle cared nothing about fairness.

Right now, the world belonged to the large and powerful families, and only perhaps after the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world would ordinary people be free from this and start to resist those families.

In addition to this, Zhao Fu also wanted to control them. By bringing them here, if they dared to betray him, he would be able to kill them immediately.

After his past experiences, it was very hard for Zhao Fu to trust anyone.

After taking care of the things for Heaven's Choice, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Town. Today was the day he had arranged to trade with the Orc City again.

This was already the fourth time they had made this transaction. During the first three times, Zhao Fu had used a lot of equipment and medicinal pills to exchange for 3,000 or so people. Each time, Gunador would gift Zhao Fu some Giant Wolves However, Zhao Fu's Orcs found that there was a portion of the Giant Wolves that were completely controlled by the Orc City, and they could lead to disasters in the future.

Zhao Fu directly killed those controlled Giant Wolves. After all, he had the Black Forest Horses, so Great Qin didn't lack mounts. He also used the Horse Jade Soul he had obtained from the region of bones, so now, every horse's stats were around Stage 0-6.

However, the Giant Wolves also had their benefits - they could be used as mounts and battle beasts, using their sharp teeth to tear at enemies.

This time, Zhao Fu once again used the teleportation channel to go to the Orc City. By now, the Orc soldiers standing guard were already very familiar with Zhao Fu, and they felt quite happy about the things Zhao Fu would bring them each time. He had now won a trace of their respect, and they no longer treated him as disdainfully.

"Guest, you've come! I'll take you to see the Vice-Lord," one of the Orc guards said loudly as he smiled.

Zhao Fu also smiled and took out a bottle of Little Spirit Pills before handing it to him. The Orc guard didn't refuse and immediately took it, putting it into his pocket before taking Zhao Fu to a large tent.

What surprised Zhao Fu was that Gunador was already talking to someone. This person was also wearing a cloak, so he couldn't see his appearance. However, Zhao Fu could tell from his voice that it was someone he knew - it was the Zhou family's Zhou Ming!

Why would he be here? It seemed that it wasn't just Zhao Fu who wanted to collaborate with the Orcs. Now that the Zhou family had received Great Ming's support, they had developed the confidence to run over here to make deals.

At that moment, Gunador discovered that Zhao Fu had come in and smiled as he said, "Esteemed guest, why are you standing at the entrance? Are you dissatisfied with Kaki City's hospitality?"

Zhao Fu found an excuse and quickly said, "I saw that Vice-Lord was discussing matters with someone else. I didn't want to disrupt you, so I decided to wait at the entrance."

When he heard this voice, Zhou Ming turned and looked, and he immediately recognized Zhao Fu, though he knew Zhao Fu as 'Zhao Xin.' From the words they exchanged, it seemed that they had known each other for a long time and were already working together. Zhao Fu's sudden appearance had completely ruined his plans.

Ever since they had received Great Ming's support, the Zhou family had been developing incredibly quickly, but they had always been at odds with the Jiang family. Ever since last time, the relations between both families had completely broken down and become antagonistic, resulting in intense competition.

Zhou Ming expected Jiang Feng to have received great benefits from 'Zhao Xin' as a result of sacrificing his little sister. Adding on the things that had happened between Zhao Fu and the Zhou family, Zhou Ming hated Zhao Fu greatly and wished him an ill death.

The Zhou family was now receiving great support, and it was becoming harder for them to obtain great benefits in Holy Light City. Therefore, Zhou Ming suddenly thought about the Orc City that everyone else had overlooked.

The Orc City wasn't a system main city, so it lacked many things. If they could work together, they would be able to obtain massive gains, and the Zhou family's strength would definitely surpass the Jiang family's. However, this plan had been completely disrupted by Zhao Xin!

Zhou Ming glared at Zhao Fu venomously and called out coldly, "Zhao Xin!"

Zhao Fu could detect Zhou Ming's enmity, and he inwardly coldly harrumphed. If it wasn't for the fact that it wasn't time yet, he would have destroyed the Zhou family.

However, Zhao Fu decided to act courteously and asked, "Young master Zhou, long time no see!"

Gunador could sense the hostility. He found out that the two of them knew each other as well, so he smiled and welcomed Zhao Fu in.

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, Zhou Ming turned his head away and ignored him.

Zhao Fu didn't pay much attention to Zhou Ming either, and he directly said to Gunador, "Vice-Lord, I'm here to trade for people again!"

When he heard this, Gunador smiled as he said, "I'll bring you over now then. We caught quite a few slaves this time."

Upon hearing this, Zhou Ming felt incredibly shocked. He had never thought that Zhao Fu would be buying people - did he really have that much money?

At that moment, Gunador turned and apologized, and he asked Zhou Ming to wait for a moment.

Of course, Zhou Ming wanted to take a look, as he was lacking people and wanted to buy some as well. He also wanted to find out Zhao Fu's true strength, so he smiled as he said, "Vice-Lord, I'd like to take a look as well."

Guandor didn't mind, and just when he was about to agree, Zhao Fu said, "Vice-Lord, let's keep these transactions a secret; I don't want anyone else knowing about them. I've bought many people from you and given the Orc City many benefits."

Since Zhou Ming wasn't giving him face, Zhao Fu didn't bother giving Zhou Ming face.

Gunador felt a bit awkward, but given that Zhao Fu was the person who could bring them the most benefits, he could only apologize to Zhou Ming.

This caused Zhou Ming to feel incredibly infuriated, and his expression became unsightly.

Afterward, Gunador brought Zhao Fu to where the people were. There were roughly 1,700 people in wooden cages, and even though their grades were quite low, Zhao Fu was still satisfied.

This time, Zhao Fu took out twice as much equipment and medicinal pills as before, shocking Gunador.

Zhao Fu said seriously, "Vice-Lord, there is enmity between that person and myself, and I don't want to give him a chance to develop. As such, I hope that your city won't cooperate with him. In order to make up for your losses, I'm willing to double the price that I pay for these people."

After thinking about it, Gunador smiled and agreed. Zhao Fu also smiled and started transporting these people back.

However, a few hours later, Gunador and Zhou Ming both smiled as they came to an agreement - indeed, Gunador had betrayed Zhao Fu in an instant. What's more, he even told Zhou Ming what Zhao Fu had said and warned Zhou Ming to be secretive when trading with the Orc City in the future.

Zhou Ming loudly laughed and thought to himself, "That damned Zhao Xin wants to restrict the Zhou family's development? I'll bet you never expected the Orc City to work with me. I'll have to act secretly so that Zhao Xin doesn't find out about this!"

To the Orcs, profit was everything. Whether it was Zhao Fu or Zhou Ming, Gunador had never seen them as friends, as the Orc army would one day trample over their bodies.

In the distance, Zhao Fu was hiding and saw all of this, and he couldn't help but coldly laugh.