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 Wu Qingniang also heard the news, and when she saw how powerful Heaven's Choice had become in just a single day, she laughed happily - it seemed that she had judged correctly.

Wu Qingniang didn't pay too much attention to Zhao Fu's strength or his massive amount of money because she knew that Zhao Fu had his own little secrets. She wouldn't ask about them because it might provoke a negative reaction from Zhao Fu.

With Zhao Fu's current strength, he would be a great help to her in the future. The only thing that she was worried about was Great Qin's Legatee - if Great Qin's Legatee, who was in East Green, revealed himself, everyone in the surrounding regions would be in grave danger.

Right now, what she wanted the most was for the barriers around the regions to disappear, allowing people to move between regions through main cities, so that Zhao Fu could move his faction to where she was. Only then would he be able to help her restore the Wu Zhou empire.

Now, Wu Qingniang's desire to conquer Zhao Fu became even stronger, and she wanted to grasp him in her hands.

"Your Majesty, there's something that needs your attention!" At that moment, a slightly skinny youth with eyes filled with wisdom walked in and paid his respects - he Di Renjie, a famous detective and chancellor.


Within the Great Tang's Li residence, the old patriarch listened to the manager report about Zhao Fu, and a dark look came over his face as he coldly harrumphed, "Who would have thought that the Ying family would support him like this? I underestimated that little bastard's power; he seems to enjoy being a dog of the Ying family."

The Li family's old patriarch had always felt threatened by Zhao Fu. And now, his eyes became incredibly cold, and they gave off dense killing intent.

Seeing this, the manager bowed as he asked, "Sir, do you want to send people to get rid of him?"

The old patriarch wanted to kill Zhao Fu, but after thinking about it, he said, "Don't do anything for now. The Ying family's Legatee is too powerful, so we shouldn't do anything to offend the Ying family right now. Collect as much information about him as you can. Once there's a good opportunity, kill him immediately."

The manager nodded and left.

In another room, Li Baiqing sat in an office chair and looked at the information that his subordinates had handed him about Zhao Fu. He lightly laughed with a trace of coldness as he muttered, "Since you want to die, don't blame me!"


Within the Ying family's residence, Ying Xi had also heard the news about Zhao Fu and felt quite surprised. She had never thought that Zhao Fu would have hidden his strength so well and that she would have completely underestimated him. Back then, when Wu Qingniang had said that she couldn't control him, Ying Xi hadn't believed her, but she did now. It was a pity that she had already given him over to Wu Qingniang, or else he would have been a great source of support for her.


After establishing Heaven's Choice, Zhao Fu expanded it o 5,000 or so people and started to tidy it up. It had developed incredibly quickly, and its foundation wasn't stable yet. As such, Zhao Fu had to consolidate Heaven's Choice's foundation first before he could continue expanding it, and he looked at the seven people in front of him.

There were the five core members Zhao Fu had initially accepted, and after putting them in a few battles, he found that they had good aptitude and decided to nurture them.

Of the four men of the original five core members, there was the sunny Bai Yang, the cold Qin Kongming, the savage-looking Guo Shan, and the fair-skinned Cheng Chunchi.

The woman of the original five core members was called Wei Xia, and she had ordinary looks. She had the straightforward and heroic airs of a northeasterner.

The other two people were Niu Gu and a foxy-looking woman called Xiao Yaya. She was the leader of a small faction and went to find Zhao Fu. She wanted to join Heaven's Choice without any conditions, and after thinking about it, he allowed them to join.

Of course, Zhao Fu couldn't fully trust everyone, so he had to take time to fully understand it and develop it into a true faction.

"I want to talk to all of you about something - the real world is no longer safe, and the Heaven Awaken World will devour the real world at some unknown time in the future. You should all be careful and prepare for that," Zhao Fu said seriously.

This wasn't big news - most big families and factions already knew about this. However, most of the people in the lower rungs of society had no idea, so they were quite shocked.

Bai Yang asked somewhat in disbelief, "Chief, I've seen some rumors on the internet about the apocalypse, but experts all say that they're false and that we shouldn't believe them. Even many countries have made official statements that this is impossible."

The others also nodded and looked at Zhao Fu together.

Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh, "Can you still not see the truth behind this world? All of those things were to stabilize the real world so that it doesn't descend into chaos. Countless families and factions already know about this, and even now, you're blind."

After these seven people heard Zhao Fu's words and thought about it, they realized what he said made sense - the changes in the real world, the devaluation of money in the real world, and large corporations desperately trying to get rid of their inventory in order to purchase things in the Heaven Awaken World all pointed to this. They weren't stupid, and they all felt quite wary about these changes. After listening to Zhao Fu, they all came to a realization.

"Damnit! They actually lied to us about such an important matter!" Niu Gu angrily yelled.

Everyone else felt the same, as this concerned their lives. If the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world and they dumbly sat by without making any preparations, they wouldn't even know how they had died. How could they not be angry?

"I'm from the Ying family and have the Ying family's support, so Heaven's Choice will be able to develop quite quickly. You most likely don't have any way of protecting yourselves in the real world, so you all should come to the Ying family's territory. You'll be protected by the Ying family!" Zhao Fu said, revealing this big piece of news to them.

"What? Chief, you're from the Ying family?" Everyone looked completely dumbfounded. None of them dared to even think about a superpower like the Ying family. At the same time, they realized why Zhao Fu was so powerful and why he had so much money. No wonder he had seemed so mysterious - he was from the Ying family.

"Chief, have you met Great Qin's Legatee then?" Wei Xia suddenly asked excitedly, and everyone else looked at Zhao Fu curiously.

Great Qin's Legatee was the most famous name in the entire world at the moment, and there was no one would hadn't heard of him. Everyone would be curious of such a thing.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu suppressed a laugh and knew what they meant - they were asking if he had met that fake before. Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to nod.

The others immediately exploded with questions. Zhao Fu gave some simple replies, and some satisfied expressions appeared on the people's faces. Wei Xia sighed and said, "I want to meet him face to face as well; he's my ideal man!"

This caused everyone else to look at Wei Xia in shock, who didn't care as she retorted, "What are you all looking at? What woman doesn't want a domineering and powerful man?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu could only bitterly smile and shake his head, and he once again asked them if they wanted to move to the Ying family's territory.

All of them expressed that they were willing - the Ying family's protection was something that they greatly desired, so how could they refuse?

As for Zhao Fu, he had no way of protecting them, so he could only ask Wu Qingniang. There were two other reasons for asking these people to move to the Ying family's territory.