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 On the other side, the Hundred Thief Society and Heaven's Choice started to fight. At that moment, a powerful aura weighed down on their bodies, causing their bodies to stiffen. They all slowly looked over and saw that terrifying person casually tossing their boss's corpse onto the ground like it was trash.

The entire scene became incredibly quiet, and the sound of the corpse hitting the ground was especially loud. Seeing that cold gaze turn to them, all of their hearts trembled.

"I'll give you three seconds to leave!" When they heard Zhao Fu's cold words, the Hundred Thief Society's people were scared into immediately running for their lives. However, two of them had been quite close to the boss, and they yelled and rushed over to take revenge.

Zhao Fu didn't move and coldly watched them rushed over. He waved a finger, and a sword light shot out, lopping off their heads.

The Heaven's Choice members gazed at Zhao Fu in worship and felt incredibly joyful that they had such a powerful leader. News of the Hundred Thief Society being destroyed, combined with the Azure Snake Gang being destroyed, made everyone start to be wary of Heaven's Choice.

Zhao Fu felt that there wasn't much point in bringing so many people with him, so Zhao Fu left 50 or so people here and brought along the five core members to see if there was any value in developing them.

Right now, they were core members because of their cultivations, but Zhao Fu didn't see them as true core members. After all, apart from strength, the most important thing for core members was loyalty.

Zhao Fu hadn't remembered any of their names, and as he led them on, he asked Wang Ergou, "Ergou, are there any more notorious factions nearby?"

Wang Ergou quickly nodded and brought Zhao Fu in front of a wooden building.

"Young master, there's a very ordinary faction here. It's not very special, and it's called Starcliff. It has roughly 200 members."

Zhao Fu brought his people to the front, and against a faction of only 200 people, he didn't even bother handing out a duel invitation. Instead, he simply erupted out with his massive aura, causing people to immediately run out.

Zhao Fu looked at the person who had come out and found that it was someone who he knew. This young man was simple and honest, and he had tanned skin. He was named Niu Gu. Back when Zhao Fu had been studying and working, he had been one of Zhao Fu's colleagues.

"Zhao... Fu?" Niu Gu stared at Zhao Fu in shock. In just a few months, Zhao Fu had seemed to become a different person. He almost couldn't believe this, so he asked in disbelief.

Zhao Fu felt a bit helpless and nodded - this was the problem of revealing his appearance. Those who knew him would recognize him immediately.

Niu Gu awkwardly laughed and looked at the people around him as he waved his hands, loudly saying, "Don't worry; we're all friends here. This is Zhao Fu, my friend."

Zhao Fu withdrew his aura, and Niu Gu walked up and cordially put his arm around Zhao Fu's shoulders as he said, "Long time no see, Zhao Fu. You seem to be doing quite well. When you didn't come back to work one day, I thought you disappeared."

When he saw Niu Gu put his arm around Zhao Fu, Wang Ergou was completely startled, as he had never seen someone so daring as to do this before. If it was any normal person, that person would have long since died. However, since Zhao Fu didn't say or do anything, Wang Ergou didn't either, and he waited for instructions.

Listening to Niu Gu, Zhao Fu nodded and replied, "Yes, some things happened," before turning to the people from Starcliff and asking, "What's with this faction?"

Niu Gu said with an embarrassed expression on his face, "This is the faction that a few friends and I created. We didn't have any strength or money, so our development hasn't been too great."

Zhao Fu looked around at the people from Starcliff before asking them to join Heaven's Choice. Of course, they would only be ordinary members.

Niu Gu and the others were only too happy to agree. After all, Zhao Fu's terms were quite good, and after seeing how well Zhao Fu was doing, Niu Gu was quite shocked and repeatedly proclaimed that he wanted to get rich with him.

Zhao Fu was speechless, but he still decided to bring them around to clear out the area around Heaven's Choice's territory. In total, they destroyed eight factions. These were all small factions without much strength, as most of the decent factions already had their own villages and didn't need to rely on main cities.

Destroying eight factions in such a short span of time gave all of the factions within Demon Tree City a big fright, making them incredibly wary. Heaven's Choice was rising with great power and couldn't be underestimated.

Right now, within Demon Tree City, the most commonly talked about faction was Heaven's Choice. Many people came to watch as spectators and told others stories, which were often embellished, about how domineering Zhao Fu had been when he singlehandedly crushed those factions. Countless people were awed, causing Heaven's Choice's name to resound within Demon Tree City.

As Heaven's Choice became more and more famous, many talents also joined, and all of a sudden, its numbers swelled to 5,000 people. In just a single day, Heaven's Choice had become a mid-tier faction, and its growth completely stunned others.

Even the powerful factions within Holy Light City and Soldier Forest heard about Heaven's Choice's rise, and they became curious about Zhao Fu's identity. They decided to investigate his background - why did this powerful person suddenly appear, and how did he have so much money?

Most of the factions were able to quickly find information on Zhao Fu, and they couldn't help but admire the faction he belonged to. When they found that Zhao Fu was from the Ying family, all of the factions became serious, and some even felt fear.

They weren't afraid of the Ying family stretching their hands here; rather, they were afraid of Great Qin's Legatee. It was said that Great Qin's Legatee was in East Green, which was right next to the Forest of Horrors, so could it be that Zhao Fu was making the way for Great Qin's Legatee?

Right now, whenever they thought about Great Qin's Legatee, even the Legatees of nations would feel terrified, and this was even more so for the normal factions and families.

"What do we do? What do we do?" The threat of Great Qin's Legatee made them feel incredibly worried, and in the end, they couldn't think of anything. In front of Great Qin's Legatee, it seemed that nothing would work, and unless they had a Nation Armament, they wouldn't be able to resist him.

As such, they could only take each day as it came.

At the same time, they realized why Zhao Fu was so powerful and why he had so much money - he was supported by the Ying family, so this wasn't too strange.

Many factions expressed positive attitudes towards Heaven's Choice. From how they saw things, after Great Qin's Legatee took over East Green, he would lay his hands on the Forest of Horrors. Since they couldn't resist him, they could only submit to him.

Because of that, Zhao Fu was extremely important. After all, Zhao Fu was part of the Ying family and making the way for Great Qin's Legatee. Because of this, it was likely that Zhao Fu was working under Great Qin's Legatee. Who knew? Perhaps if Zhao Fu said some good words on their behalfs, they would be able to benefit from this.

In fact, sucking up to Zhao Fu might even save their lives. They had heard that Great Qin's Legatee was quite bloodthirsty, and if he was angered, he might even slaughter them all. When that time came, they would have to rely on Zhao Fu to keep their lives.

Their ideas were good and all, but they would never have expected that the mysterious and powerful Legatee was Zhao Fu himself.