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An aura that was twice as powerful as before descended, and it was powerful to the point that it felt corporeal. The dust and sand in the surroundings were blown into the air, and many of the people who had been bitterly enduring felt their legs crumple as they fell to the ground.

Some people with decent strength were given a big fright and realized that they had underestimated Zhao Fu's strength. As such, they started to muster all of their strength to withstand Zhao Fu's aura.

Time seemed to slow down, and five seconds seemed to become extremely long.

The remaining people endured with all of their might, and beads of sweat started to roll down their bodies. Facing Zhao Fu's current strength, they had felt an enormous strain.

As the aura became even more powerful, many of them were unable to continue standing and fell to the ground, leaving only five people remaining.

These five people all had cultivations above Stage 1, and they were incredibly powerful to normal people. There were four men and one woman, who were all quite young. They were barely able to withstand Zhao Fu's massive aura.

However, in the next moment, Zhao Fu's aura once again became even more powerful, and it smashed down on their bodies like a massive boulder. Finally, these five people also collapsed to the ground, their clothes completely soaked in sweat.

"Useless! None of you were able to withstand even one-third of my strength!" a cold voice suddenly said.

This made everyone's expressions become unsightly and bitter, causing them to lose their confidence from earlier. Who would have thought that the founder of Heaven's Choice would be so powerful; they couldn't even withstand one-third of his aura. This was simply too shameful.

Zhao Fu withdrew his aura, and everyone climbed up from the ground, looking ashen-faced. Most of them planned to immediately leave and not humiliate themselves further.

However, at that moment, Zhao Fu calmly said, "The second and third groups to fall, I'm willing to accept you. Would you like to join Heaven's Choice?"

Those words caused the disappointed people to immediately react with pleasant surprise. For Heaven's Choice to have such a powerful leader and such good terms, it was a faction with good future prospects, so they all expressed their willingness to join.

In total, Heaven's Choice took in 145 people, and Zhao Fu also decided to give those five people in the third wave the status of core members.

After they all completed their registrations, Wang Ergou came over and smiled as he reported, "Young master, everything is done."

Afterward, Zhao Fu told Wang Ergou to make some preparations. After all, issuing challenges was something that would make quite a big impact, so they would first have to tell the governmental faction about it first.

The response from the governmental faction was that they were allowed to on the condition that they wouldn't harm any indigenous residents or cause great damage. Furthermore, it was best to target some of the more evil factions that the governmental faction couldn't deal with directly. If he did this, he wouldn't be punished by Demon Tree City and may even be rewarded.

"Everyone gather!" Zhao Fu stood at the front and lightly called out, and the 100 or so people immediately gathered around to see what Zhao Fu had in store for them.

"Today is the first day of Heaven's Choice, and it is a historic day. We need to do something to leave our mark in history - I see that Demon Tree City has been quite chaotic for a while, and it deserves some peace. Are you all willing to come with me?"

The new members could tell that Zhao Fu wanted to lead them to fight, and some became excited and wanted to go with him, while others hesitated and felt reluctant. After all, if they made trouble in a main city, they would be disciplined by the governmental faction. They just wanted to receive the great pay without taking any risks.

Zhao Fu could tell, and he loudly said, "I'm going to continuously challenge other factions, and there will be much bloodshed. You might even die, and you will make many enemies. If you want out, now's the time! Heaven's Choice isn't a faction that will idly enjoy peace!"

Those words immediately caused around 40 people to withdraw, and now there were 108 people remaining. However, not a single one of the five core members withdrew, which surprised Zhao Fu.

"Are you sure about this? The path ahead of us is extremely bloody; this is Heaven's Choice's path!" Zhao Fu once again called out - after all, he didn't want to have useless people who just wanted a free meal at Heaven's Choice. Those people were useless to him.

"We're sure!" Some people yelled as they enthusiastically nodded.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu took out 100 or so sets of Blue grade equipment and five sets of Silver grade equipment and handed them out, shocking and delighting the members of Heaven's Choice.

They had never thought that Zhao Fu would suddenly take out so many pieces of good equipment. Now, Zhao Fu became even more mysterious to them, but they could tell from his temperament that he definitely wasn't an ordinary person.

Seeing so many good pieces of equipment, those who had withdrawn felt regret.

Zhao Fu took this group of people and walked with aggressive airs on the streets. Seeing this, everyone in their way hurriedly gave way, feeling that something big was going to happen. Many people wanted to watch the action, so they followed behind Heaven's Choice to see what would happen.

"Ergou, are there any other factions around here?" Zhao Fu asked Wang Ergou as they walked at the front.

Wang Ergou thought for a moment before replying, "Young master, there's a small faction not too far ahead. I'll take you there now."

Zhao Fu nodded and followed Wang Ergou to a large courtyard. There were a few rough-looking youths in front of the gate, and they were talking with crude language about whose wife had a good figure and things about wanting to rape them.

"Young master, this is the Azure Snake Gang. There are roughly 500 of them, and most of them are hoodlums and don't have much strength," Wang Ergou reported to Zhao Fu.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had brought so many people to the Azure Snake Gang, the youths started to feel quite nervous, but they weren't too afraid. After all, there were only 100 or so people, while their Azure Snake Gang had 500 people. Their side had many times more people than the enemy, so there was no need to fear.

"Who are you? Why have you come to the Azure Snake Gang?" One of the people from the Azure Snake Gang walked over, and because he was so used to saying these lines, he had a gangster-like tone.

Zhao Fu didn't like his attitude, so he coldly gazed at this person and waved his hand - a sword light flashed as a long gash appeared on his chest. Blood gushed out, and the youth stared downwards in shock; he had never thought that Zhao Fu would instantly kill him.

The Heaven's Choice members behind Zhao Fu gulped and looked completely shocked. Even though that person's tone was quite annoying, they had never thought that Zhao Fu would kill him so quickly and decisively.

Seeing this, the other youths standing guard also looked quite shocked. Zhao Fu calmly threw out a duel invitation and said coldly, "Call your leader out!"