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 "Assassin Soul is primarily made up of Assassins. The leader obtained some sort of Assassin Profession Change Stone Stele that can allow many people to become Assassins. The profession is E grade, which is quite good for this stage, so the faction has been growing quickly.

"Brothers Band is mainly made up of soldiers and also some elites. Brothers Band is the main force of the Chinese army in the Forest of Horrors, and it represents the Chinese army within the Forest of Horrors.

"It's said that the Flying Swallow Sect has a counterpart in the real world. All of them have great skill, but it's quite difficult to enter the sect.

"Assassin Soul and the Flying Swallow Sect are in Demon Tree City. Right now, there aren't any particularly powerful factions in Demon Tree City, so it suits the growth of smaller factions. Brothers Band is at Soldier Forest, and it's said that they treat the more righteous factions quite well."

Zhao Fu had never paid much attention to the affairs within the Forest of Horrors and didn't know that there had been so many changes. The entire board had changed - some old factions had disappeared while some new factions had risen. Such was the cruel reality of competition.

After listening to Wang Ergou's report, Zhao Fu decided to establish his faction in Demon Tree City. There weren't any powerful factions controlling it, and it was suitable for a growing faction. Zhao Fu had already planned the path for his expansion; after the faction grew, he would devour all of the other factions and become the biggest faction in Demon Tree City.

After making this decision, Zhao Fu took Wang Ergou to Demon Tree City. Zhao Fu's impression of Demon Tree City from before was quite chaotic.

Back when the Demon Tree Gang ruled this city, the Demon Tree Gang had been a very chaotic faction and quite barbaric in the way it did things. Zhao Fu didn't know how the Demon Tree Gang had split, but he knew that such a faction couldn't have much of a future.

After the Demon Tree Gang split, Demon Tree City became a bit better. Zhao Fu first bought some properties and started to recruit people.

He put people in charge of this so that he didn't have to do it himself. Rather, he stayed inside the building and watched from inside.

The terms that Zhao Fu gave were quite good: ordinary members received 2,000 copper coins per month, which was $20,000 in the real world; elite members received 5,000 copper coins or $50,000 in the real world; and core members received 20,000 copper coins or $200,000 in the real world.

As for the name, Zhao Fu decided on 'Heaven's Choice.'

This was a reference to natural selection, as those who survived were chosen by heaven. Zhao Fu wanted this faction to become strong so that it wouldn't be eliminated by the world.

After they started recruiting, because of the good terms, many people were attracted. However, Zhao Fu found that these people were only so-so, and there weren't any powerful ones among them. However, it made sense that it would take time to gather powerful individuals.

Right now, what Heaven's Choice needed the most was fame. With enough fame, they would be able to attract experts. The best way to garner fame was to display his might.

Whether it was interest or attractiveness, a challenge would gather a large crowd, and it would be hotly discussed. This would undoubtedly increase Heaven's Choice's fame.

First, he had to do this himself because he was the leader. Only then would he be able to attract people to him.

However, Zhao Fu realized that he was wearing his black cloak and that he had very rarely revealed his appearance in the Forest of Horrors. If he walked out like this, those who knew him would know that he was 'Zhao Xin.'

However, Zhao Xin's identity was already that of a Legatee, and he was incredibly mysterious. Zhao Fu didn't want anyone to link him to Zhao Xin, or his identity would be exposed.

When he thought of that, Zhao Fu hesitated before deciding to reveal his appearance. One reason was to satisfy Wu Qingniang, but it was also to continue hiding his identity as Zhao Xin.

Before, Zhao Fu hid his appearance because he was afraid that his identity would be exposed and that he would be found in the real world. He didn't have any power to protect himself in the real world, and he would be killed easily.

However, revealing his appearance now would protect his identity as Great Qin's Legatee. From now on, he would be that university student, the Zhao Fu, a collateral family member. Even if anyone found him in the real world, they would know that he was just a chess piece of the Ying family, and no one would truly suspect him.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu finally made his decision and took off his black cloak. His black hair, which reached his waist; his white clothes; and his delicate, handsome face, which gave off a trace of tenderness, were revealed, showing everyone his majesty and dignity. Zhao Fu's current appearance was much more attractive than his appearance in the real world.

"Your Majesty, you..." Seeing Zhao Fu's appearance, Wang Ergou felt quite shocked. He thought that Zhao Fu's cloak had slipped off, and he had wanted to help Zhao Fu put it back on when Zhao Fu smiled and said, "Don't worry; I took it off myself."

When he heard this, Wang Ergou let out a sigh of relief before asking curiously, "Your Majesty, why did you reveal your appearance?"

Zhao Fu didn't explain and only said, "You'll understand in the future!"

"Oh!" Wang Ergou still felt quite confused, but he didn't dare to ask.

Afterward, Zhao Fu put the two swords at his waist into his King's Ring because they were both Epic grade weapons and too eye-catching. He instead equipped an ordinary Gold grade sword and walked out.


Just as Zhao Fu stepped out, a monstrous aura suddenly descended and heavily weighed on the countless people outside. The air seemed to freeze, and everyone's body became stiff. They felt as if a heavy rock was weighing down on their bodies, and their legs started to tremble as cold sweat appeared on their faces.

Suddenly, a voice sounded out. This voice wasn't very loud, but everyone could hear it clearly because it was incredibly powerful and penetrating.

"I'm the founder of Heaven's Choice, and our goal is to continuously become stronger to survive natural selection - to be chosen by heaven. Joining Heaven's Choice is very simple: all you need to do is withstand my aura for five seconds, and you'll become a core member!"

Zhao Fu's words pleasantly surprised everyone - they barely had to do anything to become a core member and obtain $200,000 per month. How could they not feel happy?

They all thought that they would be able to endure Zhao Fu's aura for five seconds; all they had to do was grit their teeth and last those five seconds.

The normal people gritted their teeth and used all of their strength, causing their faces to go red as they resisted his terrifying aura.

Those with higher cultivations were better off, and they could look around while bearing this aura. They found that no one had fallen, though there were probably 3,000 or so people around - could it be that they would all become core members of Heaven's Choice?

That would be too simple!

Everyone thought that to themselves and started to look quite pleased. The founder had spoken big words, saying that anyone who could last five seconds would become a core member. Now that so many people were going to achieve this, wouldn't it be too humiliating?

However, everything changed in the next second.