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 Zhao Fu softly responded, indicating that he understood that he would create a faction as soon as possible. Afterward, he rode in a car sent by Wu Qingniang to a large house.

There were currently four people standing in front of it: three men and one woman. Behind them were a few bodyguards wearing black suits and sunglasses.

After getting out of the car, Zhao Fu looked at the two men to the left. One was 22 years old, slightly older than Zhao Fu, and the other had just turned 20 years old and still looked a bit immature. They were Zhao Fu's cousins, Zhao Hong and Zhao Jun.

Their faces were slightly bruised as if they had been beaten. However, they looked more or less fine, and the injuries were just skin injuries. The man next to them looked quite noble, while the woman was extremely beautiful.

After getting out of the car, the noble-looking man had an apologetic smile as he said, "Apologies, I'm that bastard's older brother; I'm Ying Ying. It was my little brother's fault for making trouble, and I've already taught him a lesson. This is our compensation for making trouble from before; please excuse us."

After Ying Ying finished speaking, one of the bodyguards brought over a leather suitcase, which was filled with money - there was at least $2 million inside. Even though money in the real world was losing value quickly, it still had some value.

However, Zhao Fu didn't see much value in this money and refused, saying, "No need!"

Zhao Fu didn't believe his words at all - if it wasn't for the people supporting him, this person wouldn't even bother looking at him. How could his apology actually be sincere?

This was a world where the strong reigned supreme, and that was how things played out in such a world. His gaze fell on Zhao Hong and Zhao Jun and said somewhat coldly, "Let's go."

Seeing how cold Zhao Fu was acting, they felt somewhat dissatisfied.

Ying Ying was from the main branch of the Ying family, yet he was being treated so condescendingly by someone from the collateral branch. However, he didn't display any of his dissatisfaction because Zhao Fu had Ying Xi supporting him - even people from the main branch didn't dare to offend Ying Xi.

Zhao Hong and Zhao Jun also felt a bit dissatisfied, but they couldn't do anything because Zhao Fu had saved them. At the same time, they were somewhat embarrassed that they had to have Zhao Fu save them.

Zhao Fu ignored all of them, and he opened the car door and sat in the passenger seat.

Zhao Hong and Zhao Jun looked at Zhao Fu but didn't say anything - after all, they weren't very close, and it was already good enough that Zhao Fu had come to save them.

Just as they were about to get into the car, Zhao Hong turned to look at the woman and smiled as he said, "Zheng Jiao, do you want to come as well?"

Zheng Jiao was the woman who they had saved. She looked around and didn't dare to stay there, so she could only embarrassingly get in the car and sit with the two brothers in the back.

Zhao Fu didn't mind this. After they had all gotten in, he asked the chauffeur to start driving to his grandparents' residence.

On the trip, Zhao Fu didn't say anything and looked outside while the three people in the back chatted for a bit, feeling happy that they had escaped unscathed from this.

"Cuz, thanks for saving us this time!" Zhao Hong was slightly older than Zhao Fu and had thicker skin that his little brother Zhao Jun, so he laughed and thanked Zhao Fu.

Zheng Jiao and Zhao Jun also said in a small voice, "Thank you!"

Zhao Fu turned and looked at them, and his tone wasn't as cold as he said, "No need to thank me. Just remember what happened this time; saving people is good, but don't do things out of your power."

Those words caused Zheng Jiao to lower her head in shame, and Zhao Hong and Zhao Jun didn't feel very convinced. However, they couldn't say much, and the atmosphere within the car became colder.

"But I felt that I couldn't just watch in that situation. If I saw a girl in danger but didn't help, it would be something that I would regret and feel guilty about for the rest of my life!" Zhao Hong said earnestly.

Zhao Fu looked at him before looking outside. He wanted to tell Zhao Hong to take responsibility for himself and not make someone save him next time, but he held it in. After all, they were family. Zhao Fu couldn't strain his relationship with them too much, or his grandparents would be sad.

Zhao Fu also wasn't adverse to saving people. However, that was if one had enough power. If one didn't have enough power, trying to save someone would not only doom oneself but also drag down the people around that person.

The car drove on, and soon, they reached the district where their grandpa and grandma lived.

At this moment, there were four people already waiting anxiously. There were their grandparents and Zhao Fu's uncle and aunty.

When they saw that Zhao Hong and Zhao Jun had returned safely, they ran over and hugged them, looking incredibly worried. They continuously asked if they were injured or if anything had happened to them.

As for Zhao Fu, he stood some distance away like an outsider, watching that heart-warming scene. After watching for a while, he silently walked away.

By the time they realized it and wanted to thank him and invite him to dinner, they found that he had long since left.

After returning to the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu started to think about creating a faction in the Forest of Horrors. This wasn't to please Wu Qingniang but for his own goals.

First, at some point, he would have to get rid of all of the other factions in the Forest of Horrors; otherwise, how could he restore Great Qin? What's more, the Forest of Horrors was Great Qin's base, so he would have to make it completely his.

Since he had to get rid of the other factions in the Forest of Horrors, he would use this faction instead of Great Qin itself for most matters. He would slowly develop the faction without being detected and use both the faction and Great Qin to wipe out all of the factions when the time was ripe.

Players were a massive resource, and Zhao Fu didn't want to waste this resource. Players would be the base of this faction.

As for the location of the faction, Zhao Fu thought about it, and he summoned Wang Ergou and said, "Wang Ergou, bring me all of the reports on the factions in the Forest of Horrors."

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Wang Ergou replied and left. He replied soon carrying a stack of documents.

After looking through some of this information, Zhao Fu felt quite perturbed.

At that moment, Wang Ergou smiled and said, "Your Majesty, this lowly one knows a lot about the factions in the Forest of Horrors. Would you like me to tell you?"

Zhao Fu smiled - he wouldn't be able to read through all of this information in one go, so he decided to listen to Wang Ergou's explanation.

Hearing this, Wang Ergou felt somewhat excited and collected his thoughts before saying, "Your Majesty, right now, apart from the government factions, there are three factions that are on the rise and are quite powerful. They are the Zhou family, the Jiang family, and the Soldier Alliance.

"Within Holy Light City, the competition between the Zhou family and the Jiang family is particularly intense, and the Holy Light Group is being suppressed by the two families, resulting in slow growth. The Zhang family and Cao family in Soldier Forest aren't able to rival the Soldier Alliance's growth, and they are in a weaker state. Finally, Demon Tree City's Yan family and Hua family have decently developed, but the original top faction, the Demon Tree Gang, split up into two factions because of disagreements between the two leaders. They are currently in opposition to each other and can no longer be called the number one faction in Demon Tree City.

"Apart from them, there are three factions that have been rising particularly quickly: they are Assassin Soul, Brothers Band, and the Flying Swallow Sect."