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 As everyone started to madly search for Great Qin's Legatee, the Taoist in the Ying family also started to move.

This Taoist was called Qiu Fengzi, and even though he wasn't the Sect Master, he was still a fairly important figure. He was quite powerful, or else he wouldn't have been able to be valued so highly by the Ying family.

When the Myrtle Imperial Aura had come out from Zhao Fu's body, he had immediately sensed that Great Qin's Legatee was in the Ying family. However, the Ying family was incredibly big and there were many people, so he couldn't tell where the Legatee was. Moreover, because of the Myrtle Imperial Star's descent, he didn't dare to try anything at the time.

He didn't plan to report this to the Ying family because there was no benefit to him. After all, if he reported this to the Ying family's higher-ups, they would joyously welcome the Legatee, while he would've offended the Legatee since Great Qin's Legatee didn't want to be found.

Right now, offending the person with the most potential in the world would be incredibly unwise and would be making trouble for his future. Since Great Qin's Legatee didn't want to reveal himself, he must have his own reasons for that, so it was best that Qiu Fengzi didn't interfere with those plans.

Right now, the best thing for him to do was to find Great Qin's Legatee without anyone else detecting anything and join his faction. When he thought of the fact that Great Qin's mysterious Legatee, who everyone had been madly searching for, was so close, Qiu Fengzi started to incredibly excited. This matter was incredibly important to his future.

The Ying family suddenly started to celebrate and cheer as it was someone from the Ying family had received the true right to become an Emperor.

When the elders heard about this, they laughed heartily too - Great Qin's Legatee had never disappointed them, and now, all they wanted was for him to return to the Ying family.

The area in front of Li Wu, or Ying Wu's residence, also became incredibly lively. Countless upper-class figures came to congratulate him and curry favor with him.

Only the core members of the Ying family knew about Ying Wu's true identity, and normal members of the Ying family all thought that he really was Great Qin's Legatee. As such, after the Myrtle Imperial Star disappeared, they all rushed to his residence.

Ying Wu maintained a smile as he spoke with all of them, but he felt incredibly gloomy. He knew that he was just a fake. The more powerful Great Qin's real Legatee was and the more famous Ying Wu became, the more ashamed he felt.

By now, Ying Wu had even started to feel a trace of hatred towards Great Qin's Legatee. He very much enjoyed having the identity of Great Qin's Legatee and everything it brought with it. The families that had been so high and mighty now lowered their heads to him and tried to do anything to please him. All of the goddesses who were out his reach before would take off their clothes willingly for him and climb into his bed to serve him. Now, he didn't want to lose this identity.

As for Ying Xi, she had completely given up on succeeding the Ying family. Now, all she wanted to do was develop her own faction - when she finally had the power to speak, she would no longer be a puppet for others.


Within a simple and unadorned hall, there were a few elders seated together with young people with extraordinary bearings kneeling in front of them. There was a handsome young man at the head of these young people.

Most people wouldn't recognize this young man. There was a sword at his waist that was completely golden as if it had been forged out of gold. There was a picture with mountain, water, birds, and beasts on it, and it gave off a holy aura.

This was the Regulus Sword.

The young man was from the Xuanyuan family, while the beautiful and gentle-looking young woman beside him was from the Nuwa Clan. Nearby, there was a good-natured young man from the Shennong Clan - these young men and women were all representatives of the various Ancient Clans.

"Now that the world has fallen into chaos and calamity will fall on all people, you all must open up new horizons!" the elder, who sat in the middle and gave off a dignified aura, said loudly as he looked at the young people in front of him.

"We won't let down the Elders!" the young people said with serious but excited gazes. They had waited for this for a long time; today, they could finally leave to make their way in the world.

The elders gave them a few more words of advice, and the young people humbly listened. Finally, the elders reminded them seriously, "Be prudent in your actions towards the person with the Son of Heaven Fate!"

Hearing this, all of the young people's expressions varied - some looked earnest, some looked serious, and others looked contemptuous and uncaring.

Following this, these people officially went out into the world. It wasn't just in the real world. They would also appear in the Heaven Awaken World. With their abilities and statuses, they would definitely cause quite a stir in the future.

Elsewhere, within a luxurious hall, 20 or so incredibly beautiful women with extraordinary bearings were seated at a long table, including superstar Su Yuyan.

"Sisters, what do you say we should do in the future?" a beautiful woman, who looked around 30 years old, gave off mature airs, and was seated at the main seat, slightly smiled as she asked.

The other women all gave different suggestions - some suggested maintaining the status quo by remaining neutral and not participating in any political or war affairs. They would continue to specialize in business and intelligence and develop in the Heaven Awaken World.

However, some of them were discontent that Flower Moon had continued like this for many millennia, and they believed that it was time for some change. Some even suggested establishing a Flower Moon Empire - after all, it was possible for Flower Moon to do such a thing.

The woman in the main seat swept her gaze across the women and looked at Su Yuyan, who hadn't spoken yet and asked, "Yuyan, what do you think?"

Su Yuyan raised her head and apologized for remaining silent before saying, "Elder sister, I was just thinking about Great Qin's Legatee and don't have any ideas currently. I would like to listen to the other sisters' opinions for now."

Hearing Su Yuyan mention Great Qin's Legatee, everyone in the hall fell silent. By now, anyone who didn't know how dangerous Great Qin's Legatee was was an idiot.

"What do you think about Great Qin's Legatee?" the woman asked as she maintained her smile.

Su Yuyan's gaze became serious as she replied, "Great Qin's Legatee has always given me a feeling of fear and alarm; if Flower Moon offends him, we must be pulled up by the roots. Whether or not we establish an empire or remain neutral, I feel that he is especially important."

Those words caused some dissatisfaction, and some of the women retorted that even though Great Qin's Legatee was powerful, Flower Moon wasn't weak at all.

They believed that Su Yuyan's words focused on Great Qin's Legatee too much. After all, with Flower Moon's current strength, they didn't have to fear anyone - why would they care about Great Qin's Legatee so much?

After hearing everyone speak, the woman in the main seat fell into her own thoughts.


Within the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Town and saw a stone stele at the center of the Town. This stone stele was one meter tall, rectangular in shape, and a black and blood-red color. There were countless corpses engraved on it, and it gave off a dense bloody aura.

This was the Chaotic World Stone Stele!

This stone stele was only a Level 0 Stone Stele at the moment, and it could only be raised through killing and conquest. The higher the level, the better the items that could be exchanged, and Zhao Fu put his hand on the stone stele to see what could be exchanged.