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 The two swords had different sixth special effects, which were [Destruction] and [Slyness].

These two special effects were just as powerful as the Seven Murders Sword's [Slaughter] special effect, but their uses were completely different.

[Destruction]: Causes soldiers to fall into a state where they destroy everything in front of them. They suppress defensive structures, formation arrays, and military formations. They also obtain [Army Destroyer's Power], increasing their attack damage and defense by 400%. Because the Army Destroyer's Power belongs to the Army Destroyer Star of the 13 General Stars, soldiers also receive Magic Damage -30%, Mental Damage -50%, and receive great resistance to illusions and mysterious arts.

The Destruction special effect not only gave powerful attack damage but also defense as well. Only then would the soldiers be able to destroy everything and unleash the Army Destroyer Star's full power. The power-up was weaker than what the Seven Murders Star's Slaughter gave, but the soldiers were able to maintain their rationality. Having control was always better than losing one's rationality and crazily massacring. The Seven Murders Star focused on killing, while the Army Destroyer Star focused on conquest; only by allowing soldiers to stay sane could they do this.

[Slyness]: Causes soldiers to fall into a strange state where their movements, speed, nimbleness, and strength increase. Soldiers will deal a massive amount of damage to Magic-type professions, and they also obtain [Voracious Wolf's Power] and the Voracious Wolf's Curse - any enemy they hit will be cursed. Because the Voracious Wolf's Power belongs to the Voracious Wolf Star of the 13 General Stars, soldiers also receive Magic Damage -30%, Mental Damage -50%, and receive great resistance to illusions and mysterious arts.

Slyness seemed weaker and less destructive than Slaughter and Destruction - after all, just from its name alone, one could tell that it wasn't for direct fighting but for strange and deceptive attacks.

This special effect made soldiers incredibly nimble and agile, and their attacks would carry the Voracious Wolf's Curse. This curse wasn't very powerful, but it was easy to cast and difficult to get rid of. It was one of the things that made Slyness so powerful.

After looking at the two swords' stats, Zhao Fu felt pleased and happily returned them to Wang Jian and Wei Liao. Afterward, he looked around at the desolated area around him and bitterly smiled, deciding to go even further away next time.


As the Myrtle Imperial Star in the Heaven Awaken World disappeared, the one in the real world also disappeared. Countless elders of families, sect masters, and hidden experts finally came back to their senses.

"The Myrtle Imperial Star has descended! The world will now descend into chaos!"

Normally, when the Myrtle Imperial Star descended during chaotic times, it foretold the appearance of the Son of Heaven, that the land would be united, and that peace would descend in the near future.

However, the situation right now was different - the Myrtle Imperial Star hadn't appeared for hundreds of years, and true Emperors and Kings had long since stopped existing. The world had been modernized, and there was no reason for the Myrtle Imperial Star to descend.

Perhaps it was because of the Heaven Awaken World that the Myrtle Imperial Star had descended in the real world. This foretold the fall of the modern era and the rise of the ancient world again. Emperors and Kings would rule once again, and China would rise. After not having the Myrtle Imperial Star descend for centuries, China's massive Fate had long since scattered and declined. Now that the first Myrtle Imperial Star had appeared in China, this meant that the lost Fate would start to return to China.

However, in this special period, there wouldn't be just one Myrtle Imperial Star - not only the Legatees, but any commoner could awaken a Myrtle Imperial Star as well.

This was because there were all sorts of Emperors and Kings in the past - many of them had been born as commoners, but they had become an Emperor because of the massive amount of Fate that they had gathered.

As such, the descent of the first Myrtle Imperial Star didn't signify peace but calamity to the world. These people all understand this, so they didn't hesitate to come out of hiding. Many of these people were more powerful than ordinary families - there were those who could leap onto roofs and fly over walls with their martial arts or blow a tree away with a punch.

The appearance of these people would, no doubt, cause a lot of chaos in the world. Many factions started to reveal themselves, mainly sects, ancient martial families, and hidden experts.

By revealing themselves all of a sudden, it almost caused the real world to collapse. Luckily, because of the efforts of the various other factions, they were able to stabilize the situation.

There were seven famous sects and 12 famous families - they didn't have the ambition to conquer the world and become Kings or Emperors, or they would have long since revealed themselves.

They didn't have any famed Generals in history, nor did they perform any glorious deeds. They represented the pure martial way. Some of them specialized in the art of war while others specialized in pure martial prowess.

If it wasn't for the Myrtle Imperial Star descending and heralding a time of chaos, they wouldn't have come out, and they would have remained in their mountains or forests. However, now, they could only choose to reveal themselves.

Apart from this, two super-factions that had existed for thousands of years in China also appeared.

One of them was the Ancient Clans. These Ancient Clans, being some of China's oldest Clans, had existed before even the Xia Dynasty had united the land.

They included the Fuxi Clan, the Xuanyuan Clan, the Shennong Clan, the Nuwa Clan, the Jintian Clan, the Youxiong Clan, the Shihuang Clan, the Kuafu Clan, etc...

These Ancient Clans often appeared in Chinese legends and myths - this demonstrated just how powerful and ancient they were.

If anyone from one of these Ancient Clans stepped out, anyone in China would have to give him face and treat him with respect. This was because the Ancient Clans were the seniors of everyone in China, so they had to be treated with respect.

These Ancient Clans didn't meddle in worldly affairs, and they instead lived in seclusion in mountains or forests. Many top-tier Chinese factions knew about their existence, but they didn't dare to disturb them, much less offend them. After all, they were the most powerful existences in China, and no other faction could rival them.

The other faction wasn't as famous as the Ancient Clans, as it had been hidden all this time - it was called 'Flower Moon.'

Flower Moon had existed very early on, ever since coins had been circulating. Legends said that it was created by a woman and that it primarily focused on business.

This faction could rival the Ancient Clans - it was not only incredibly ancient, but its influence also permeated every corner of China and the whole world.

Not only could its wealth rival that of nations, but it also controlled a lot of information - after all, the Heaven Awaken World forum had been created by Flower Moon. Currently, Flower Moon was more powerful than China's military; this was sufficient evidence of just how terrifying it was.

All of this had been caused by the Myrtle Imperial Star. These factions had all come out because of one person, and that was the person with the Son of Heaven Fate. Right now, all of the factions were searching for this person, and countless Legatees also returned to the real world and desperately looked for information on Great Qin.

Right now, the Great Qin Legatee's name had once again shaken the entire world.