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 "System announcement! The Seven Murders Star, the Voracious Wolf Star, and the Army Destroyer Star have aligned, and the Myrtle Imperial Star has descended. The first layer of the Heaven Domain Boundary has been unlocked."

"System announcement! The Seven Murders Star, the Voracious Wolf Star, and the Army Destroyer Star have aligned, and the Myrtle Imperial Star has descended. The world will descend into chaos, and the first stage of the Chaotic World has been unlocked."

After hearing these two system announcements, the government factions that knew what was happening grew extremely grim, while those who didn't know what was happening immediately looked into the detailed information of the system announcements.

There was no detailed explanation for the first system announcement about the Heaven Domain Boundary, so most people had no idea what it meant for the first layer of that to be unlocked.

There was detailed information on the second system announcement, the first stage of the Chaotic World. After the Chaotic World was opened, all villages, towns, and cities would have a Chaotic World Stone Stele, and attacking other factions would result in War Points, which could be used to exchange for items from the Chaotic World Stone Steles.

Taking down a Basic Village gave one War Point, taking down an Intermediate Village gave two War Points, taking down an Advanced Village gave three War Points, taking down a Basic Town gave four War Points, and so on and so forth.

The first stage of the Chaotic World evidently encouraged warfare and for people to attack each other, using massive benefits to attract people into fighting.

Even if someone was a pacifist and held on to his convictions and didn't attack others, in the face of such great benefits, others would still attack him and force him to fight back.

No one would be able to maintain righteousness in such an environment, and what was especially worrying was that this was only the first stage. That meant that there might be a second, third, fourth stage, and so on...

If the first stage was already so cruel, just how bloody would the next stages be? They would most likely be situations where anyone would be rewarded for killing. The restrictions on the system governmental factions would disappear, and they would be able to kill as they pleased. When that time came, everyone would be in danger, and there would no longer be a single safe place in the Heaven Awaken World.

After all, people would indiscriminately kill others in the face of the massive benefits, and when that time came, the Heaven Awaken World would become a world where there was no such thing as right or wrong.

Everyone looked at the description of the Chaotic World and realized just how cruel and bloody it was. Everyone became incredibly serious and started to think about the future.

Zhao Fu also received these two system announcements, and after going through them, his expression became extremely pensive. After thinking for a while, he cast this to the back of his mind as he had other things to take care of.

The first was the mark on the back of his hand.

[Earth Realm Mark]: The mark of being approved by the Earth Realm. It allows one to enter the Earth Realm's core and undergo the trial.

"Earth Realm?" Zhao Fu had never heard of that before, nor did he understand what it meant. However, after finding out that he could undergo a trial at the Earth Realm's core, he felt that it was most likely the mark for some sort of Legacy.

Even though he didn't understand it now, he would most likely work it out in the future. There was something else that was strange, which was that even though he didn't know this mark, it gave him a very strong sense of familiarity as if it had to do with his origins.

Zhao Fu simply couldn't figure it out, and he decided to stop thinking about it. He then looked at his Bloodline. Before, Zhao Fu had a Level 9 Royal Bloodline.

Each level of Bloodline was split into Upper, Middle, and Lower. Levels 6-9 were Advanced Bloodlines, and Levels 9-12 were Royal Bloodlines.

A Lower Level 9 Bloodline counted as an Advanced Bloodline, while a Middle Level 9 Bloodline was between an Advanced Bloodline and a Royal Bloodline. An Upper Level 9 Bloodline counted as a Royal Bloodline.

Before, Zhao Fu had an Upper Level 9 Royal Bloodline, and now that he had received the Myrtle Imperial Star's power, his Bloodline had also been enhanced into a Lower Level 10 Royal Bloodline.

The advancement in his Bloodline also caused Zhao Fu's King's Power to become stronger. Adding on the fact that the azure sealing energy had been erased from his body, Zhao Fu felt that even though he wouldn't be able to defeat a City Lord, he would be able to take on two Great Generals.

The black Fate dragon spiraling around Zhao Fu re-entered his body, making his aura seem even more noble and respectable. The dignified aura he gave off also made it difficult for people to look at him directly, and now, the aura about him was that of a true King.

Now, normal Legatees would feel a slight sense of inferiority before him. Even though Zhao Fu wasn't born as a King, he could now definitely be called a King.

"Congratulations, Your Majesty!" Bai Qi, Wei Liao, Wang Jian, and the other leaders came over and knelt down as they yelled in joy.

Zhao Fu also smiled - the Myrtle Imperial Star's descent had completely exceeded Zhao Fu's expectations, and he had never even given much thought to this. It was all thanks to Bai Qi, Wei Liao, and Wang Jian - without their three General Stars, his Myrtle Imperial Star wouldn't have descended.

After telling them to rise, Zhao Fu asked Wang Jian and Wei Liao to show him their General Armaments.

General Armaments required Soldier Souls, and when Soldier Souls fused to create a General Armament, they would unlock the General's Fate. The weapon would then be affected by the General Star, creating a General Armament. Because Zhao Fu didn't have the materials required to fuse a King Armament, he didn't obtain an Imperial Star Sword.

Looking at the black and green swords in his hands, the Army Destroyer Sword gave off an aura of destruction and conquest, while the Voracious Wolf Sword gave off a cold and mysterious aura. Both of them felt extremely powerful, and Zhao Fu started to look at their stats:

[Army Destroyer Sword]: Grade: Epic, Stats: Strength +28, Intelligence +15, Constitution +17, Agility +15, Description: A weapon strengthened by Ghost Strengthening Stones. After fusing with a General Armament and the power of the Army Destroyer General Star, it has become the General Armament Army Destroyer Sword.

[Voracious Wolf Sword]: Grade: Epic, Stats: Strength +20, Intelligence +25, Constitution +18, Agility +17, Description: Originally the Earth Crystal God Sword, but after fusing with a General Armament and the power of the Voracious Wolf General Star, it has become the General Armament Voracious Wolf Sword.

These two General Armaments' stats were both slightly better than the Seven Murders Sword. This was because the Seven Murders Sword had been formed from the Star Slashing Sword, which had only been Half-Legendary grade at the time.

On the other hand, the Army Destroyer Sword and Voracious Wolf Sword had both been formed from Legendary grade weapons. The Voracious Wolf Sword's stats were the best, as the Earth Crystal God Sword had originally been an Epic grade weapon.

The two swords each had six special effects. The first five, [General's Power], [General's Courage], [General's Light], [General's Soldiers], and [Soldier Aura Formation] were the same as the Seven Murders Sword.

The first four special effects could be stacked, and having three General Armaments was far more powerful than having a single one. The fifth special effect, [Soldier Aura Formation], condensed soldiers' auras into different forms - Bai Qi's was a blood-red eagle, and Zhao Fu wondered what Wang Jian and Wei Liao's would be.