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 "Myrtle Imperial Star!" countless elders, sect masters, and hidden experts cried out as they looked at that violet star.

The Myrtle Imperial Star represented an Emperor, and it contained boundless majesty and dignity. It represented absolute and supreme power; the power to rule the world.

Logically speaking, the Myrtle Imperial Star shouldn't appear in the real world, as the world had become incredibly turbid and there hadn't been true Emperors in the world for a long time.

Even though some countries still had royal or imperial families, they were mere symbols and figureheads without any actual power and thus quite different from traditional Kings and Emperors.

Of course, this had to do with the current times. Zhao Fu wasn't sure why, but there weren't any modern countries recognized by the Heaven Awaken World's system.

The Myrtle Imperial Star disappeared after the Qing Dynasty, and this had heralded the end of imperialism in China. Many people expected the Myrtle Imperial Star to appear after the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world, but never in their wildest dreams had they have expected it to appear now, and in the real world as well.

The Myrtle Imperial Star was extremely low in the sky, so it seemed enormous. Many people had no idea what it was, so they just took photos and posted them on the internet.

Many experts had no way of explaining what this star was, as it was so strange, and only some elderly people respectfully knelt down upon seeing the star.

Many young people didn't understand why these elderly people would suddenly kneel down, and they only found out after asking. It turned out that the violet star in the sky was the Myrtle Imperial Star, and its appearance signified that someone with the Son of Heaven Fate had appeared.

However, most young people snorted and mocked the elderly people for believing in such things - they were simply a bunch of outdated and stubborn old fellows. However, these people had no idea what would happen after the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world.

Within the Heaven Awaken World, the violet star shot down a violet pillar of starlight that covered Zhao Fu's body. Zhao Fu felt both his body and spirit tremble - the energy from the pillar of light was extremely comfortable, and he felt as if both his body and spirit were being cleansed and evolving.

In the real world, Zhao Fu's body, which was lying on the bed, gave off traces of noble violet aura.

At that moment, an elder wearing a white Taoist robe with a beard that reached his chest detected this violet aura and looked incredibly confused. He would never have thought that the person who had awakened the Myrtle Imperial Star would be in the Ying family.

Just who was it? Normal people wouldn't be able to awaken the Myrtle Imperial Star; at the very least, it had to be someone with a nation or state's Legacy. However, with the current situation, it had to be...

Suddenly, after connecting various dots, the Taoist realized something and felt cold sweat roll down his back - Great Qin's Legatee was incredibly devious; he had actually been hiding within the Ying family. No wonder the Ying family couldn't find him no matter where they searched!

However, the Taoist didn't dare to use any techniques to find Zhao Fu's specific location. Now that the Myrtle Imperial Star had descended, if he dared to do anything to Great Qin's Legatee, that would simply be seeking death. It was possible that he would be devoured by Fate and explode.

Within the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu lightly closed his eyes and received the Myrtle Imperial Star's power. A 100-meter long black dragon appeared and circled around where Zhao Fu was.

Zhao Fu's Fate dragon was now no longer a shade but completely corporeal. It had black scales, sharp claws, a pointed horn, and a pair of eyes that gave off an air of seriousness and domineeringness as if it had a life of its own.

As Zhao Fu was enjoying the power of the Myrtle Imperial Star, the other Legatees wiped away the blood from their mouths and looked at the violet star. The Fate dragons within their bodies were curled up, not daring to move at all.

As soon as the Myrtle Imperial Star had appeared, it had brought with it a massive amount of Fate Power, causing the Fate within their bodies to shrink back and injuring them. Now, between them and Zhao Fu, it wasn't just a matter of strength but also the difference between a real dragon - a Heaven-Ordained Dragon - and a fake dragon.

Even though they had all received the legacies of nations and empires and a massive amount of Fate, without the Myrtle Imperial Star, they didn't have the right to become the rulers of the world or become a true King or Emperor.

This was a great blow to many of them, and some of them were in incredibly low spirits. They could all feel the massive suppression from the Myrtle Imperial Star in the distance.

They were all clear as to who had awoken the Myrtle Imperial Star - after all, that star was filled with Great Qin's aura.

When they thought of this, they felt quite bitter. It wasn't just the four other Legatees of the five Great Dynasties, but even Tina Pendragon's expression became quite dim.

Within a pavilion, there was also a trace of blood on Wu Qingniang's lips. Her beautiful eyes gazed at the violet star, and she felt helpless. She had once again experienced how powerful Great Qin was and felt that if Great Zhou faced off against Great Qin in the future, Great Zhou would definitely lose.

On a hill, Li Baiqing also had a trace of blood on his lips as he looked incredibly worried. He felt an immense sense of danger from Great Qin's Legatee - this was probably his greatest enemy in his lifetime!

On the Westfall Restaurant, He Xianru laughed wildly. Her cool and rational demeanor was completely gone, and there were very few things that could make her feel like this.

She had never expected that Zhao Fu would not only unlock the Seven Murders Star but also the Voracious Wolf, the Army Destroyer, and, most importantly, the Myrtle Imperial Star. This meant that he was destined to be an Emperor in the future; this was something that couldn't be changed. The other four branches of the School of Yin Yang had failed, while everything that she had done had been worth it.

Elsewhere, after steadying his emotions, a serious look appeared on Zhang Heng's face. Everyone had underestimated Great Qin and its potential, including himself. Great Qin's future was now unlimited, and he had been too self-confident.

Su Yan's expression was incredibly ugly - he had greatly underestimated Great Qin. Now that the Myrtle Imperial Star had descended, he understood that it was likely that he would lose. If he lost, his end would be quite tragic, and he started to feel much less confident. Now that Great Qin's Legatee had the Myrtle Imperial Star, even if he went through near-death experiences, he would still make it through.

Back at Great Qin, the violet pillar of starlight gradually became smaller, and Zhao Fu felt as if he had a new body. Every part of his body seemed to have been refined, and the azure sealing energy within his body had been fully erased, bringing him back to the peak of his strength.

As the violet pillar of starlight shrank, the abnormal signs also started to disappear.

Finally, just as the violet pillar of starlight became as thin as a finger, a wave of energy lightly raised Zhao Fu's right hand, and the starlight fell on the back of his hand. Zhao Fu felt a wave of pain as a mark appeared on the back of his hand.

This mark was a circle with eight mysterious and profound-looking symbols within it. They were arranged evenly around the edge of the circle, and there was a black dot in the center. Zhao Fu didn't recognize this mark, but it gave him a sense of familiarity.

Finally, the abnormal signs all disappeared, and the Myrtle Imperial Star and the other stars disappeared from the sky. At that moment, everyone in the Heaven Awaken World received two pieces of information.