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 Zhao Fu quickly fused the 100 Soldier Souls into ten Divine Soldier Souls and then gave the sword back to Wang Jian for him to complete the final steps.

Wang Jian walked up with a serious expression, and the ten Divine Soldier Souls shined with a brilliant white light and floated into the air, forming a circle with him at the center.

The light that the Divine Soldier Souls gave off became brighter and brighter and more and more piercing until they formed ten massive orbs of light, seeming to call and respond to each other.

_BOOM!!!_ __

A grand explosion sounded out as the ten massive balls of light exploded with an awesome power, causing the heavens and earth to tremble.

In that instant, the clouds swirled, and the heavens and earth dimmed as a massive storm gathered around Wang Jian and erupted outwards. Sand and small rocks flew into the air as large trees trembled, making it seem as if there was some sort of natural disaster.

At that moment, the ten orbs of light condensed into the figures of ten soldiers, which then dissolved into traces of violet aura.

_BOOM!!_ __

Yet another explosion rang out as a gigantic violet star, giving off a noble-looking starlight and a mighty aura, appeared above Great Qin.

As soon as this abnormal sign appeared, countless espers and ability-users from various factions detected something and hurried outside to look at the resplendent star in the sky.

In the center of the storm, under the violet star, Wang Jian raised his Legendary grade sword and yelled as countless traces of black aura streamed out from his body.


A massive sound that sounded as if something had been destroyed rang out as a black pillar of light shot out from Wang Jian's body and shot upwards towards that massive violent star.

The terrifying black pillar of light shot into the violet star, causing the noble-looking violet star to be dyed black in an instant. It now gave off a shocking black light and an icy killing intent that couldn't be restrained, and it seemed to want to destroy everything.

The countless people who were watching the violet star turn black felt their pupils constrict as they cried out in shock, "Army Destroyer!"

Out of all of the General Stars, the Army Destroyer Star was the most devastating star. It had incredible battle strength and destroyed all of its enemies. Wherever the Army Destroyer Star attacked, nothing would be able to stop it; everything in its path would be destroyed.

In history, Wang Jian's General Star had been the Army Destroyer Star - indeed, only someone with the Army Destroyer Fate could destroy five states and end that warring period.


An explosion sounded out as a black pillar of starlight also descended from the sky and covered Wang Jian's body, causing the air to explode and sending ripples in all directions. Zhao Fu had long since prepared for that and used his King's Domain to defend against that energy.

Under the black pillar of starlight, Wang Jian started to change. As the starlight entered his body, he began to give off a terrifying aura that seemed to cause the air to freeze.

An air of savageness appeared about Wang Jian as traces of black aura came from his body - this was the Army Destroyer baleful aura. This aura made it feel as if he was a spear of destruction that nothing could defend against.

At that moment, the ten orbs of light drew towards Wang Jian and entered the sword that he was raising.

The gray sword was first turned into a majestic violet color before turning completely black and giving off a powerful attacking aura, and the words 'Army Destroyer' were inscribed on the blade.

Finally, the Army Destroyer Sword took form!

The black pillar of starlight gradually became smaller before disappearing, and the black star in the sky also gradually faded away.

Countless people stared at the Army Destroyer Star, feeling quite shocked inside. However, they weren't as shocked as when the Seven Murders Star had appeared - now that someone's General Star had already returned, it wasn't as shocking anymore.

However, it was still the Army Destroyer Star, one of the three Great General Stars, so countless people still paid attention to it and tried to guess who it was that had done this. What everyone cared about even more was that the Army Destroyer had yet again appeared in the north.

Could it be that the Army Destroyer Star was linked to Great Qin?

After not making a lot of noise in a while, Great Qin's fame had been gradually overshadowed by other things. Now that Great Qin had fallen silent, the other factions were able to let out a breath of relief.

However, now that the Army Destroyer Star had appeared, all of the factions couldn't help but gnash their teeth and wonder why Great Qin couldn't just give it a rest and had to make them so anxious all of the time.

Of course, whether it was the Seven Murders Star or the Army Destroyer Star, it was possible that they didn't belong to Great Qin - this was something that very few people could verify.

However, the places where they had appeared was simply too strange - they had both appeared in the northern area of the Midland Continent. In that region, the most powerful and mysterious faction was clearly Great Qin!

No matter what happened there, everyone couldn't help but think about Great Qin. Many of the factions in the north were able to develop in relative peace because they had Great Qin as a deterrent. This was especially so for some of the weaker factions that could secretly develop; this was quite a benefit for them.

Within Holy Light City's Westfall Restaurant, He Xianru was wearing an elegant but simple-looking purple dress as she stood at the top of the building and looked at the disappearing Army Destroyer Star. She slightly smiled and looked down at the long strands of Fate around her that looked like dragons - they had become stronger yet again. They hadn't increased in number but had rather increased in quality and strength.

"I await that day to come!" He Xianru looked away as she smiled and muttered to herself.

In another region, Zhang Heng was riding on his donkey when he suddenly looked into the distance and lightly laughed, "Great Qin has obtained another General Star, and it's the unstoppable Army Destroyer. Adding on the Seven Murders, I'm afraid no one will be able to stop them in the future.

"Senior apprentice brother, looks like you've made quite some trouble for yourself this time. I wonder if he can neutralize this danger? If he can't, even if master shows up, he might not necessarily be able to protect him."

At another place within the Midland Continent, Su Yan was wearing white clothes and had a folded fan in his hand as he stood at the summit of a mountain. He looked into the horizon with a serious look before laughing and saying, "Great Qin, you're indeed very powerful, and things have become difficult for me. However, I like it more like this! Great Qin really hasn't disappointed me; the more powerful it is the better. Only then will I use my full strength to fight against it and destroy it."

Si Ji, Di Wutian, Ji Shenming, and Liu Ye all looked towards the north, remaining silent. After a while, they turned to the people next to them and asked how they too could have their Generals' stars return to them.

All of the espers and ability-users could only bitterly shake their heads. Ever since the Seven Murders Star had descended, they had been trying all sorts of methods to unseal General Stars, but they all failed.

Just as everyone was about to look away, a gigantic violet star once again descended, but it immediately transformed into a resplendent green star.

This caused countless peoples' bodies to freeze as they once again looked at the sky in the north in shock.