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 Zhao Fu had personally experienced the might of this sword, and whether if it was its stats or destructive might, it was much better than normal Legendary grade weapons - as expected from a weapon that had once been Epic grade.

Zhao Fu didn't plan to use this sword, and he decided to leave it for Wei Liao to fuse into a General Armament. With this sword's strength, if it could become a General Armament, its might would become many times more terrifying. This was something that Zhao Fu looked forward to greatly.

Wang Jian had a Half-Legendary grade sword, and comparatively speaking, it was a bit lacking to be used to fuse a General Armament.

Zhao Fu thought to the Ghost Strengthening Stones that he had remaining and decided to use them. After all, they had obtained Wang Jian's sword from the underground region, and it contained a dense deathly aura. After being initially strengthened, it had become a Half-Legendary grade weapon, and its attributes were most likely suitable for Ghost Strengthening Stones to be used on it. Zhao Fu would take care of this later.

His gaze now fell on the second item - it was a golden orb of light that was about as big as a fist that seemed to have a dragon swimming around within it.

This dragon looked like a divine dragon, but the difference was that its horns were straight. It also had a pair of wings with golden feathers, and its eyes gave off a serious and dangerous aura.

Zhao Fu looked at this golden orb and had thought that it would have a human figure within it like Soldier Souls, but he found that it was actually a dragon. He held the orb in his hand and felt a powerful might within it - Zhao Fu was quite familiar with this power, as it was the same as the power that came from his King's Ring.

Zhao Fu fused the King's Ring using the Ancient King Armament Shard, which contained immense Ancient King's Power. This orb also gave off that sort of Ancient King's Power, but there was less King's Power within this orb than within the Shard. Moreover, even though they were both King's Power, they were from different sources.

Finally, Zhao Fu had also seen that dragon on many pieces of equipment that they had obtained from the underground region. Even the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation had this dragon's picture on it.

Suddenly, the dots all connected for Zhao Fu - he realized that this underground region was something that a powerful empire in the ancient times had left behind.

Zhao Fu knew very little about this empire, but he could tell how powerful it had been just from the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation alone. Moreover, the surrounding ten-kilometer radius area was filled with the skeletons of all sorts of powerful beings - Dragons, Angels, Demons, High Elves, and some other strange races. If this wasn't a good indicator of the strength of this empire, what was?

Zhao Fu suddenly felt a trace of danger towards the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, feeling that it could be both a blessing and a curse. This empire had most likely fallen a long time ago. Zhao Fu had no way of telling how, but he was determined to find more information about it in the future.

Following this, he looked at the orb's stats:

[King Remnant Soul]: A powerful soul of someone directly descended from a Royal Bloodline created after death. This item contains King's Power and can be used to strengthen other items. It is the core item for fusing a King Armament.

"Fusing a King Armament requires a King Remnant Soul?" Before, Zhao Fu had thought that he would be able to fuse a King Armament out of an ordinary piece of equipment after gathering 24 General Armaments.

Within its sword, the Sky Demon stared at the King Remnant Sword, its saliva pouring from its mouth onto the ground. It had been greatly attracted by the General Soul, and this King Remnant Soul was much more attractive to it.

Detecting the Sky Demon's gaze, Zhao Fu immediately put the King Remnant Soul into his King's Ring and said without any room for negotiation, "Don't even think about it! It's impossible!"

The Sky Demon yelled unhappily before retreating angrily into the depths of the sword.

Following this, Zhao Fu turned his gaze to the third item. The item looked like an eyeball, but it was made out of crystal. It didn't look like it had been carved; rather, it seemed to be like a person's eyeball.

[Crystalrealm Eye of Destruction]: An eyeball created through special means that has an extremely powerful eye technique sealed within it. It is a very dangerous item.

"A very dangerous item?" Within the Heaven Awaken World, very few things were labeled as a 'very dangerous item' - only items with extremely terrifying power would have such a description. For example, the Ancient King Armament Shard that Zhao Fu had obtained had also been described as such - did that mean this eyeball had a similar power?

This seemed to be a single-use item, and because Zhao Fu had no idea how powerful it was, he could only put it away for now.

Finally, Zhao Fu looked at the fourth item.

This item was a dagger that was completely black and seemed to be made of iron or stone. It felt abnormally cold to the touch as if it was filled with an icy aura that would suddenly rush into one's body. In fact, it even affected one's vitality, and Zhao Fu immediately used his King's Power to defend against that energy. He also noticed that there were many gray runes on the dagger.

This dagger was quite strange, and even when he was just holding it in his hand, it was already messing with his vitality. Once one's vitality was completely disrupted or destroyed, one would die.

[Death Dagger]: A forbidden item that contains a large amount of deathly aura and has many forbidden curses. It is extremely lethal, and it can instantly destroy one's vitality and kill (This dagger can only be used five times, and it costs one's lifespan each time it is used. This dagger has already been used once and can still be used four times).

It seemed that this dagger was indeed quite monstrous - no wonder Zhao Fu had felt it interfering with his vitality when he had first touched it. That was most likely the massive deathly aura.

Zhao Fu felt that this dagger was very powerful, and it would be a great tool to use to assassinate someone. However, the cost to use it was quite great, and it could only be used five times in total. One's lifespan determined how long one could live for in the Heaven Awaken World, and once one reached the end of one's lifespan, one would get sick or die from old age in the Heaven Awaken World.

Looking at the Death Dagger in his hand, a plan formed within Zhao Fu's mind. This plan was incredibly shameless, sinister, and cruel, but it was still a plan that he wanted to use.

After Zhao Fu put the Death Dagger away, it was time for the exciting event. Zhao Fu took out 200 Soldier Souls and called Wang Jian and Wei Liao over to an empty plot of land.

"Wang Jian, give me your sword for a moment," Zhao Fu said with a smile.

Wang Jian understood what was about to happen, and he looked ecstatic. He drew his sword and respectfully handed it to Zhao Fu.

After receiving it, Zhao Fu took out a few Ghost Strengthening Stones and started to use them on Wang Jian's sword. The Ghost Strengthening Stones turned into traces of ghostly qi before entering the sword.

After using a few Ghost Strengthening Stones, the sword became an ordinary Legendary grade sword. It was now gray and gave a cold and eerie feeling when holding it.

Now, it was time to fuse the Soldier Souls.