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 Zhao Fu temporarily didn't have time to look at these four items. He put them into his King's Ring for now before turning his gaze to the other battles.

First, there were countless soldiers at the left side of the passage, and the blood-red eagle was helping them. They were killing most of the Skeletons that were charging at them.

Below, the ground was littered with bones, all of them from Skeleton soldiers. They had fallen from ten or so meters up, and without their deathly aura supporting them, they became incredibly brittle and shattered easily. The bones of tens of thousands of Skeletons piled together was quite an awesome sight.

Out of the three Skeleton Generals, the first one to be killed was the Skeleton Archer General. It had originally been suppressed by Zhang Dahu and Old Logue, and with the Black and White Impermanences joining in, its fate had been decided.

In the end, the ones who had killed it were the Black and White Impermanences! The Skeleton Archer General was shot by an arrow from Zhang Dahu and stumbled backward, falling to the side. The Black and White Impermanences suddenly hugged together and waved their wooden sticks simultaneously, causing the image of a gray wooden stick that was half a meter wide and ten meters long to suddenly attack. The image slammed down on the Skeleton General, and the massive force crushed the Skeleton Archer General's body immediately.

After killing the Skeleton Archer General, they picked up the items that it dropped and walked towards Zhao Fu. As they moved, their large breasts rippled, making them seem extremely seductive.

Zhao Fu had ignored them before, and only now did he realize how shocking they were. Their clothes were unable to keep their breasts steady, and their breasts shook greatly as they walked. Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel his gaze attracted to them.

Hei Xiaojie detected Zhao Fu's gaze and smiled as she looked at him flirtatiously. Following this, Zhao Fu came back to his senses and looked at the other battles.

Saar slashed down with his large saber towards the Skeleton Shieldbearer General, causing it to bring with it a large ray of saber light. The Skeleton General used its shield to block as Doke attacked from the other side. His spear stabbed out suddenly, the spearhead giving off a cold light as it pierced towards the back of the Skeleton General's head.

The Skeleton General could only use its saber to block when suddenly, a massive figure appeared behind it. The Goblin Warrior, Lakje, raised his two-meter tall shield before slamming it down on the Skeleton General, and the massive force sent the Skeleton General flying backward.

Standing by the side, a white light appeared around Daisy, and she exuded a pure and holy aura as she lifted her hand and pointed towards the Skeleton General. A white light shot out, instantly reaching the Skeleton General.


The white light split into seven rings and slammed against the Skeleton General. A massive explosion rang out as the Skeleton General's body collapsed and scattered in all directions.

Finally, Zhao Fu's gaze fell on the Skeleton Cavalry General. This Skeleton General was riding on its Skeleton horse and looked wretched as it was chased by the ten King's Undead Cavalrymen.

In the end, the ten King's Undead Cavalrymen caught up to it and once again encircled it. The Skeleton General unleashed a gray deathly aura from its body and swept out with its spear, bringing with it a powerful spear light, wanting to knock the King's Undead Cavalry and escape from the encirclement.

However, the ten King's Undead Cavalrymen's bodies shined with a faint golden light, and they simultaneously raised their spears and ignored the Skeleton General's spear light as they simultaneously thrust out.


Ten golden spears, bringing with them a sharp golden light, pierced through the air and stabbed through various places on the Skeleton General's body.

The spirit flame in the Skeleton General's head violently trembled before finally extinguishing, and its body collapsed and fell from the Skeleton horse. Seeing this, the Skeleton horse whinnied sadly and chose to die as well; its spirit flame continuously grew smaller and smaller until it disappeared, and its body also collapsed.

This horse was quite loyal - it died with its master when they were both alive, and now, it chose to die with him again.

Following this, they cleaned up the rest of the Skeletons before collecting the spoils.

There were 136 casualties on Great Qin's side, and there were 1,300 soldiers who were injured. There weren't as many deaths as expected, and this was thanks to their preparations and the blood-red eagle. Without these things, Great Qin's casualties would have been far greater.

Comparatively speaking, their gains were far greater. They obtained 80,000 pieces of Normal grade equipment, 41,000 pieces of Blue grade equipment, 3,200 pieces of Silver grade equipment, eight pieces of Gold grade equipment, and one piece of Legendary grade equipment.

The reason why there were so many pieces of equipment despite there only being 50,000 or so Skeletons was because each of the Skeletons carried multiple pieces of equipment, whether it was armor or weapons.

However, by this point in time, equipment wasn't as important to Great Qin because they obtained 40,000 pieces of Silver grade equipment during the Ghost Festival. Now, each of the 20,000 Great Qin soldiers had at least two pieces of Silver grade equipment.

The equipment wasn't as attractive to Zhao Fu, but there was something else that greatly excited Zhao Fu - those were Soldier Souls. This time, they had obtained 178 Soldier Souls, and adding on the ones they had from before, he now had enough to fuse two General Armaments.

This made Zhao Fu feel incredibly excited - the value of two General Armaments was simply incredible. For now, he ordered the soldiers to construct some stairs to the bottom in preparation to start mining this large energy stone mine.

Afterward, Zhao Fu went to the bottom of the energy stone mine and stretched out his hand to touch a large vein of energy stones. This wasn't just a large energy stone but a super-large mine, and its value was many times that of the Bronze Concentrate Mine. With this energy stone mine, everything that he had done was worth it.

Zhao Fu returned to the surface feeling quite reassured, and he turned his gaze to the items that the Skeleton Generals had dropped. The Skeleton Archer General, Skeleton Shieldbearer General, and the Skeleton Cavalry General had each dropped four items.

First, each of their weapons was Half-Legendary grade equipment, and the weapons had most likely been Half-Epic grade weapons before.

They also dropped exquisite Refined Martial Souls that could give S grade skills and three Undead General Profession Change Stones. They would allow three people to become Undead Generals just like Li Wen. There were also three General Souls, which could also be fused into a General Armament.

What surprised Zhao Fu was that even the Skeleton Cavalry General's horse had dropped something - it was a Horse Jade Soul.

Horse Jade Souls were important for Horse Dens, as they could increase the number of horses that spawned per day and the strength of horses. It was a very good item, and its stats were the same as the Horse Jade Soul that Zhao Fu had obtained before.

Finally, the Skeleton Commander that had wielded the crystal sword also dropped four items.

The first was that crystal sword. It looked incredibly beautiful and gave off a faint crystalline light, and the blade was transparent. The blade was three finger widths wide and 1.3 meters long, and its style was quite western, looking like a cross.

[Earth Crystal God Sword]: Grade: Legendary, Stats: Strength +20, Intelligence +10, Constitution +12, Agility +11, Description: A famous sword in ancient times that has become Legendary grade due to the passage of time. This sword contains [Holy Crystal's Power].