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 At the bottom of the energy stone mine, a Skeleton slowly stood up. The Skeleton held a crystal sword and had a golden spirit flame in its head, and its bones were white and as flawless as jade. Its mighty aura caused those in this region to freeze in shock.

This Skeleton was incredibly powerful, and Zhao Fu stood his ground, clearly detecting this power.

The sword that it held was definitely a Legendary grade weapon. It had been corroded through the passage of time, and since Legendary grade weapons definitely would have become Gold grade weapons, this weapon must have been an Epic grade weapon before.

After standing up, the Skeleton's gaze fell on the Skeleton Archer General, and the Skeleton's body turned into a ray of light as it rushed over.

It seemed that in just a few seconds, this Skeleton would be joining the battle.

However, at that moment, Zhao Fu drew his Slaughtering Ghost Sword and sent his King's Power into it before stabbing it into the ground. A blood-red semicircle immediately expanded outwards and brought the Skeleton into the Slaughterfield Domain.

The Skeleton looked up at the blood-colored sky and looked down at the corpses on the ground before looking over at Zhao Fu.


The Skeleton's crystal sword hummed as it shot out a massive amount of sword light. The Skeleton instantly traversed over 100 meters and appeared in front of Zhao Fu as it swung its sword, bringing with it a massive amount of sword qi.


Zhao Fu was quite surprised and quickly brought the Slaughtering Ghost Sword up to block the strike. A massive wave of energy passed through his sword, causing his body to slide back ten meters before he could steady himself.

This Skeleton was simply too powerful, and with his current strength, Zhao Fu couldn't defeat it. Out of the 70 or so Sky Ghost Treasure Sacks that they had obtained during the Ghost Festival, they had obtained three Unsealing Stones. As such, Zhao Fu had no choice but to use one of them now. The sealing power within his body disappeared as a feeling of might and power spread throughout his body.


The Skeleton appeared above Zhao Fu, and its sword seemed to give off an aura that could split apart all things as it hacked downwards towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's eyes flew open as a black light burst forth from his body, and he gripped his sword as he heavily swung it upwards to defend.


The air seemed to explode as the two swords collided, bursting forth with destructive power and causing the ground to crack, creating a 20-meter wide crater.

The Skeleton sinisterly gazed at Zhao Fu, surprised that Zhao Fu could match its strength. It bore down with its sword, forcing Zhao Fu to lean backward. Following this, its body once again disappeared and reappeared at Zhao Fu's side, slashing horizontally.


The sound of metal colliding pierced through in a thousand meter radius as Zhao Fu spun, once again blocking the Skeleton's attack with his sword.

However, in the next moment, the Skeleton once again disappeared and attacked from the other side.

_Bang! Bang! Bang!_

The Skeleton was incredibly fast, and it continuously disappeared and reappeared, attacking Zhao Fu from all angles. The battle between the two of them caused sword light to shoot everywhere, forming a gigantic gale. The ground over which they fought was left completely decimated, with countless deep sword gashes all over the place.

The Skeleton's attacks were ferocious and extremely fast, not even giving Zhao Fu an opportunity to breathe. Zhao Fu felt incredibly displeased that he was being suppressed by this Skeleton.


The Skeleton swung its sword, which brought with it a sharp light, and Zhao Fu circulated all of his King's Power and sent it into the Slaughtering Ghost Sword. The Slaughtering Ghost Sword gave off a terrifying bloody light, and Zhao Fu slashed it furiously, causing it to leave behind a shocking blood-red light. As the swords collided, Zhao Fu finally forced the Skeleton to retreat and stopped its momentum.

However, the Skeleton immediately recovered and sprang towards Zhao Fu. At that moment, Zhao Fu drew the Sky Demon Sword and stabbed it into the ground. A large amount of demonic qi flowed out of the Sky Demon Sword, dyeing the ground black.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand, and his King's Seal appeared on his palm. When it saw this, the Skeleton, that was now only five meters away, suddenly stopped and retreated.

_Swish! Swish! Swish!_

Countless black spikes stabbed up from the ground, piercing through the Skeleton's body and raising it 20 or so meters into the air.

This attack caused the Skeleton's spirit flame to slightly dwindle - it seemed that it had taken considerable damage from this. The Skeleton raised the crystal sword in its hand, and the sword suddenly gave off strange ripples. Following this, the Skeleton slashed at the black spikes stabbing into its body, causing them to turn into crystals and shatter.

The Skeleton fell from the sky and gave off a tremendous sword aura as it slashed downwards towards Zhao Fu. In response, Zhao Fu pointed at it with the Slaughtering Ghost Sword and lightly cried, "Seal!"

Suddenly, the massive domain shrank and turned into a sealing energy that attached to the Skeleton's body. Because they were both within the Slaughterfield Domain, Zhao Fu could use its power as he wished. This energy caused the falling Skeleton to slightly pause!

At that moment, Zhao Fu brought out an Evil-Crushing Spear and sent his power into it. The Evil-Crushing Spear shined with a silver light, and the runes on it moved and gave off powerful Evil-Crushing Power.


Zhao Fu used all of his strength to throw the Evil-Crushing Spear. The spear shot out a massive amount of silver light, and there was some lightning crackling around it as it pierced through the Skeleton's chest, creating a fist-sized hole and heavily injuring the Skeleton.


Just as Zhao Fu was about to take out another Evil-Crushing Spear and finish off the Skeleton, the Skeleton suddenly roared and exploded out with a terrifying might. It easily broke free of the sealing energy, and its body twisted as it loosed an incredibly powerful strike, causing a 20-meter long sword light to rush down towards Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu was sent flying backward by the attack, and as the sword light hit the ground, it caused the ground to instantly crystallize. Zhao Fu had used his sword to block, but he hadn't been able to fully block the attack, causing the clothes on his right shoulder to turn into crystals. The massive energy also split open Zhao Fu's shoulder, causing blood to flow out from it.


After the Skeleton landed, the spirit flame in its head once again dwindled and became smaller by two-thirds. It seemed that it had paid a great price to unleash such a terrifying power.

When he saw this, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that this Skeleton was like an arrow that was at the end of its flight. He disregarded the injury on his right shoulder and rushed up with his sword, continuously attacking the Skeleton. The Skeleton was forced to defend with all of its might but continuously retreated.

"Roarrr!!" At that moment, the Skeleton exploded out with the remainder of its strength and was finally able to counterattack again, suddenly stabbing its sword towards Zhao Fu's throat.

Zhao Fu dodged to the side and swept upwards heavily with his sword, hitting the Skeleton and sending it flying up into the air. As soon as he did this, he switched over to the Sky Demon Sword and pointed at the Skeleton with it.

A massive demon's figure shot out from the sword and flew towards the Skeleton with a monstrous demonic aura.

The Skeleton in the air struggled with the last of its strength and once again slashed out a ray of sword light, turning the demon's image into a large crystal that exploded into crystal dust and scattered.


At that moment, a silver ray of light, bringing with it massive force, shot up from below and pierced through the Skeleton's chest. The spirit fire in the Skeleton's head once again flickered before disappearing.

The Skeleton's body collapsed in mid-air, and countless bones crashed to the ground. The jade-white bones lost their luster and became a pile of ordinary bones again.

At the same time, the Skeleton dropped four items.