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 Zhao Fu stealthily went to a classroom by himself without making any noise. Only the teacher was speaking, and the rest of the classroom was quite quiet as all of the students held books and focused on the lesson.

Looking at how earnestly these students were studying, Zhao Fu felt quite satisfied and thought back to when he was a student. This place was for teaching all sorts of subjects to produce Officials and Ministers for Great Qin in the future.

Here, there was no need to worry about corruption and abuse of power, and because Zhao Fu wasn't an incapable ruler, it was unlikely that any of those things would manifest.

Zhao Fu would always maintain complete transparency and fairness, but he only wanted those with true capabilities and talent. As such, he would set many tests and trials to differentiate the talented from the others, but that was all for the future.

Of course, Zhao Fu wouldn't only have them taught about management - that was simply too short-sighted. In order to be a good Official or Minister, they had to learn about history, philosophy, society, and all sorts of other things that couldn't just be learned from books.

That was why Zhao Fu was opposed to the Confucian teachings that reduced students to trash who only knew how to study and read. Zhao Fu didn't want to see the students of Great Qin become scholars who were incapable of anything else.

At that moment, even though Zhao Fu had been very quiet, he was still detected by the teacher. The teacher looked over, and his face froze. He immediately put his book down and was about to pay his respects when Zhao Fu signaled for him to continue with the lesson. However, the teacher's sudden movements caught the students' attention, and they all looked over.

Immediately, all of the students in the classroom stood up with different expressions: happiness, excitement, and admiration. They all paid their respects to Zhao Fu and felt incredibly excited that he came to visit them in the Academy.

This was because Zhao Fu was not only an important figure but also the future Emperor of Great Qin; the greatest existence in Great Qin. As such, they couldn't help but feel incredibly excited. As Great Qin gained more and more people, there were still many who had never seen Zhao Fu before and had only heard of His Majesty's heroism and might.

Zhao Fu felt somewhat awkward - he had only wanted to take a look and had never thought that things would become like this. Facing their tender and pure gazes, Zhao Fu felt a calmness within his heart. He smiled as he gestured for them to continue with the lesson as he left.

Zhao Fu didn't regard men as superior to women, and his ideology was quite modern, allowing both men and women to study in the Academy. In terms of governmental positions, he wouldn't discriminate either. Those with the ability would be able to claim the role that they wanted regardless of their gender.

If this was in ancient times, such a thing would be impossible. However, times had changed, and even though this was the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu refused to comply with such backward thinking.

After visiting the Civil Institution within the Academy, Zhao Fu went to visit the Martial Institution.

Comparatively speaking, the Martial Institution was much more lively than the Civil Institution. On the field, students wielded all sorts of weapons, and to prevent any injuries, these weapons were all made from wood. Because there were many people training at once, it was quite noisy.

The Martial Institution taught one how to fight, the art of war, and some other basic knowledge. It developed national pride and leadership in the students.

Zhao Fu discovered quite a few young seedlings with talent who had decent skills and could defeat many people of the same age as them. Moreover, they seemed to be quite intelligent as well.

Overall, Zhao Fu was quite satisfied with the Academy's Civil Institution and Martial Institution. After returning to the Town Hall, he called Li Si over.

Soon, Li Si walked in and paid his respects as he asked, "Your Majesty, what matters do you have for this subordinate?"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he replied, "It's not much; I just went around the Great Qin Town and found that the facilities are simply flawless. You must have spent a great deal of time and effort."

Li Si felt quite grateful within his heart and he smiled as he lowered his head and cupped his hands as he replied, "These are all things that this subordinate should be doing!"

"Alright, no need to be so modest. The Great Qin Town is well-managed and the internal affairs are in good order because of your hard work." Zhao Fu didn't hold back his praise.

Li Si felt incredibly happy but couldn't express it. Because Zhao Fu was his liege, he couldn't break etiquette between liege and subject, so he had to restrain himself.

Afterward, Zhao Fu said, "I want to conduct an examination for Rising Qin Academy. All those who perform well, regardless of age, will have the opportunity to learn from soldiers or Mayors."

Li Si thought about it and smiled as he replied, "Your Majesty is wise; this will not only motivate the students but also give them practical experience. This subordinate will immediately go to prepare!"

After Li Si left, Zhao Fu took out a large map - this was a map of the northern area of the Midland Continent. Afterward, he summoned all of his military commanders and said gravely, "Right now, the School of Vertical and Horizontal's Vertical Branch has discovered Great Qin's location and is trying to ally many factions to surround Great Qin and kill it like a trapped beast!"

Upon hearing this, all of the military leaders became furious - the School of Vertical and Horizontal thought that Great Qin was a pushover; this person was simply too bold and arrogant.

"What do you all have to say?" Zhao Fu asked as he looked at them.

Bai Qi's gaze became cold, and he gave off a faint killing intent as he replied, "Your Majesty, we won't allow that person to have his way. Right now, the regions are separated, so he will only be able to run some minor interference; he won't be able to cause any great harm to Great Qin for now.

"I believe that right now, Great Qin needs to develop as fast as possible to deal with whatever that person throws at us. If he allies with one family, we'll kill one family; if he allies with ten families, we'll kill ten families; if he allies with 100 families, we'll kill 100 families; if he allies with 10,000 families, we'll leave corpses everywhere and leave not a single blade of grass remaining!"

Bai Qi's cold voice rang in the hall, and it was filled with a dense killing intent that caused everyone to feel a chill.

After Bai Qi spoke, Wang Jian thought for a moment before saying, "Even though Commander Bai's words are true, killing isn't the only solution. Too much fighting will drain Great Qin's resources; rather, I believe that we should keep our friends close and our enemies even closer. We should destroy the 'Vertical Alliance'.

"We can also establish a massive army to deter them with our military might, making them feel that they cannot stand up to us. If that happens, the Vertical Alliance will be destroyed without us having to do anything!"

Wei Liao, who had been staring at the map the entire time, finally said, "Commander Bai and Wang Jian have both spoken well, and I agree with them. However, from the grand scheme of things, I believe that we need to start making preparations to defend against the Vertical Alliance. Everyone, please look at Seeping River..."

Before Wei Liao could finish, Zhao Fu's eyes lit up as he said, "We'll use Seeping River, Valiant Peace, South Leaf, and Open Flask as a foundation to split the northern area of the Midland Continent, preventing the Vertical Alliance from causing any danger to us."

Upon hearing this, Wei Liao and the others all felt incredibly surprised; who would have thought that Zhao Fu would spot the key areas so quickly. Just as they were about to remark at his brilliance and ingenuity, Zhao Fu suddenly smiled and told them about meeting Zhang Heng. After everyone marveled in surprise, Wei Liao smiled and seemed quite interested.

Following this, Wei Liao once again spoke and started to propose a detailed plan, as Zhang Heng's suggestions were only overall plans and still needed to discuss the specifics and details.