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 Rule The World

Indeed, these were the only two paths that they could take. They could either accept being destroyed by Great Shun in the future, or they could take this opportunity and resist. Even though they would be used by Zhao Fu, by themselves, they had no way of fighting back.

After thinking it through, the six of them could only reluctantly agree.

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he lifted his wine goblet and said, "To our partnership!"

The others knew that this matter had been formalized, so they all smiled as they started to discuss the details of this partnership.

An hour or so later, everyone happily left the banquet. The six families were all quite satisfied with the equipment and medicinal pills that Zhao Fu had provided, and they started to carry out the plan.

The six families suddenly allied together and started to show hints of resistance. Normally, they would avoid Great Shun at all costs, but now, they dared to face them straight-on.

It wasn't just the attitude of the six families that changed; the six families started to meddle in the things that Great Shun normally did, and they even started making trouble for them. This caused a lot of conflict.

Great Shun's people couldn't understand what had happened. For the six families to act so unyieldingly and confidently, were they not afraid of revenge from Great Shun? Did they all want to die together?

Within the Great Shun Town, a fair-skinned young man - Great Shun's Legatee, Li Mu - listened to his spies' reports about the mysterious faction that had caused these changes in the six families.

Li Mu immediately felt a sense of danger - these things were already enough to threaten Great Shun. He had no idea why that mysterious faction was so hostile as soon as it had appeared, and now, it had allied the six families together and threatened Great Shun.

After thinking for a moment, Li Mu had no idea what to do. In the end, a figure appeared in his mind, and he immediately returned to the real world and quickly dialed a mysterious phone number with his phone.

"Hello? What is it?" a mild and gentle voice said from the other side of the line.

When he heard this voice, a look of delight appeared on Li Mu's face. He immediately said in a respectful tone, "Mr. Su! I've encountered some problems and want to ask for your advice."

"Oh!" 'Mr Su' sounded quite surprised and listened to Li Mu's explanation. Li Mu told him about the mysterious faction and the six families' strange movements.

Elsewhere, an elegant, incredibly harmless-looking man sat on a bamboo chair. Next to him was a lush bamboo forest, and a light breeze blew. The man seemed incredibly carefree and leisurely.

This man was named Su Yan and was part of the School of Vertical and Horizontal. To be part of this School, he was, without a doubt, an exceptional person.

He didn't like Great Qin, as his ancestor hadn't been treated very well by Great Qin, so he could only go and serve others. Moreover, because the Vertical branch had lost to the Horizontal branch, Great Qin had been able to unify the six other states.

Right now, anyone could tell that Great Qin was the faction with the most potential. Not only was it one of the five Great Dynasties, but it had also gathered most of China's Fate and controlled the Imperial Ruler's Seal.

Great Qin had all sorts of advantages and was destined to be powerful. Its future path was bright and would be incredibly smooth!

However, Su Yan didn't like this. Joining Great Qin and helping it rule the world would be very easy to do, but it wouldn't give him a challenge.

As someone who was a part of the School of Vertical and Horizontal, he didn't want to do such easy and simple things. He suddenly realized that it would be more of an accomplishment to destroy Great Qin than to help Great Qin. Destroying the nation with the most potential in China would be incredibly difficult, but it would also be incredibly satisfying.

In his eyes, the various nations and factions were just chess pieces, and this entire world was a massive game of chess. He had no interest in conquering the world; he was only interested in being a player in this chess game and enjoying the excitement from controlling all of these chess pieces.

More so than anything, he wanted his junior apprentice brother to appear so that he could have a massive battle with him. Would his Horizontal Branch be stronger, or would his junior apprentice brother's Vertical Branch be stronger? This time, he didn't want to lose.

After listening to what Li Mu had to say, Su Yan immediately thought of Great Qin, but he had long since expected this and wasn't too surprised.

This was because there had been a faction gradually expanding behind the scenes, and though it kept a low-profile, Su Yan was an intelligent person. However, the more powerful Great Qin became, the happier Su Yan became, as there was more excitement in destroying a powerful enemy.

As for the things troubling Li Mu, Su Yan lightly laughed and said confidently, "That's not a big deal; we can take care of it easily. As long as you humble your attitude and then..."

After hearing everything Su Yan had to say, Li Mu felt immense joy and exclaimed, "Sir, you're simply an outstanding genius!"

Li Mu hung up, and Su Yan put his phone away as a faint smile appeared on his face. He laid back on his bamboo chair and relaxed.

Li Mu did what Su Yan told him to do and easily neutralized the danger, resolving this crisis.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite annoyed and frustrated because the partnership that they had just formed had been instantly betrayed. The Xia family and Yue family immediately went to join Great Shun.

The reason was because Li Mu had humbled his attitude and promised great benefits, and he expressed his willingness to live amicably with them. He would no longer harass them and would split a portion of Apricot City to these two families to express his sincerity.

This was enough for the Xia family and Yue family to betray the others. They were relatively weaker than the others and didn't have a lot of weight when making decisions, so they would join whoever provided them with the greatest benefits.

Of course, they weren't stupid and didn't believe Li Mu when he said that he wouldn't act against them. However, they understood that Li Mu required them to counter the other four families, so he wouldn't dare to act against them. What's more, Li Mu had given them plenty of benefits, which was why they had decided to join him and betray Zhao Fu.

It wasn't just Zhao Fu; the other four families were completely furious. They cursed at the Xia family and Yue family, saying that they were selfish and stupid. If Li Mu destroyed the other four families, how could he not destroy them as well?

Now, the situation had been turned on its head, and Zhao Fu's side was now at a disadvantage. With the Xia family and Yue family's support, Great Shun would develop even faster than before.

As for the remaining four families, it was impossible for them to join Li Mu, as he would then have the ability to destroy the remaining three families.

If Great Shun destroyed the remaining three families, it wouldn't take long for it to turn to the three that it had allied with. As the Legatee of a Dynasty, Li Mu's goal was to conquer this entire region before expanding outward. When that happened, none of them would be able to resist Li Mu.

In the future, the only conclusion would be to lose and die or to submit at Li Mu's feet - this was why the other four families had cursed at the Xia family and Yue family for being selfish and stupid.

As for Zhao Fu, the four families viewed him as a foreign faction and believed that he definitely wouldn't be as powerful as the local factions. Zhao Fu didn't show himself as a threat either and had provided them with a large amount of equipment and medicinal pills to suppress Great Shun. However, the perfect partnership had been destroyed in an instant.