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 Zhao Fu hadn't Tamed the Giant Wolves yet, so they looked very antagonistic within their wooden cages. They bared their fang and roared, seeming incredibly vicious and making it so that no one dared to go near.

[Giant Wolf]: A type of mount unique to Orcs that is bred using an Orc Blood Crystal. They are far more ferocious than normal wolves.

"Orc Blood Crystal?" Zhao Fu decided to ask his Orc subordinates. After all, they would know much more about Giant Wolves than him.

"Bring Saar over!" Zhao Fu ordered. Soon after, a tall, muscular Orc came to Zhao Fu's side and respectfully saluted him as he greeted him, "Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu nodded and pointed towards the Giant Wolves as he asked, "Do you know of these Giant Wolves?"

Saar looked over and immediately replied, "This subordinate does know of them. They're a type of wolf that only Orcs can breed and will only follow the orders of Orcs."

When he heard this, Zhao Fu's gaze became cold. "They will only follow the orders of Orcs? Won't our Taming skill work on it?"

Saar nodded as he replied, "Yes, using Taming will make them submit temporarily, but in the end, they will always follow the orders of Orcs because they were bred using an Orc Blood Crystal."

Zhao Fu frowned as he asked, "What's an Orc Blood Crystal?"

"Orc Blood Crystals are the blood of 100,000 Orcs refined by Shamans into a blood crystal. This blood crystal is then fused with a Wolf Den, resulting in Giant Wolves."

After listening to Saar, Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed. That old fellow, Gunador, wanted to backstab him, and if he didn't have any Orcs and used these Giant Wolves, things would have been disastrous if he ever used them to fight against the Orc City.

Zhao Fu turned and said coldly, "Saar, see if you can fully subdue these Giant Wolves with the other Orcs; if you can't, just kill them."

It was a bit of a pity, but Zhao Fu didn't want to sow any seeds that would lead to future trouble.

After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu went to the Town Hall and sat at the main seat. He let out a breath and settled down his emotions as he called Wang Ergou in and asked him if he had taken care of Green Apricot's intelligence.

Zhao Fu had placed Wang Ergou in charge of Green Apricot and the Eternal Night Department, which was present in all of the regions they had opened up. They were taken care of by the Legatees of the 12 equipment sets.

"Your Majesty, we've already obtained all of the information you wanted. Apart from Great Shun, there are also the Li, Zha, Wu, Xia, Dong, and Yue families in the other three main cities. Apart from Great Shun, they're the six biggest factions in Green Apricot.

"They're quite antagonistic towards Great Shun, and it seems that Great Shun has been helped by someone to grow incredibly quickly. Their relations with the government is quite good, and they have already upgraded to a Basic Town. They have around 30,000 residents, and there are also around 30,000 players who are part of Great Shun's faction.

"Regarding Great Shun's location, this subordinate spent a lot of money to obtain it - it's about 20,000 kilometers north of Apricot City," Wang Ergou explained.

Zhao Fu sank into his own thoughts. He wasn't too surprised that Great Shun would become enemies with the other six families. After all, if those with a Legacy wanted to develop, they would have to destroy the other factions. It was only natural that they would be enemies.

Moreover, Great Shun had most likely grown so quickly because of help from the School of Vertical and Horizontal. This was because they had only achieved such growth after they had announced that they would resist Great Qin. Without any benefits, people wouldn't resist Great Qin for nothing.

Furthermore, Great Shun had many players in its faction; a faction with 30,000 players was definitely a powerful faction. There were both advantages and disadvantages to having such a large faction. While they could obtain many supporters, making the faction more powerful, the players required payment and wouldn't necessarily be loyal. If a faction gathered many players, it would either become incredibly successful because of the players or fall because of the players.

After all, Great Shun's position had been exposed by one of the players in the faction. Zhao Fu didn't care too much about the 30,000 players because as long as he could give them sufficient benefits, he could dismantle that faction easily.

Zhao Fu ordered his forces to officially move into Green Apricot and for Wang Ergou to deliver invitations to those six families.

A large Merchant Alliance, a restaurant, and a population trading office all suddenly appeared in Green Apricot, breaking the deadlock between Great Shun and the six families. Those things attracted the gazes of many factions, and they started to become wary, wondering what new faction this was.

The six families received Zhao Fu's invitation and all had different attitudes. Some were curious, some were confused, and some were surprised; however, they all decided to accept the invitation because this large, mysterious faction, which had suddenly appeared in Green Apricot, made them feel quite alert.

Following this, the family leaders of the six families, four men and two women, together with their bodyguards, went to a luxurious restaurant. When they saw each other, they were all slightly surprised before realizing something.

An attendant led them to a grand and luxurious room, in which a banquet was already prepared. There was also a person in a black cloak waiting for them.

"Thank you for all giving me face and attending this banquet!" Zhao Fu cupped his fists as he courteously greeted the six people.

The six people had been to many events like this before, and they didn't feel much. However, they still smiled and courteously greeted Zhao Fu back.

The seven of them sat around the table, idly chatting for a short while before getting to the main matter. Since Zhao Fu didn't mention it, they didn't ask because they all had their own thoughts and plans.

When he saw that they had eaten more than half the food, he decided to ask, "I wonder what you all think about Great Shun? I'm sure you've been oppressed by Great Shun in this region."

When they heard this, the six people felt quite awkward, as Zhao Fu was completely right - no matter if it was in terms of their factions or Legacies, they couldn't compete with Great Shun. They could only continuously give way to Great Shun and hide the displeasure in their hearts.

"I'm willing to provide some equipment, medicinal pills, and other items to help everyone resist Great Shun. That way, my own faction will be able to survive as well," Zhao Fu directly said as he told them his goal.

The six others around the table sank into deep thought. They weren't in a rush to make a decision, as this matter concerned their survival or demise.

A fierce-looking man suddenly harrumphed and said, "Alright, stop making pretenses. Helping us like this is because you have some enmity with Great Shun and want to use us to suppress Great Shun, right?"

The six of them could all tell that Zhao Fu didn't have good intentions and wanted to use them as tools.

In response, Zhao Fu lightly laughed and replied, "I indeed have enmity with Great Shun, so I wanted to trouble you all to help me. Right now, everyone has two paths to take. One is to watch Great Shun slowly become more powerful and become annihilated by Great Shun in the future; the other is to resist Great Shun with my support and maybe even destroy Great Shun."

This caused the six people to once again sink into their thoughts.