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 The western side of Highstone Town was completely under Great Qin's control, and Wang Jian immediately gave the signal to convey that they had succeeded. When he saw this, Zhao Fu carrying out his side of the plan.

Following this, Ghost Summoners went to the eastern town walls and pressed their hands against the ground. Ghostly qi immediately rose up, turning into muscular, two meter tall Devil Ghosts with black horns.

These Devil Ghosts stealthily went to the town walls, and because the town walls didn't have any talisman papers, the walls couldn't stop the Devil Ghosts. The Devil Ghosts' sharp claws stabbed into the town walls, and 300 Devil Ghosts quickly climbed up like lizards.

Before the soldiers realized anything, the Devil Ghosts leaped onto the town walls, giving all of the soldiers stationed there a big fright.

The Devil Ghosts savagely smiled as they rushed at the soldiers, and one of them sent a soldier flying with a swipe of its claws. The soldier was heavily wounded, and he fell to one side. His chest bled profusely and had five deep marks on it that completely tore through his armor.

The Devil Ghosts' strength was roughly at Stage 1, and there were only a few hundred soldiers on the town walls, most of whose cultivations were only at Stage 0-5 to Stage 0-6. As such, the 300 Devil Ghosts took down the soldiers incredibly easily and took over the town walls.

At that moment, the rest of Great Qin's forces started to charge!

20,000 soldiers flooded towards Highstone Town. The battle sounds from before had already caused a lot of noise, and it was impossible that 20,000 soldiers wouldn't be detected. The sleeping residents all woke up with a start, and everyone felt that something was wrong. The sound of battle started to come from the eastern side, causing Highstone Town to become chaotic.

However, it was already too late. Zhao Fu's forces had already taken the eastern town gates, and his soldiers had already reached the Town Hall.

"Bai Qi, Wei Liao! Both of you take some soldiers and defend the people coming from the north and south!"

By now, Zhao Fu had taken control of the western and eastern sides of Highstone Town, especially the western side. It was deathly silent over there, and all of the soldiers and residents there had been pulled into the Dark Ghost World. Now, only some soldiers left on the northern and southern sides were left.

The outcome had already been decided, and because Zhao Fu wanted to end this as soon as possible, he quickly gave orders as he led the remaining soldiers and rushed towards the Town Hall.

Within the Town Hall, a young man with fair skin suddenly woke up. He was quite shocked but reacted quickly and started giving out orders.

However, there was no response after giving out these orders. Soon, soldiers came to report that the western side of the town had been covered by a gray fog, and any soldiers who ventured into it wouldn't come back out.

This was because the Dark Ghost World wasn't just an illusion but also an illusion barrier. Not only did it trap those within it in an illusion, but anyone who entered would also be brought into the illusion.

"Mayor! Things are looking bad; there are many enemies here already!" a terrified soldier cried out as Xiang Shaotian's gaze became cold. He picked up the large halberd in his room and rushed out, witnessing the state of chaos in Highstone Town. At that moment, he saw Zhao Fu and looked furiously at him.

Zhao Fu was riding on Little Black expressionlessly, and he said to Xiang Shaotian, "You have no chance of winning; it's best that you surrender now. I don't want to commit a meaningless slaughter."

Xiang Shaotian coldly harrumphed and rushed over with his halberd; how could he surrender?

When he saw this, Zhao Fu didn't say anything. Instead, he nudged Little Black with his leg. Little Black understood and rushed towards Xiang Shaotian. Little Black, who had awakened its [Underworld Nightmare] bloodline and was many times faster than before, flew towards Xiang Shaotian like a bolt of lightning.

"Sky Demon Slash!" Zhao Fu lightly yelled as he drew the Sky Demon Sword. It erupted with a massive black light as it slashed towards Xiang Shaotian, frightening him. Facing this terrifying strike, he quickly used his halberd to block.


Xiang Shaotian was sent sliding backward and only stopped after sliding back ten meters.

Even though Xiang Shaotian's cultivation was slightly higher than Zhang Hong's from Mountain Willow Town, Zhao Fu's cultivation was no longer at Stage 0-9 like it had been back then. He had used a Stage 1 Blood God Pill and a Stage 2 Blood God Pill to raise his cultivation to Stage 1-4.

Back when he had been at Stage 0-9, he could already easily defeat Zhang Hong, so now, facing Xiang Shaotian, there was no need for him to even be nervous.

Zhao Fu's massive strike had not only sent Xiang Shaotian sliding back, but it had also split the webbing between his thumb and forefinger on each hand, causing blood to leak out. Xiang Shaotian realized too late that he had vastly underestimated Zhao Fu.

At that moment, Zhao Fu once again charged at Xiang Shaotian, and Xiang Shaotian roared in response, gripping his halberd and sweeping it out. The halberd tore through the air and was filled with immense strength as it swept towards Zhao Fu.


The sword and halberd clashed, resulting in a massive collision sound and a shockwave, causing the ground to crack.

Zhao Fu's gaze became cold, and he once again erupted with strength, slamming his sword down towards Xiang Shaotian and forcing him back a few steps, before slashing down once again.

Xiang Shaotian quickly used both hands to block with his halberd again.


Xiang Shaotian felt a massive wave of energy pass through his arms, causing his legs to weaken, and he half-knelt on the ground.

Zhao Fu suddenly raised his sword again, which gave off a sharp black light and a terrifying aura as he prepared to deal the final blow to Xiang Shaotian.


Xiang Shaotian rolled to his left as Zhao Fu's attack left a two-meter deep gash in the ground. Xiang Shaotian grasped this opportunity and stabbed at Zhao Fu with his halberd.

However, Zhao Fu wasn't flustered at all, and he knocked the halberd away before stabbing his sword at Xiang Shaotian in response. Xiang Shaotian could only retreat and continuously defend without being able to retaliate at all.

Suddenly, a strike from Zhao Fu sent Xiang Shaotian flying backward, causing him to cough up a mouthful of blood. A savage expression appeared on his face as he roared, "You forced me to do this!"

Xiang SHaotian threw a green medicinal pill towards Zhao Fu, which Zhao Fu split in two with his sword.

Immediately, the green medicinal pill turned into a green fog that spread out, and Zhao Fu sensed danger from it, immediately casting his King's Domain to keep it away from him.

The green fog was extremely poisonous and corrosive. As the fog came into contact with his King's Domain, it produced sizzling sounds and seemed to be burning through it.

Zhao Fu was greatly shocked and immediately used all of his energy to reinforce the King's Domain until the green fog finally dissipated.

Xiang Shaotian looked completely dumbfounded when he saw that Zhao Fu was fine - that had been his trump card.

Zhao Fu looked around and found that everyone around them, both Xiang Shaotian's soldiers and his own, had collapsed on the ground and died with blood leaking out of every orifice on the face.

Zhao Fu became furious, and he jumped off Little Black's back.