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 A few hours later, Zhao Fu brought his many leaders and soldiers to a hill and looked at the Town in the distance. Because this Town was no longer a Village and had established its defenses, Zhao Fu couldn't rashly lead his troops in, or they would be exposed.

At this moment, a few Ratfolk Assassins wearing their black hoods lowered their heads as they half-kneeled and respectfully reported, "Your Majesty, we've taken a captive and have made him submit."

When he heard this, Zhao Fu turned his head and softly said, "Bring him over!"

"Roger!" the Ratfolk replied, following which they brought over a somewhat vulgar-looking middle-aged man. He had a lot of blood on him and looked quite terrified. After being escorted over, he knelt on the ground as he trembled.

When he saw the massive army after being caught, he knew that the Town was in grave danger. He knew that the Town would definitely lose, as he saw that all of the soldiers had powerful auras and Silver grade equipment.

There were at least 20,000 of these soldiers, while their Town only had roughly 30,000 residents in total, of which only 5,000 were soldiers. They were definitely going to lose, so the key thing now was how.

As such, he rationally chose to surrender because he wanted to preserve his life.

"What's your name?" a young but dignified voice suddenly said.

The middle-aged man obediently replied, "Sir, my name is He Jian."

Zhao Fu's gaze fell on the middle-aged man as he said, "Tell me everything you know, especially about your Town's soldiers, residents, and leaders. I want all of the details!"

"Okay... Okay... Okay..." He Jian stuttered as he quickly replied. He knew that this was his chance at life, so he started to tell them everything that he knew about the Town.

After listening to He Jian, Zhao Fu had a much greater understanding of the Town.

First, the Town was named Highstone Town, and the Mayor was named Xiang Shaotian, who was a Stage 2 expert. Highstone Town had around 30,000 people and roughly 5,000 soldiers. Most of their equipment was Normal grade iron equipment, and they normally had three exploration teams outside.

The purpose of these exploration teams was to search for resources and villages outside of their territory. Highstone Town had already devoured the surrounding villages, which was why it had developed faster than most Towns.

It was one of the exploration teams who had entered Great Qin's territory, and each of the teams had roughly 300 people. There were still two teams who would only return after noon the next day, so they had 600 fewer soldiers.

Next was the patrol defenses. There were obvious ones, concealed ones, and some soldiers monitoring the surroundings. Overall, their alert defenses were quite good, and the Mayor somewhat surprised Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu then asked about the normal soldiers, such as their training and cultivation. He also found out that unless there was an emergency, they wouldn't defend all of the walls.

He Jian obediently told Zhao Fu everything that he wanted to know. After he heard that the barracks were in the western area of the town, Zhao Fu had an idea.

He ordered his people to take He Jian away and started to discuss with his Commanders and Generals, preparing to act at night.

Time quickly passed, and soon, it was midnight. It had started to drizzle, making it slightly chilly and causing clouds to block out the light from the moon and the stars. As such, it was quite dark, and the sound of rain covered a lot of noise.

This was the most opportune time to act!

Within a forest near Highstone Town, there were 30 soldiers stationed there as sentries. Some were on trees, others were hidden within the grass, and others were behind large rocks. They warily looked around and would notice any sounds or movements in the grass.

However, tonight was especially dark, and it was also drizzling, which made it easy for them to let their guard down and for them to miss things.

Listening to the patter of rain and looking around them in the darkness, they didn't notice anything out of the ordinary and continued to stand guard; however, they didn't know that death was creeping upon them.

Suddenly, just like a gust of wind, a hooded figure appeared behind one of the soldiers hiding in the grass. The soldier was given a big shock, and just as he was about to shout, his mouth was covered, and a cold blade slit his throat. Blood gushed out as his face remained terrified, completely taken unaware.

While this soldier was killed, seven others were also assassinated. Some of the veteran soldiers sensed that something was wrong, and just as they were about to shout out to warn the others, more enemies appeared.

Before they were able to shout, arrows pierced through their chests, killing them instantly.

In these sorts of circumstances, it was very easy for Assassins to deal with these sentry soldiers. After dealing with this group of hidden soldiers, Zhao Fu's forces dealt with the patrol soldiers who were out in the open. He then immediately ordered Wang Jian to take the 300 Hundred Ghost Illusionists to the western side of the Town.

After the patrol and sentry soldiers were taken care of, things became much easier for Zhao Fu's soldiers.

Under the cover of night, Wang Jian and the Hundred Ghost Illusionists stealthily went to the western side of the Town. The Hundred Ghost Illusionists raised their pagoda wood staffs, which was a type of ghost wood that suited their profession, and the staffs shined with a faint gray light. Soon, strange energy ripples began to spread out.

"Dark Ghost World!" At that moment, the 300 Hundred Ghost Illusionists all silently chanted within their minds as they cast the skill and stabbed their staffs into the ground.

A formless wave of energy immediately rushed out!

Traces of gray ghostly qi rose up from the ground and spread in all directions, and ghostly qi enveloped the western side of Highstone Town incredibly quickly. From outside, it seemed as if the western side of Highstone Town was enveloped by a gray fog that gave off an eerie aura. Those sleeping and even the soldiers standing guard on the walls didn't detect any of this; all they saw was some fog before everything in their surroundings disappeared. All that was left was pitch-black darkness, and they were all alone in that dark world.

Suddenly, a gray ghostly moon appeared in the sky, which was accompanied by terrifying howls of Ghosts as Ghosts climbed out of the ground and sprang at the soldiers.

The soldiers used their weapons to attack the Ghosts in terror, but they found that no matter how they attacked, they were unable to hit the Ghosts. As such, they could only run away in fear. However, no matter how desperately they ran, they couldn't escape from that place.

Tens of thousands of Ghosts continued to flood at the soldiers within this dark world, almost driving them mad. From the outside, others would see the soldiers dumbly standing there with looks of terror on their faces as their bodies trembled and cold sweat gathered upon them. It was as if they were going through a terrible nightmare.