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 Cowtooth City was a main city on the boundary between China's territory and Vietnam's territory, and it was the place that Zhao Fu had taken Ly Qinqian from. Now, he had brought her here to establish a faction.

"If you want to rule above countless people, you need to first act like a leader!" When Zhao Fu looked at Ly Qinqian and felt her feeble aura, he knew that she didn't have the characteristics of a leader. Even though he didn't need her to do any managing, he still needed her to be able to lead others in his stead, which was why he said that to her.

Ly Qinqian earnestly nodded, signaling that she understood.

When Zhao Fu had first told her that he wanted her to be a figurehead and a leader, she had thought that she wouldn't be able to do such a thing. However, she realized that this was a good opportunity - if she could do well, she would be able to enter the ranks of the upper-level figures of Great Qin and enjoy immense prestige and wealth in the future.

If she missed this opportunity, she would remain a little Village Chief and spend her life in mediocrity. As such, Ly Qinqian wanted to grab this opportunity. However, in front of Zhao Fu, she didn't dare to act too tough in front of Zhao Fu, as his aura was simply too powerful.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu took Ly Qinqian to one of the properties he had bought previously. This place had an area of 3,000 square meters and wasn't on one of the luxurious streets, so it hadn't been too expensive. It would be a good starting point for the headquarters.

Zhao Fu didn't establish a village as the headquarters because the faction had only just been established. He would only do this after it had somewhat grown.

Zhao Fu had already decided on the name for this faction: Vietnamese Guard!

The meaning was indeed to guard Vietnam - on the face of things, it would protect Vietnam from other nations and help Vietnam become powerful.

This was the Vietnamese Guard's lofty and noble goal. Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh - after all, if a faction wanted to become powerful, it had to have a noble role that people would admire and respect. He needed people to admire and respect this faction, and he also had to make them believe that it really was protecting Vietnam.

Moreover, this would stimulate the patriotism of the Vietnamese people, making them eagerly join and sacrifice themselves for the cause. The Vietnamese Guard would slowly infiltrate all of Vietnam and become a top-tier faction within it.

Afterward, when the time came to carry out Zhao Fu's true plan, the Vietnamese Guard would cause chaos within, allowing Zhao Fu to take it down in one fell swoop and devour it.

No one would ever expect the patriotic and self-sacrificing Vietnamese Guard to actually be Zhao Fu's butcher's knife.

These were all things for the future, so Zhao Fu didn't dwell on them. Right now, their goal was to recruit people. Zhao Fu had already picked out some of the core members, and now, he just needed to recruit some ordinary Vietnamese people.

"Everyone, are you often bullied by the Chinese world in the real world and in the Heaven Awaken World?

"Have you not taken enough of their abuse? Yes, China is powerful, and it has been since ancient times. However, we don't need to fear them! If we join together, we can make it so that they won't be able to be so arrogant and domineering anymore!

"Right now, I'm creating the Vietnamese Guard, a group that will protect Vietnam from being bullied in the future. We will protect Vietnam's dignity and cause Vietnam to rise. I believe that Vietnam is the most powerful country in the world!"

Ly Qinqian stood out and shouted out the lines that had been prepared for her. She delivered it quite well, with each word filled with passion and love for her country.

These words drew countless Vietnamese peoples' gazes. After all, the boundaries were quite chaotic, and they often clashed with the Chinese side.

Ly Qinqian's rallying call evoked a passionate response from the crowd. Who wouldn't respond to such a patriotic call?

Large crowds had started to gather, and Ly Qinqian subtly looked at Zhao Fu, who nodded and signaled her to continue.

Ly Qinqian understood and continued to say, "Everyone, think about how we've always yielded to China throughout history and how much abuse we've taken from them. Even now, they're constantly threatening Vietnam's borders. We can't continue to remain silent like this! We need to stand up and join together! Join the Vietnamese Guard! We take excellent care of our members! Please come and take a look!"

These incredibly provocative words caused the Vietnamese people's blood to boil, and many girls were moved to tears while the men yelled, "I want to join!"

When they heard that the Vietnamese Guard had great pay and benefits, the Vietnamese people leaped at the opportunity to join, and the scene became incredibly lively, even starting to get out of control.

Ordinary members would receive wages of 1,000 copper coins per month, which was $10,000 in the real world, and elite members could receive 3,000 copper coins per month, which was $30,000 in the real world. Because of inflation, money in the real world wasn't worth too much, but this amount was still enough to attract many people.

This amount of money was nothing to Zhao Fu, and the benefits would definitely be greater than the costs, as these people would be able to do much in one month.

Right now, the Vietnamese Guard was clothed in a noble appearance and treated its members well, so no matter if one was a man or a woman, old or young, everyone clamored to join. Of course, Zhao Fu didn't just take anyone. Zhao Fu wasn't stupid. He wouldn't pay those who were useless or couldn't fight.

After sorting through the people, the Vietnamese Guard took in 1,500 members. Compared to a main city with more than 1 million people, this wasn't a very big figure.

However, they had only just established this faction, and its foundation wasn't solid yet. That was why they had only recruited this many people for now. After the faction's foundation was stable, they would slowly expand and develop, entering every nook and cranny of Vietnam. When that time came, Zhao Fu would open his evil mouth and devour all of Vietnam.

None of these people could expect that it was actually Great Qin controlling all of this. When they did realize this, it would already be too late. When he saw how confident, excited, and happy these Vietnamese people seemed, a trace of a cold smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face..

The plan that he had made from the very beginning was now being set into motion. Zhao Fu decided to slowly develop while making plans for the next stage.

As soon as the Vietnamese Guard appeared, it drew the attention of many factions. Many people were quite wary of this faction because of its sudden appearance and fame.

However, as the Vietnamese Guard expressed its goodwill to those factions, they became less guarded against them.

This was especially so for the Vietnamese military - they loved these sorts of patriotic factions. The Vietnamese Guard's goal was to protect Vietnam, not to become a king like other factions. This aligned with their goals as military men, so the Vietnamese military decided to help the Vietnamese Guard quickly grow.

If Zhao Fu knew about this, he would've laughed his head off!